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La Finca and Algorfa is a town and golf course West of Torrevieja and Guardamar del Segura. The town of Algorfa is located on the banks of the Segura river with mountains to the Southwest of the town. Th town is very picturesque with beautiful architecture and has a very small population of between 3-5 thousand. 

Nearby Algorfa, there is a golf course with a 5 star hotel and resort. The golf course is called the La Finca Golf and Spa Resort and boasts an 18 hole course with a par of 72. The course itself is located in a beautiful landscape perfect for both nature and people to live and work together. 



Algorfa is a wonderful small town, with not to much to do within it. It is a town with great connections to surrounding town and cities. Orihuela, Murcia and Torrevieja are all cities with great connections to Algorfa as well as smaller towns such as Guardamar and Quesada.

Around the town there're some bars and restaurants.  All of these places are great places to spend time with friends and family for some downtime. One of the best restaurants in the area is the La Ermita Restaurant. It is a restaurant with a great menu, bar and staff. You may find it to be a little pricey compared to other restaurants in the area, but it is worth it for the quality of food served. 

One of the best bars in the town is the Meson Algorfa bar. Alongside great drinks it serves great food for a great price. The Bar la Plaza is another bar in the town, which offers great drinks. It is more a 'local' bar within the town. 


La FincaHotel room

As said previously La Finca is an 18 hole golf course and spa. It was opened in 2002 and has since became a top golf course for keen golfers in the region and is one of three golf courses owned by the same QUARA group. The course itself was designed by the great Pepe Gancedo, so do expect great fairways with challenging holes. 

The course itself has its own clubhouse. This is a plca in which users of the facility can store their golf gear, clothes and other personal belongings securely. This is the place you can rent golf carts from too. There is also a shop for users of the course to buy all their essential golf gear from. 

La Finca is also a hotel resort, with wonderful spa facilities. Overall the facility has over 100 rooms, ready for that perfect break. Facilities offered include the spa and golf course, a swimming pool  and rooms are equiped with essential technology. This is the ideal place for a couples break, a family retreat or for all golf lovers. 


Spot of GolfGolf

The golf course at La Finca since its opening has beame one of Spain's leading courses. The designer of the course Pepe Gancedo was a pro golfer in his prime winning 6 Spanish championships and 2 international tournaments, making him a perfect candidate for designing a course. 

Golf is one of the biggest advantages of the area. As the golf course is the biggest talking about of this area. This area is then perfect for anyone who loves to play golf as the course is basically on your doorstep. There are also many other courses nearby for variety. 

Nearby there're multiple golf course. One is the Vistabella golf course, another is Maquesa golf and closer to the city of Torrevieja there're fiver more courses including the award winning Las Colinas. 



Relax at the SpaSpa

La Finca also have a state of the art spa at their hotel. The spa is opened most hours of the day from around 10pm apart from on a Monday, which it opens at 12pm. At the spa you can discover the world of relaxation, perfect for spending time with friends and downtime away from work or children. 

The spa offers different package deals. Overall there're four different spa packaged deals. They all range from 45 minutes to 150 minutes and the price varies depending on the deal, starting from 55 euros. There is also a range of body and beauty treatments to choose from and enjoy. 

The spa also boasts wonderful and relaxing heated pools, saunas and jacuzzi's. These all have wonderful views of the outside gardens of the hotel and is another great way of relaxing with friends. Especially with a small glass of champagne.


Restaurants and BarsCocktails

The main activities within the town of Algorfa are the many restaurants the town has. Some of the most popular bars and restaurants have been talked about above, that includes the likes of La Ermita restaurant. Another popular restaurant in Algorfa is the vestry. It offers many different dishes including Italian, Spanish and sea food dishes. There are also many bars situiated around the town, where you can enjoy a nice drink after a hard day at the course. Some of the main bars have been talked about above also.

Within the La Finca resort there are tworestaurants, a terraced cafe and two bars. One of which is alongside the pool in the resort. The Jardines restaurant is a wonderful place to get a real taste of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine within the La Finca resort. The restaurant offeres great menu items, with great alcholic choices while looking outwards towards the green of the golf course through large windows. The buffet restaurant at La Finca is the perfect place to test your tastebuds, with a range of great  top quality and local foods on offer. It is available throughout the day. 

The resort itself has an outdoor pool along with its very own pool bar. It is perfcet for that relaxing drink beside the pool. Whether you enjoy a cocktail or a efreshing beer, you will enjoy relaxing times beside the pool. If you're into more of a nightclub type vibe when drinking, find a unique style bar within the Club Lounge Suit. 


Important Infomation

In the small town of Algorfa there is a medical centre and a police station. The closest hospital is in Torrevieja which is a lengthy drive in an emergency. The closest police sation other than the one in the town is is Almoradi anither town located nearby. 

Around the town hre are a number of schools with many others in towns located nearby. The La Finca golf couyrse also offers a golf school. The closest University is in the city of Torrevieja.



This area in Spain is warmest during the summer months of June, July and August and is coolest during the months of December, January and February. Although the town doesn't experience the traditional Mediterrenean climate as it experiences rainfall for around a quarter of the year, but it is usually in small amounts.


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