Escape to Murcia: The Region and City
With average temperatures around 20º for around 320 days of the year, anyone from a colder, wetter countries can be forgiven for thinking they’ve discovered paradise.  
Murcia is an autonomous region in Southern Spain with a population of 1.4 million, known as Europe's orchard, thanks to a long tradition of fruit, vegetable and flower growing. 
Around 440,000 people live in the city of Murcia, which was founded in 825 AD by the Emir of Córdoba when it was part of Al-Ándalus, a powerful Muslim caliphate that experienced golden ages that left a profound impression on the territories that became Spain and Portugal. 
After eight centuries of Islamic rule, Christian kings and the Catholic church were keen to stamp their identity on the reconquered region - which for Murcia happened under King Ferdinand III of Castile in 1243. In Between 1349 and 1465, the Cathedral of Murcia was built, in a distinctive Castilian Gothic style. Over time, Renaissance and Baroque influences have turned this into a masterpiece of Spanish Baroque architecture. Well worth seeing if you visit Murcia. 
The city is a popular destination for tourists, a place of beauty, culture and leisure, with over 11,000 shops - including numerous high-street brands (Zara, H&M, Toys R Us, Ikea and many more), plus two large indoor shopping centres, Thader and Nueva Condomina.  El Corte Inglés is also worth a visit, where you will find most of the world’s leading names in fashion, beauty, homeware and accessories. All under one roof.
Murcia is also home to over 1,000 restaurants, cafes and bars, with outdoor seating available in countless places where you can enjoy delicious food and drink from all over the region and the world. You are never far from a plaza, where you can experience the city, people watch and eat and drink for an afternoon or evening. 
Property in Murcia 
Murcia is a beautiful, charming and thriving city, known for its culture, shopping and nightlife. Properties in Murcia are some of the most sought after in the region, with the majority that come on the market tend to be medium to large apartments in and around the city. 
For properties in the region of Murcia, we cover those in more detail on other pages of this website and the properties section. 


"We were 100% satisfied when buying a home through Dream Spanish Homes

Budget – We had a budget in mind and Dream Spanish Homes were very helpful and knowledgeable about the other cost that we needed to factor in, which made up around 10 % on top of our purchase price. This can make a difference in your original budget so was extremely important. Amenities – Our top priority was that it was a south facing property, two or three bedroom with outdoor space at ground floor level with a community pool.

Location – The Orihuela Costa is a mixed English and Spanish community. Walking distance to the beach, shopping and places to go for entertainment, not too far away.

One-to-one in Spain – Dream Spanish Homes took complete care of our five days of viewings in advance with different estate agents. They picked us up every morning and had an itinerary set out of which properties we wanted to view.

Viewings – They showed us properties below and above our budget to give us a realistic idea of what we could expect to get within our budget, but knew if we saw something that we really liked that we could stretch that little bit more. They showed us properties further away from the sea, to show us the difference in size of the properties you could purchase the further inland you travelled. This was good as we knew even after seeing some beautiful properties, that the extra space meant less to us than being closer to the beach.

Awareness of the area – The team at Dream Spanish Homes have a lot of local knowledge of the area as most of them we spoke with in the office owned property in the Southern Costa Blanca for many years and had seen the area grow from a series of small fishing villages. We also found they had great geographical knowledge of the area and where the next new development will be so you get the most out of the money you have to buy a property.

Closing the sale – They were able to use some impressive negotiation skills when we found the right property; to made sure we got it for the correct price with discount off the original price. This left us with a little money to make some changes to the property.

Satisfaction – 100 % satisfied.

Recommendation to others – We would 100% recommend Dream Spanish Homes if you are thinking of purchasing a home in Spain. Their testimonials speak for themselves, throughout the entire process everyone we dealt with at the company was professional, conscientious and motivated. The whole team worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation."

- Jim and Sonia (London)