Welcome to Murcia

Murcia is a Province within South east Spain. Its capital city is also called Murcia. The Province has borders of 5 other Porvinces including Alicante and and Almeria. There are many different activities in which you can get up o in both the city and the Province as a whole. 

The population of the Province has increase very like the Province of Alicante over the years. Murcia is one of the most ideal places for foreigners to settle down and also come to visit on holiday. Murcia is the biggest city in the Province with Cartagena being the second largest city with over 200,000 people.

The Province is home to Europes biggest salt water lagoon. It is called the Mar Menor. Along with this the Province has a coastline of over 200 kilometres. One of the most picturesque parts of the coastline is the Mar Menor and the coastline it goes along. Along the coastline you can expect to find many different water sports and you even have the oppourtunity to participate in them.

The region also has a very rich history. From then the area has modernised into the perfect area for people to visit and settle down. Their are many relics throughout the city and province of its history including a Roman theatre in the city. The city is also very connected to the rest of the Province and the surrounding Provinces. It has many bus routes from the centre outwards to the surrounding towns and cities.


The city

The city of Murcia has a population of over 450,000 people, a quarter of all the people within the Province. Thoughout the whole of the city there are many beautiful buildings and monuments. The city also has many parks essential fo your morning walks.

The city itself does not have beaches and the closest would be in San Javier, Cartagena or Mar Menor. These are around 50-60 kilometres away. There are also many catherals, museums and historic landmarks around the city.


Nearby Activities and Points of Interest

One of the most beautiful peices of the city of Murcia is the cathedral located in the city cntre. The cathedral has been around since the 14th century. There is also the old jail located near the cathedral beside the circle plaze called Carcel Vieja. The city also has many museums including a science museum, a theatres, a zoo and a casino. There is a beautiful park in the nearby town of Molina de Segura and it is called the Parque de La Compania. There are also a few museums in this town. There is also two nature reserves near the city. They are called the Parque Regional Sierra de la Pila and the Sierra Espuna. There is also plenty of shopping centres for the shoppers. 

You can also play a range of sports in the Province, from football to watersports. the area also has plenty of golf courses near it. So the area is ideal for keen golfers. You can also take part in para-gliding and hand-gliding as there are many businesses that allow you to take part in these sports. There is also a theme and water park nearby called the Terra Natura.


Important Information

The region has many hospitals, from public, private and university hospitals. There is a total of 3 hospitals in the city of Murcia and some more in the cities of Torrevieja. The cities also have multiple medical centres.  There is also variuos police stations dotted around the cities in the province and some more in more urban and country areas. So you are never far from any type of help.

There is a university of Murcia located in the city and many other uni's located in the Province. There are University's in Cartagena and Torrevieja. The university of Murcia have many campus' and faculty's including a socila work faculty. The area also has many public and private schools.



The area of Murcia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate. Typical the summer months are the hottest months and the winter months of December, January and February are the coolest. The avearage temperature throughout the year is in the late teens/twenties and can drop as low as single figures during the winter months.


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