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Pilar de la Horadada is a large town in the province of Alicante. Nearby is two smaller towns of Dehesa de Campoamor and Mil Palmeras to the north of the large town. 

To the north of the area is the city of Torrevieja and to the south of the area is the province of Murcia and San Javier. Pilar de la Horadada is the last stop before the Alicante/Murcia border. 

As you can imagine this area of Alicante is a very popular spot for home owners and in the summer months the popurlarity of the area rises, especially during the fantastic summer weather. 

The towns of Mil Palmeras and Dehesa de Campoamor are towns very close together. In fact there is a small distance of 2.3 kilometers between them. The towns are within walking and cycling distance of eachother. 

Around each of the towns, there're many bars and restaurants. There're also many other activities that anyone can take part within. 


Pilar de la Horadada

Pilar de la Horadada is a beautiful town with great beaches and parks. Throughout the town you'll find different species of trees including strawberry trees, pines and oaks. Throughout the beaches and parks, there're many different species and wildlife including a lot of different birds and other animals.

Nearby the area there're many other activities including many sporting activities such as golf, museums, monuments around the town and water sports. Around the town there're many oppourtunities to take part in water sports. 


Mil Palmeras

Mil Palmeras is a small coastal town near Pilar de la Horadada. The town is a small quiet area but comes more to life during the summer months. It is a well connected town, with Alicante just over a 40 minutes drive away and Murcia being a 15 minute drive away. The last known population of the town was just over 1000 people in 2009, so nowadays it would be no surprise if the population has more than doubled or tripled since then. 

The town which is commonly associated as a resort, has wonderful sandy beaches that are very popular within the area. The town has great places to go on walking and cycling routes. Around the town there're many bars and restaurants and also a well known nightclub. 


Dehesa de Campoamor

Also near Pilar de la Horadada is Dehea de Campoamor. Again this is another small town located along the Alicante coast. Very much like its neighbour Mil Palmeras it is located in an area with great travel links to other nearby cties and towns. Alicante is around a 35/40 minute drive away with Murcia also being very close with a 15/20 minute drive away. 

Again this area is famous for its beaches and location close to  many of the golf courses in the area including the Campoamor course, Villamartin course and the famous Las Rambles and Las Colinas courses. 

It is also close to the Cabo Roig and La Zenia areas. La Zenia has its very own shopping mall with a great range of shops. 


Beach and park activities Beach

Near the town of Pilar de la Horadada is two other towns called El Mojon and Torre de la Horadada. Effectively they're urbanisation of Pilar de la Horadada. Between the two towns is a wonderful beach called the Playa Horadada. It is a lovely clean sandy beach with a lot of charm. Nearby there're a few different shops, restaurants and bars. All are key to the area thriving.

Both Mil Palmeras and Dehesa de Campoamor have wonderful beaches. The Playa Mil Palmeras beach is key to the town, as it is a great clean and sandy beach. It also has various amounts of shops, restaurants and bars nearby. The town of Dehesa de Campoamor has one of the most popualr and largest beaches in the Costa Blanca south.

There're various amounts of parks in each of the towns. They're great for walks or even small cycles. If you have a dog, they can be a great place for a dog walk and for kids as they have playgrounds and various other child friendly activities. 


Sports and more SportsJet Ski

Sports is a large activity in this area of the Costa Blanca especially golf and water sports. Nearby the Costa Blanca South there're many different golf courses. These include the Las Rambles course, Lo Romero, golf at Villamartin, the famous and award winning Las Colinas course and the Campoamor golf course. This makes the area perfect for any golf lover wanting to put their golf skills to the test. 

The area is also a great area for people who love or want to try their hand at many different watersports. In Dehesa de Campoamor there is a yacht club for anyone who loves yachts or even has a yacht. Near Dehesa de Campoamor is a sports complex. Users of the sports complex can rent out jet skis, aaquire theri sailing license and go on guided tours of the area from the sea. If you own your own jet ski but have no place to store it, they can store it for you easily, with their storage service within the nearby marina. Other activities include kayaing and sailing. 

Throughout the Costa Blanca South there're oppourtunities to bring your own equipment and vehicles to the Costa Blanca. If you have your own sailing boat or jetski, you can take off to the waters without needing to rent one. 


Wine and Dine food

In Pilar de la Horadada, there're penty of restaurants an bars. Many are first class restaurants serving great traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. One of the best restaurants in the town is the Casa Araez. They have got a wonderful tasting menu, wine list and dessert menu. They take great pride in their tapas dishes, pasta dishes and their meat/fish dishes available. There is a great varierty at this restaurant. Other restaurants in the town and area that have excellent dishes nad menus include the restaurant Asia, Asador Los Naranjos and the Barrcuda fish restaurant and bar in nearby El Majon.

In Mil Palmeras there're many restaurants. They're mostly along the main road to the beach and all are great. One of th best restaurants here is the Isla Mediterranean which is a restaurant on the outskirts of the beach. Here you can enjoy a nice lunch or inner with a relaxing drink looking across the Mediterranean sea. Along the beachfron there're a few bars that are great to get a relaxing drink to take onto the beach. One of these great bars is the Chiringuito Pirats. 

The town of Dehesa de Campoamor has a number of great bars and restaurants. Most notably is the unique restaurant called the fish bowl. It gets it fish bowl name from being in the centre of a roundabout and its unique circular shape from outside. It is a very weird and unique way to enjoy a meal with cars and others passing you from every angle of the restaurant. You can also enjoy the scenary from outside. The menu is a great with many traditional Spanish and Mediterranena dishes. It also has an excellent selection of wines.  


Nearby Towns and Cities bus

The area of South Costa Blanca is well connected to other pronvinces, towns and cities. San Javier in the Murcia is very close with the cities of Alicante and Torrevieja veing close by. This means you have three different airports in a close vicinity, with many other activities close by.

In the urbanisation of Cabo Roig called La Zenia, there is a shopping mall called La Zenia boulevard. Stores within the shopping mall include  shops such as Adidas, Decathlon, Game, Guess, H&M, Jack & Jones, Levi's, Primark, Pull & Bear, Swarovski, The Body Shop, Tiger, Vans and Zara. All of which are very popular brands around the world. There is even some Spanish branded shops within the mall. 

Torrevieja, Alicante and San Javier all offer great shopping and activity oppourtunities. 


Important Information

In Mil Palmeras there is a medical centre located nearby. There is also a hospital in Dehesa de Campoamor, so you are never far from medical attention. There are no schools in Mil Palmeras but there are plenty of both public and private schools in the surrounding area including Dehesa de Campoamor. 

The closest police stations are in San Javier as well as th closet University.

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