Welcome to Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco

The small town of Los Alcazares, is a town that used to be famous for being a small fishing village. Since its fishing days it has now grown into a sizeable town offering great shores next to the famous Mar Menor, spas and lengthy coastline. It is the one of the most popular areas for people buying second homes for the Spanish, Western Europenas, Scandinavians and more recently Asians. The town itself couldn't be more different from the likes of Benidorm and the Costa del Sol to the south of Spain. 

For being a small town near to San Javier and other important towns and cities of this region of Spain, the population isn't that large. There're between 10,000-15,000 permanent residents in the area, reaching to over 100,000 people in the summer months. Many of the population comes from the more inland Spainsh cities of Madrid, Albacete and countries such as the UK and Ireland.

Close to Los Alcazares is the town of Torre-Pacheco, which is a large town with its own town centre. It has a population of under 30,000 people and is another ideal location to buy properties. Within the town there're many restaurants and bars as well as a golf club and a sports complex. The towns also have a lot of nearby beaches being on the coast of the Mar Menor sea.


Beaches, Parks and great Beauty Spots cliff

One of the best ways to see the beauty of the area of Los Alcazares and the surrounding area is by pedal bikes. Taking a cycle around this area can be very relaxing with wonderful views over the Mar Menor and the backdrop to the towns. Bikes can be easily rented from one of the many stores in the town. In Los Alcazares one of the best places to take a cycle is the Observatorio de Aves. It has great views over the Mar Menor and the surrounding coastline. 

In the town of Torre-Pacheco, one of the best places for a walk is the Recuerdo gardens. It is a small garden with beauttiful plants and trees. It is always well kept and has a monument for nearby cemetary. 

Near both towns andd to the city of San Javier is the Cabezo Gordo.  It is a wonderful attraction in the hills of the area, that is a protected piece of land despite being privately owned. There're many different sites and routes to visit at the attraction. The area is key to many species of fauna, floral and wildlife. 


Sports and more Sportsgolf

One of the biggest topic of sports in the Los Alcazares area is water sports. In the area there're places in which you can rent out boats and even jet ski's. If you have experience you can even rent a boat without needing a captain or skipper. There're also many water sports activity companies that offer other water sports including sailing, wind surfing, diving, paddle boarding, canoeing and much more.

Nearby in the town of Torre-Pacheco there is a sports complex. The complex has its own swimming pool, sports pitches and a gymnasium with gymnastics equipment. There're multiple football and basketball pitches as well as in door courts. 

Golf is also a very big sport in this region of Spain, with many large and smaller courses popping up year in, year out. In Torre-Pacheco there is a golf club. It has been a great asset to the town since it opened in 2009. It even has a driving range and a putting green, so anyone can practise then start and end game. Overall there is a total of 9 holes making it a great place to learn. There're some more courses along the route between Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares.


Wine and Dinefood

Los Alcazares is a town with many bars and restaurants. One of the best restaurants in the town is the San Antonio restaurant. It specialises in Mediterranean, European and sea food cuisine and offers a spectecular view over the Mar Menor sea from the restaurant. The restaurant has a great set of staff and great wine list for all the wine connoisseurs out there.

Another great restaurant along the beach front is the Club Nautico Mar Menor. It gets it name from its view over the Mar Menor and is the club dedicated to the marina of the town and the nearby seas. In the town centre the Little Italy restaursant is a lovely place to visit, serving from a rather limited menu but the food is definatly worth the price and the limited menu. 

Throughout the town there're many bars. Mnay are within the town centre. One of the best bars to get a cocktail in is the New Sibarit. It has wonderful friendly staff and great cocktails. There'rre many Irish around this community and this can be seen from the bars. In the town there're two Irish bars. The Celt Irish bar in the centre and the Irish Beach Bar which is located of the main beach of the town. 

In between the towns of Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares there're many different bars including a nmber of Irish bars. Many of the bars within the Torre Pacheco are bar-restaurants. In Torrre Pacheco there're many restaurants. Athabasca is one of the best restaurants in the town alongside , 4 Cominos, El Huerto Del Azafran and Bar la Hita. All have great staff atmospheres and their menus are also great assets to each of the restaurants. 


Important Information

In the area surround Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco there are a number of medical centres. The closest Hospitals are in San Javier and Cartagena. There are also a number of police stations around the area with a number in San Javier and Cartagena. You you should always feel safe. There are also a range of public and priovate schools in the area of Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco. Some schools specialise in different subjects. The closest universities are in the nearby cities of San Javier and Cartagena.



The weather of the area is the typical Spanish Mediterranean weather. The hottest month is August and the coolest being January.  The wettest month is October and the driest is July. If you love the sun and like to be in it all year round, then this could potentially be the perfect home area to live in.

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