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Elche, Crevillente and Novelda

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Elche is a large town located west of the Alicante province. Surrounding the area are other pretty towns, including Crevillente and Novelda. The town of Elche has a population of over 200,000 people, as well as around the same amount of its world famous palm trees. Other than its palm trees, the town is famous for its many historic monuments.

The nearby town of Crevillente is a small town, with just over 30,000 people living there. This town is also famous for its pomegranate and carpet production. There are many monuments and places to see, including the Museo de la Semana Santa de Crevillent. This is a museum in the town dedicated to showing the history of the town. To the north of Elche there is the town of Novelda, another small town just under 30,000 in population. This town is famous for its grapes, and even has part of the town called ‘Grape Valley’. There are also many attractions around the town, including the Castillo de la Mola.


Flag of ElcheElche

Elche is the 20th largest city in Spain. It is famous for the number of palm trees it has within the city (it has around the same amount of palm trees as people). It is also important within the footwear, rubber and pomegranate industries. One of the main sights of the city is the Palmeral of Elche. It is a garden within the city that houses thousands of palm trees around the city. It is now a world heritage site.

The city’s castle, the Altamera Castle, once used to be the town hall and a jail. Now, it can be visited as an archaeology and history museum. Other great attractions include the mud baths and the Calahorra Tower. The city has its very own football team called Elche FC.



Near the city of Elche there is the town of Crevillente. It is a town famous for its carpet production, pomegranates and different types of trees. The carpet industry has existed in this part of Alicante since the 18th century. The Museo de la Semana Santa de Crevillent is one of the most important attractions within this town. The museum has many highly religious exhibits.



Novelda is a wonderful town near the city of Elche. Its closest neighbour is the town of Aspe between the city of Elche and the town. The town is commonly known as the ‘Grape Valley’ for its world-famous grape production. The town is also celebrated for its spice and marble production.

One of the most popular attractions in the town is the Santuario Santa Magdalena, which is a beautiful church. The architecture of the church adds to its rich character. There is also a castle in the town called ‘Castillo de la Mola‘. The castle is very similar to the church and has beautiful architecture. Around the town, there are multiple parks. One of the best parks in the town is the Plaza de Espana. It also has a very famous monument called the Monumento Jorge Juan.


MuseumsMuseum in Spain Example Image

The city of Elche has several fantastic museums. There is, of course, the Altamira Castle, which is now a museum which was talked about above. Another great museum in the city is the Museo Paleontologico de Elche, as well as the Museo de la Festa and the Museo Escolar de Pusol.

The town of Crevillente has its own museums. In total there are five museums in the town, with the Museo de la Semana Santa Crevillent being one of the most famous. The Museo Mariano Benlliure is one of the other great museums of the town, alongside the Casa Musec-parc Nou, which is a museum in the grounds of one of the parks of the town.

Novelda also hosts multiple museums. There is the local history museum called Casa Museo Modernista. Here visitors can learn all about the local area. There is also the Casa de la Cultura.


Parks and Exotic GardensPark Example Spain

One of the main attractions in Elche is the Palmaral of Elche, an exotic garden filled with many different plants and trees. This is great for small walks around the town and it adds to the exotic feel of the town with all the palm trees. There is also the Natural Park of El Fondo, a park in which locals and many alike can visit and get involved in many different water sports or go on long walks or cycles.

Both towns of Crevillente and Novelda have multiple parks. In Crevillente the biggest park is Parque Nuevo, also known as Park Nou. It is the largest in the town and has great routes within it for walks and runs. It also has great scenery. In Novelda, one of the best parks is the Oeste Park. It has wonderful scenery and multiple routes around it, making it great for walks and cycles.


Family Days Out

Near Elche is the Rio Safari Park. The park is home to hundreds of different animals from all over the world. Some of the favourite animals to see are the big cats such as the African lions, jaguars and tigers. These are some of the star attractions. Since the park opened in 1983 it has vastly improved to become one of Spain’s leading zoos. The zoo is part of a European network of zoos and safari parks to protect endangered animals from around the world. Elche is also home to a skate park and multiventura, which is an activity park – great for birthdays and daytrips.


Wine and DineFood Spain Example

Elche is a city with many great restaurants and bars. One of the best restaurants near Elche is not actually in the city. It is called La Finca and is on one of the key roads getting into the city. The restaurant serves a great menu and is a great place to host weddings. Visitors can create their own menu, from starters to desserts. Other great restaurants in the city include La Masia de ChenchoRestaurante Frisone and Els Capellans, all of which are great restaurants with a range of delicious cuisine.

Crevillente is a town with superb restaurants and eateries. Bar Taperia Restaurante El Rincon and Restaurante Las Palmeras are two of the greatest places to dine within the town. El Rincon is a great venue for all the family. It has a great menu for kids and a range of outstanding dishes, from the Mediterranean to European.

Casa I’Art Restaurante has built a strong reputation in the local area, with a mouthwatering selection of dishes. There are many other great restaurants in the centre of the town, and all are worthy of a visit.


Important Information

Overall in the area of Elche, Novelda and Crevillente there are a total of 7 medical centres and hospitals. There are also a number of police stations around the area. So you are never far from help or assistance if needed. There is also several public and private schools around the area, including a business, international and language school. Elche also offers a University with several faculties.

To get to this area of Alicante, we recommend flying into the Alicante or Murcia airport (both airports see daily flights from Europe). Renting a car to travel to one of the towns or getting a taxi is very easy and would have you in whichever town less than an hour after leaving the airport. There are many bus routes to and from the towns that take you to the cities of Alicante and Torrevieja.



The climate boasts a traditional Mediterranean climate: the hottest months are the summer months and have the potential to reach the late 30s in temperature. The coolest months are the months of December, January and February. Around this time the temperature would drop but usually down to temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees. Generally, the area experiences very little rainfall, with the wetter months being around the months of December, January.

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