Muebles Murcia- What Makes Our FREE Furniture Offer Possible? Our Trusted Supplier

What Makes Our FREE Furniture Offer Possible

We’re a trusted and established company supplying homes to people all over the East coast of Spain…but what makes us proud to say we are ‘the agent that gives our clients more’?

Part of the Dream Spanish Homes ethos is our client aftercare, meaning an easy buying experience for fully furnished homes and great locations at a great price.

We just don’t offer home owners a new home, but we offer them many more benefits to buying a home. We offer a no surprise service and in some cases free inspection trips and golf memberships, and sometimes even a free car.

So, how do we do it, you may be asking? Well, in the example of our free furntiure officer, it’s partly with thanks to a trusted supplied called Muebles located in nearby city of Murcia.


Let’s Meet Muebles of Murcia

Since the 1930’s the Muebles business has been dedicated to the manufacturing of high quality furniture for a great price. They’re one of the experts in furniture this side of Spain offering great advice, a furniture creation process, custom furniture and guaranteed quality products.

Throughout the decades of changing styles and trends, they have always kept on top offering the latest national and international trends and innovations key to making your new house a home.

One of the best perks of using Muebles is their service. They can help produce custom made projects and furniture to solve any space problems.


Great Muebles Products

One of the greatest perks of Muebles is the amount of products they offer. From Mattresses, dining furniture to bedroom sets and illuminations. They have it all. And they just don’t offer a few bed peices or dining furniture. They have hundreds of products in each of their sections. Below is an overview of some of the products they offer.

  • Dining room furniture (Tables, chairs)
  • Bedroom furniture for children and adults (Double beds, single beds, modern beds, train beds)
  • Folding beds
  • Sofas and Sofa beds
  • Office furniture (Desks, chairs, etc.)
  • Cabinets and Jewellers
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs, mirrors, lamps, etc.
  • Odd jobs


Muebles Murcia- What Makes Our FREE Furniture Offer Possible? Our Trusted Supplier 1Muebles Murcia- What Makes Our FREE Furniture Offer Possible? Our Trusted Supplier 2bed


From Store to Your Floor

You don’t need to worry about transporting the furniture you choose for your dream home. Muebles themselves offer a free delivery service no matter how big your order is. No matter how much furniture you need delivered whether its one van load or three Muebles will guarantee it arriving within the days specified.

Don’t worry you can always take home whichever furniture you can from the store. If you have your own van or car and have room for your that special lamp that would fit into your living room nicely, you can always make sure that it arrives in perfect condition by bringing it home yourself.

Muebles also offer a guarantee in the condition of your products when delivered. They have a range of trusted and qualified workers who handle, transport and deliver your good on time. This means you don’t need to worry one bit when you have products arriving from Muebles.

Before Muebles deliver your products they have a team of experts and professionals to make sure, if you have any special made furniture that it will fit appropriately into your dream home. This way Muebles make sure, you will not be left disappointed when your furniture arrives.


Where to Find Them?

Muebles are located in the capital city of Murcia, also called Murcia. They have two locations within the city, one along the main Avda Ciudad de Almeria and the other is on the Av del Palmer road in the south of the city. To display as much stock as possible, they spread their superb range across two locations.

One of the sites is more accessible to people who may not necessary known Spain or haven’t got experience while driving in Spain. Dream Spanish Homes can assist any of our clients and bring you to Muebles easily if you need assistance. This way it is easy for you to find ideal furniture without having more stress and we can also discuss other parts of your property and plans when moving.


Our Relationship with Muebles

Over the years of operating Dream Spanish Homes have established a long and experienced hand of friendship with Muebles. They’re our leading suppliers and we can trust them to the moon and back. They have supplied many of our clients with excellent deals, making mving that small bit more comfortable and stress free.

From the start of our relationship we have estended our friendship till the point, we at Dream Spanish Homes can offer deals with Muebles. When buying a property (Depending on the property), Dream Spanish Homes can often offer our clients a budget to spend in Muebles. This way you can receive all the furniture you need in your new home, from new bed furniture to new smaller essentials and Muebles and Dream Spanish Homes can extend our relationshsip.

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