Welcome to Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a city in the Southeast of Spain along the coastline on the Mediterranean. It is located south of the Province of Alicante. The population of the city is just under 100,000 people and has many attractions including a water park, beaches and many restaurants. The city is near the famous green and pink salt lakes.

El Chaparrel is located between both of the lakes and is the urbanisation of the city of Torrevieja. This town has two parks called the Parque Pokeparada and the Parque de Torrevieja. There is also a water park in this town.

Torre La Mata is another urbanisation of the city, Torrevieja, the town itself is on the coast and has many beaches located along it. Los Montesinos is a village located to the west of Torrevieja. The village is beautiful and has many small bars and restaurants.


Nearby Activites and Points of Interest

The city of Torrevieja has many activites and attractions to offer. The city has many parks, a marina, a water park, a casino and some beaches. The biggest attraction to the city is the salt lakes located nearby. These are to the west of the city and are green and pink in colour. You are allowed to swim in these lakes as you will float instead of sink due to the salt. The salt lakes are beautiful and serve a purpose to th region. Every year salt is collected from the lakes and are pilled high in salt mountains.

The city also offers a marina to moor a boat if you have one. There are many mooring spots in the marina so finding one for you should not be to difficult. There are also a number of beaches near the marina and around near the city. The main beach in Torrevieja has a Promende with a strip of bars, restaurants and shops. 

Around at city there are a number of walking and cycling routes. Some of the main routes are in the parks about the city including th Parque Jardin de las Naciones and the Parque Rincon De Asturias. There is a lovely cycling route from Torrevieja to the village of Los Montesinow. This route thakes you past the salt lakes and makes for wonderful viewing.

There is also a water park in Torrevieja called Aquopolis. Its sadly only open during the summer. The area has many Spanish, Italian and other types of restaurants and bars.


Important Information

The area of Torrevieja has many police stations and hospitals. In Torrevieja there are two hospitals and also two police stations. There are a further eight police stations located around the area of Torrevieja and more hospitals in San Javier and Campomar.

The city also has its own university wuith many campus' around the city. In the city and the surrounding area there are many schools, both public and private.


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