The Highs and Lows of a Spanish Holiday Home: We Asked Buyers

The Highs And Lows Of A Spanish Holiday Home

We’ve all been tempted by adverts for property in Spain. After all….sun, relaxation and a home-from-home, what’s not to like! But what FIRST HAND lessons from buying abroad would others pass on to potential buyers. We asked customers of Dream Spanish Homes for their open and honest essential tips. Here’s what they said…

Retired Couple: “Savour Your Home Comforts”

One  newly-retired couple from South Belfast recently bought an apartment in Spain’s Murcia district to dodge NI’s wet winters in favour of putting their feet up in the sun instead! Their advice?

The highs? Arrival day! 

“I don’t think we’ll ever forget the day we were handed over our keys. It was hard to believe after a lifetime of working that we had a place of our own in Spain. It still hasn’t sunk in! Our advice is to bring the small things that make home your home…a few favourite books and games and mementos you can use to make your Spanish home a part of your home home!”

The Lows: Not Part-Renting Sooner! 

“We were cautious about renting our home while we aren’t in Spain and didn’t but, based on what neighbours have told us, having that income is something we could have used for our travel costs and things.”

Family Couple: “We Beat Holiday Cost Blues”

We helped this couple, who have three children of a range of ages, find a beautiful Spanish home within a great community of families in Murcia. It has been a joy to see them settle in – many of our customers become friends, since we’re all Murcia residents – and take to life in the sun!

Their tips for the move to owning a dream home in Spain?

The highs? Holiday budget changed…forever! 

“With five of us, our holiday costs were increasing more and more every year. We thought we’d have to stick to ‘staycations’ due to flight costs but our budget for a Spanish home went further than we thought. We have no more huge holiday bills now, for obvious reasons, and there’s no hotel bills or check-out times or anything to do but whatever we like! We’d recommend doing the maths for big family holidays vs a Spanish home investment as it really, really worked for us!

The lows? Getting organised! 

“Most of the hassle is taken care of BUT there’s always a bit of work to be done to get things ready at home for being away for long periods. We left this a bit late, if we wound back the clock we’d find someone to keep an eye, review our home security, find storage for our car and other little practicalities much sooner. Talking to someone ASAP who has made the same decision to buy overseas – or Gerry at Dream Spanish Homes – can help prevent any surprises.”

The Cost of Waiting

Too often we see customers waiting ‘just another year’ to buy – which is, of course, their choice and one we respect hugely – in the hope that a purchase price may fall by an amount equivalent to the price of a few drinks a month when the mortgage quote is created.

And in the meantime? Thousands of pounds spend on holidays could have been saved if the property was already in place, perhaps even covered completely by rental income.

Expect More!

Thanks to the strong local property market and our local negotiating power, we pride ourselves on being able to provide FREE extras like aircon, furniture…or even a car!

Depending on the value of the property you buy, we’ll make your first visits to your dream home even more special with a bonus luxury with our thanks.

With 15 years of experience and perfectly placed to source properties in the stunning areas of Los Alcázares, Mar Menor, Costa Cálida and Alicante.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful family holiday home, a high return investment property, or a golf resort villa to retire to, we can find the perfect property to fit your needs and budget!


Have you ever visited Spain on holiday or wish to move over today? Get in touch with Dream Spanish Homes or visit our office located in Los Alcázares, Murcia.

Dream Spanish Homes have a range of guides about the different areas in which we sell properties. Some of the most sought after areas include the Costa Calida, Los Alcázares, Alicante and Murcia. Visit our areas page to find out more. We are continuously expanding the areas in which we sell properties throughout the East Coast of Spain.

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