Welcome to La Marina & Santa Pola

La Marina and Santa Pola are a small village and a large town along the Costa Calida coastline, in the Southeast of Spain. The village of La Marina is a small village looking over the Mediterranean sea. Santa Pola is a larger town to the north of La Marina. Overall the village and town have over 30,000 people in population.

La Marina is the perfect spot for home lookers as it is close to surrounding areas such as Elche and Torrevieja and has all the essentials needed to live. Santa Pola is widely regarded as a fishing town and has many tourist attractions. There are also kilometers of sandy beaches between the village of La Marina and Santa Pola. 




Nearby Activities and Points of Interest

In the small village of La Marina there are many activities you can get up to including a number of sports and relaxing activities. The village has its own sports complex, in which you can take part in many different sports including basketball and football. There is also a large nature reserve in which you can visit and see many different plants and trees while going on a walk.  There is also a nature reserve called the Parque Alfonso xiii in which you can see many different animals and wildlife.

In the large town of Santa Pola there are many activities for everybody. There is an Aquarium and an amusement park. The amusement park park is great for family days out as it provides great rides and great food for all. The aquarium shows many different fish and sea life from the Mediterranean sea and other seas near Spain. There is a skatepark in the town as well as many other parks. There is also a nearby zoo which can make a great family day out.

There is also kilometers of coastline with beautiful beaches. There are also many bars and restaurants, in which you can enjoy a relaxing meal over the Mediterranean sea. There are also many golf courses nearby, so the area is the perfect place for all types of golf lovers. In each town and village there are local weekly markets where you can gain many different traditional items and cuisine. 


Important Information

Near La Marina and Santa Pola there are many hospitals and medical centres. Oveall there are a mixed range of hospitals including public and private hospitals. The closest hospitals are in the cities of Torrevieja and Elche. Near La Marina there is a single police station as well as one in Santa Pola. In the nearby cities there are also police stations. 

In the area there are a number of private and public schools. The closest cities of Torrevieja and Elche also have numerous schools and also boast multiple universities. 



The climate around the area is very similar to the rest of the region. The warmest month is August and the coolest is January. Temperatures can rise to the late thirty’s and sometimes reach 40 degrees’ if you are lucky. Generally, the month of July leading up to August is the driest and October is the wettest, experiencing the most wet days in a single month.


"Our biggest concern with buying is Spain was navigating the legal process and we don’t speak Spanish (yet ????).

We met with Gerry and having given him our brief within a couple of hours we were standing in properties, one of which is now our new Spanish home! We are delighted.

There was no pressure and we were actually encouraged to think about it for a couple of days (which we did) and then went back and took the plunge.

Within 6 weeks all was completed and we we were in! We met with other agents in other parts of Spain, but no-one offered the same service and attention, and we felt that once you had agreed the deal you were very much on your own.

Gerry and Sue walked us through the process every step of the way. It was far easier than buying a property in the UK but without the support of DSH we would have been lost. If you are looking to buy in this area talk to these guys."

- Jon and Melanie Shelton (Manchester)

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