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Cartagena is a port city South-West of the Alicante province in Spain. It is located on the southernmost coast of the province of Murcia. The city has a long running history with many cultures coming and going over the many years since it was established. The city also has a rich navel history due to its location being in the south of Murcia and to the east of the Mediterranean.  

Around the city there are many museums, restaurants, shops and historic monuments. So, you will never be bored. The city has over 200,000 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the province, with the close surrounding area doubling that figure. The city is famous for the mix of Roman style architecture, modern buildings and its old fortifications. This shows the history of the city from just its architecture.

The city and the surrounding area has everythinga person will posibly need from great activities, airports, hospitals, police stations and educational centres.



As a city with a rich history, Cartagena is the ideal place for a history lover. Overall the city has a total of 13 museums and many other historic buildings, including several churches and monuments. One of the most historic and famous parts of the city is the Roman Theatre Museum. For most part of the 2000 years the location where the Roman Theatre existed was built over and had been buried. When found in 1987, the site needed to be excavated. There are also 13 other museums around the city. There is a military museum, a navel museum and a range of others.

You can also go a walking tour of the city. This tour lasts three hours and it brings you to places of the city that you would find hard to find if you are not part of this tour. You will get to learn about the city also. There are also many beautiful buildings to see around the city including the Palacio Consistorial.



Espacio Mediterraneo Centro Comercil y de Ocio is the main shopping centre in Cartagena. The shopping centre has hundreds of stores, a cinema and workshops for kids to play while you shop. Parking at the centre is completely free and has disabled and family car parking spaces available. Around the centre you will find many recognisable brands including Zara, Primark, H&M, Game and JD to name but a few. You will never be far fom home with recognisable food brands, as KFC and McDonalds are in the centres food court. There're some well established Spanish brands within the shopping centre also. There is also a cinama in the centre.

Around the city there're many other shops, smaller shopping centres and businesses. Many of the smaller businesses are unique to the city and Spain as they're local shops. 



Cartagena is a large city, so there of course are many fantastic restaurants and bars around the city. Restaurante Magoga is one of the best restaurants in the city. They offer a typical Mediterranean, Spanish and European cuisine in a fine dining style restaurant. Other great fine dining restaurants around the city include Malvasia, Casa Beltri and El Barrio de San Roque.

Traditional Spanish restaurants are massive in this part of Spain. Of course being in Spain opens the door to taste authentic Spanish cuisine. In this part of Spain, Cartagena has many traditional restaurants. One of the best tradional Spanish restaurants in the city is Restaurante Los Habaneros. It is a hotel that offer many great traditional dishes including tapas within their restaurant. Other great traditional restaurants include Marisqueria Freiduria La Marina and La Marquesita


Important information:

Within the city there are 9 hospitals. Overall 3 of the hospitals are general hospitals. One of the hospitals is a specialist and one is a mental health hospital, something that Spain does not have a lot of. Around the area of the city there is also 5 police stations, for your safety. There are also many schools, for both junior and senior pupils as well as many further education universities and colleges.


The climate

Cartagena basks in the amazing Mediterranean weather. Throughout the year the weather does not change that much due to its location. The city sits of the edge of Mediterranean, so complaining about the weather will not happen very often. 

The hottest time of year is between the months of June and August. This is what is known as the sumer months in this part of Spain. The wettest months are between the months of January and March. Generally these wet months have no more than ten wet days a month. 


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