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Sport In Spain

Popular Sports in Spain

We all know that Spain is a Country who loves it sports. In recent times they have won the Football World Cup in 2010, the European football championship 3 times in 1964, 2008 and 2012. The country also has one of the most successful football leagues in the world which involves 3 of the most successful teams in Europe in Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Spain also has a very popular basketball league with many of its population following the sport massively. The sport is very popular and has made many great players who now play in the American NBA, which is the biggest basketball league in the world. Spain has also produced some of the world’s finest athletes in many other sports including Rafael Nadal in tennis, Fernando Alonso in Formula 1 and Sergio Garcia a world-famous golfer, who was in the top 10 golfers in the world for the best part of his career.

Youth in Sport

In Spain many of its sporting success around the world is due to the schemes and policy’s they have in youth sport. The President of the football league La Liga has attributed the success of the league around the entire world to its home-grown players. The government invests heavily in the sport of the country and is rewarded with sporting success. It’s quite a surprise that not many other countries have followed this same scheme.

Throughout the entirety of Spain there are many Sports schools for the likes of Golf, Basketball and football. One of the most famous sporting schools is the soccer school MV8 located in Seville.

Women in Sport

Throughout the years before the dictatorship in Spain came to an end, it was difficult for women to be recognised in sport. Many females were made to wear clothing that showed less of their skin, which would be uncomfortable to wear and hinder their performances. In some cases, even performing to the highest standard was not allowed and contact sport was forbidden for women.

A lot has changed for women in Spain and in sport since then a women Spanish national football team was established in 1980 and 7 years later they played their first official non-friendly match in the qualification of the European Championships.

They also have a strong basketball history, winning the EuroBasket three times in their history. Other sports in Spain women love to play include athletics, gymnastics, swimming, diving and many winter sports.

Attracting tourism through Sport

With such a beautiful environment perfect for sports, Spain has become a hotbed for tourists taking part in sports in the country and visiting to watch different sports. Football is of course the top sport in which many people come to the country to watch. Football clubs such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona have a worldwide following and it is many people’s dream to watch their favourite team play at home.

Golf has been an increasingly popular sport in the country and that also attracts more people to visit and live there. Around the entire country there are many golf courses being made by world-wide known course designers. In the Southern regions of Spain there are many golf clubs being established.

Destinations such as La Manga in the Southeast of Spain have also started to gain agreement with many world-wide sports clubs for summer camps and facilities within their ground. These clubs then send players and training staff to these camps. Of course, this is a great attraction.

The attendance at Spanish marathons has became partly foreign with many people travelling to the country to bask in the great weather while doing something they love.

Famous tournaments home and away

Every year in Spain they host several sporting events. Big on the calendar is motorsport. Every year since 1991 they have hosted a formula 1 race at the. Spain has also hosted the moto GP ever year since 1986. So, motorsports are another sport that is big in Spain. They also stage a rally, which has started in the most recent years. Every year major cities in Spain also host their own marathons, half marathons, and kilometre runs.

In the past Spain have also hosted the Fifa World Cup, the Olympic Games and the World Swimming Championships multiple times. Every year major cities in Spain also host their own marathons, half marathons, and kilometre runs.

Spain has also had great success at the summer and winter Olympics with a medal overhaul of 17 medals at Rio in 2016 and 2 medals at the winter Olympics in Pyongyang in 2018. Other success includes world cup winners in 2010, the European championship winners 3 times, Davis Cup (Tennis) winners 5 times, also 5 times winners at the Fed cup (Tennis), Hockey champions in 2004, World basketball championships in 2006 and the Eurocup (basketball) winners in 2009.

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