Muebles of Murcia

We're offering FREE furniture for your new Spanish home thanks to our unique and wonderful partnership with a high-rated local furniture store.

As part of our commitment to 'give you more' - AND make sure you enjoy an unforgettable welcome to your new home - We've teamed up with Muebles of Murcia to fill your Dream Spanish Home with brand new furniture. At NO cost to you!

With selected homes, us at DSH can offer you and your family a free spending spree at Muebles of Murcia, at any of their two stores.

Why is this such a huge benefit for you? Many of the properties at Dream Spanish Homes come furnished or at least partly furnished. This means you should expect most of the furniture you'd need for a home to be already in your newly purchased home. The one major disadvantage to this is you don't get choose the furniture yourself and really make your new house, your home. You'd need to dig back into your pockets again after investing in your dream home, to really make it fell like home. 

This is why a free furniture plan is ideal for you! You won't need to dig back into your pockets again after making what could be one of the biggest investments of your life. 



What furniture can I get with the Free Furniture Plan?

Muebles offer a brilliant range of furniture. From furniture for your kitchn to living room furniture and random bits and pieces such as lamps and tables for the likes of halls and entrance ways. One of the best benefits of Muebles is their range of products and furniture. 

If you're looking to furnish bedrooms, you're in luck as they have a very large range of bedroom furniture. You can expect to find furniture for both you and your chidren of all ages. They stock cots for younger babies. You're able to furnish every room including any spare rooms being used as offices. At Muebles you can expect to find various amounts of office desks, drawers, cupboards and shelves as well as office chairs and smaller ornaments. 

There is a great range of sofas and sofa beds available at Muebles. From single seaters to corner sofas, you will find it all. 


How does the Free Furniture Plan work?

Now to the important infomation of how does this plan work? At Dream Spanish Homes, we have a large range of properties within our portfolio. All you need to do to qualify for a free furniture package is purchase a new home through us! If the property you're looking to purchase doesn't qualify for a free furniture plan, we will let you know. And if you would like a plan, let us know and we can try to find a way to allow you to qualify.

If you do purchase a property that qualify's for this plan, we will let you know. We will then set a budget of how much you can spend at Muebles. The budget is determined by the cost of the property and how well furnished it is. For example if the property does not have beds for every room, a larger budget may be set.

Once you know the budget, you may spend it how ever you wish, in particular on your homes needs. Muebles also offer great help with budgeting, which also side us at DSH is a great benefit. As we will be gibving you a budget. They will then


"Our biggest concern with buying is Spain was navigating the legal process and we don’t speak Spanish (yet ????).

We met with Gerry and having given him our brief within a couple of hours we were standing in properties, one of which is now our new Spanish home! We are delighted.

There was no pressure and we were actually encouraged to think about it for a couple of days (which we did) and then went back and took the plunge.

Within 6 weeks all was completed and we we were in! We met with other agents in other parts of Spain, but no-one offered the same service and attention, and we felt that once you had agreed the deal you were very much on your own.

Gerry and Sue walked us through the process every step of the way. It was far easier than buying a property in the UK but without the support of DSH we would have been lost. If you are looking to buy in this area talk to these guys."

- Jon and Melanie Shelton (Manchester)

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