Welcome to the Costa Calida

Costa Calida is one of the most picturesque coastlines of Southern Spain. The coastline stretches for over 250 kilometres and extends from the town of Aquilas near the Almeria border and goes to the town of El Mojon on the Alicante border. This coastline streches throughout the whole coast of the Murcia Province in Southeast Spain.
Along the CostaCalida there are many towns, villages, sandy beaches, dunes and pine forests. The coastline is also blessed with Europe's largest saltwater lagoon. It is called the Mar Menor and it is seperated from the Mediterranean by the stretch of land called La Manga. Throughout the coast there is the cities of Cartagena and Mazarron as well as many smaller towns such as Portman, La Azohia and El Portus. 
The towns of Aquilas and Mazarron are very influenctial throughout the coastline. Each of the towns offer many activities you can get involved in including many different musuems. They are also very architecturally beautiful towns. Cartagena is a city that exists on the coastline. The city is second biggest in the Province of Murcia with a population of 200,000 people.
Many of the smaller towns and villages each have their own beauty and beaches. Each town and village boasts multiple bars and restaurants with many oppoutunity's to take part in multiple watersports. The town of La Manga is one of the most popular towns along the coastline. Here you are able to swim in both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean sea easily. As the area of La Manga stretches for 24 kilometres, there are many activities you can get involved in, such as many different sports , sandy beaches and many restaurants. 

 Activities in Costa Calida & La Manga


Throughout the whole region of the Costa Calida there are various amounts of activities you can get involved in. There are many sports facilities thoughout the coastline including football clubs, golf clubs, a gymnastics club and many other. You will find the perfect sport for you. If you like to be a tourist for a day, there are many musuems around the Costa Calida & La Manga. In the town of Aquilas there is an Archaeologiccal Museum, an art museum and a museum of the town called the Castillo de san Guan de las Aquilas. There is a Roman museum in Mazarrona and many other musums in the city of Cartagena. The Museo Historico Militar de Cartagena, a Spanish army museum is also located in the city of Cartagena. 

The coastline also boasts many oppourtunities to take part in many different kinds of watersports. In almost every city, town and village around the Costa Calida there is a facility to rent out kayaks and other water sports equipment. If you have your own equipment there are many beaxches around the area which offer many places to try your equipment. If relaxing is more your thing, the beaches around the area are one of the best places to sit down and relax. You can enjoy the beautiful weather all year round. You can also visit one of the many parks and nature reserves scattered around the area, for a nice reaxing walk, run, or cycle. Nearby and more inland in the Sierra Espuna, a mountain park with beautiful forests. Perfect for any nature lover. 

A small journey away in the Capital of the Province, there is a lovely zoo tht offers many activities for families. Here you can experience great food and a water park afer visiting all the animals in the zoo. There are also many golf courses situiated nearby as golf is a sport rising in popularity in Spain.


 Important Information

Obviously you will also need to know about the likes of hospitals and schools within the Costa Calida. So its great to know that there are several medical centre's throughout the whole of the area including 2 in the towns of Aguilas and Mazarron. There are multiple hospitals within the city of Cartagena. If you are ever in a spot of bother then its also good to know that the region also has many police stations within it. There are mutiple private and public schools in the area and the city of Cartagena also has its own University. Other nearby universitues include the university of Torrevieja and one in Elche.

It is also good to know that the area of La Manga has many medical centres and police stations. This area can be one if the busiest areas of the Costa Calida especially in the summer months.


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