Welcome to San Javier and San PedroFlag of San Javier

San Javier and San Pedro are all towns in the province of Murcia. The area is popular with tourists and offers many summer festivals and amazing attraction such as museums and mud baths. The area is known for its brilliant architecture. 

There is a national park near the town of San Pedro called Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar. This reserve serves as a great walking and cycling route. Near the nature reserve there is a marina with some bars and restaurants looking over the marina. There are many bars and restaurants located within this area. 

Festivals are one of the most popular attractions within this area.



Throughout the year in San Javier there're many festivals. One of the largest festivals is the San Javier Jazz Festival. It is a whole month concert and takes place every year in July. Thoughout the days and nights you can see some of the most famous and greatest jazz stars from all over Spain and beyond. Around the same time there is a summer festival of Theatre, Music and Dance which takes part in San Javier. Hosted at this event is world renowned theatre, music and dance groups. It is a great way to bring community spirit to the city. 

Within Murcia province, San Javier and its surrounding areas there is the Romeria de San Blas festival. It is one of the most known festivals in the province and takes place in February. Two other festivals which are celebrated are the Santiago de la Ribera festival and the Festival of the Virgin del Carmen, which is celebrated with a maritime procession and many street parties around the province.


Wine and Dinefood

Throughout San Javier and San Pedro there're many different types of restaurants an bars. Here you will find a mixture of Traditional Spanish, European, Mediterranean and Italian restaurants. There're many amazing bars along the sea front and the centre of San Javier and San Pedro. 

Of course we can't talk about food and drink without addressing the local speciality. Caldero is the name of the special dish that comes from this part of Spain. It is made with rice, fish from the local seas and Noras. Noras is a special type of sun-dried pepper grown in the Murcia province. The dish asll comes together to make a risotto type dish.

In San Javier, many of the best restaurants are located within the centre and down near the south beach. One of the best restaurants is the Casa Pedro. It is almost like a diner style cafe-restaurant. Not only does it serve great food, the staff are flawless and the price is more than worth the quality of food. Another great restaurant in San Javier is the Bellavista restaurant, opposite the beach. You can expect excellent service and great food. Their red wine is worth coming back for. 

In San Pedro, many of the best restaurants are along the seafront or atleast nearby. Although in saying that, one of the best restaurants in the town  is the Juan Mari restaurant which is away from the seafront and is more within the centre of the town. The restaurant has existed for over 30 years and is a recommended restaurant by the Michelin guide year in, year out. The restaurant is very family oriented and offer great cold and hot dishes as well as well made fish and meat dishes. 


Sport and more Sportgolf

In San Javier, there're multiple sports complexes. The biggest complex is the Ayuntamiento de San Javier. This complex has a large running track, many indoor and outdoor courts as well as a good size pitch, to clay pitch games on, such as football and rugby. The complex is the ideal place to practise many sports including athletics, basketball and other indoor and outdoor sports. On the athletics track there're facilities to practise sports such as the discus, hammer throw and the shot put. Within the facility there is a doctors area. This makes this complex ideal for events.

Throughout the year the area is host to many different sporting events. From Running to cycling to the obscure events such as beach volleyball and archery. The main football team of the area is Mar Menor FC. They were founded in 2007 and started in the 6th tier of Spainish football but now been consistently in the 4th tier since the 2010/11 season. There're multiple golf courses nearby and the oppourtunity to take part in water sports is rife. 

Sports such as sailing, kayaking and diving are very popular in this area. There're multiple places you can rent water sports equipment along the seafront and coast. You can also bring your own equipment to the waters of the Mediterranea and Mar Menor. You can even take boat tours of the area.


Museums and the Spanish AirforceMuseum

Throughout San Javier and San Pedro, there're multiple museus. One of the most important museums in the area is the Museum of San Javier. In the museum you will learn all about the history of the town. The Casa Barnuevo is another great museum in the area. Throughout the year it showcases different expeditions. 

In San Javier there is the Musuem of San Javier. Her you can find the modern and pre-history of the town. The town is the modern home of the Spanish Air academy. with many historic monuments, such as the Espacio Rotary. 

The area of San Javier is a very important area in the San Javier airforce. The San Javier airport is a military owned airport that is used for a small amount of commercial flights. It will be closing down soon, but until then, there will be many flights flying in and out of San Javier. 

In the town of San Pedro there're two main museums. There is the Museo Municipal de San Pedro del Pinatar and the Museo Palacio del Baron de Benijofar o Casa de la Rusa. The Museo Municipal de San Pedro is an archoelogy museum and to the surrounding area and land. You can find many different rocks here. 


Parks and Nature ReservesPark

San Javier and San Pedro are situiated beside one of the biggest nature reserves in Murcia. This is the Las Salinas Regional Park, locared on the edge of the Mar Menor. The park itself is the final piece of the La Manga strip, but unfortunately you can't reach this area directly from La Manga. Throughout the park there're many different beaches, salt flats, dunes and grass lands.

The main part of the park which public can access in the beaches, dunes, grasslands and pine groves. It is a great place to go on a walk or a cycle. The area is known for amazing wildlife such as the pink flamingos, very much like the salt lakes of Torrevieja. If you're a keen photographer, this area is one of the most beautiful places in Murcia, with wonderful sun rises, sun sets and a great area to take wildlife images. 

There're some small parks located about San Javier and San Pedro. These make great places for a walk or a cycle or to even bring the family for a day in the sun or a picnic. 


Important Information

Overall there are a total of 4 police stations around tghe areas of San Javier, San Pedro and Pilar de la Horadada. 2 of which are in San Javier. Each of the other towns have one station each. The only hospitals in the area are in San Javier. Each of the other towns have a medical centre.

There are provate and public schools in each of the areas, with the closest uni being in San Javier. Other uni's nearby are located in Murcia and Torrevieja.


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