Visit the Spanish East Coast – From the Costa Calida to Alicante

Visit The Spanish East Coast

Spain is a beautiful country that offers great weather all year long, plus amazing beaches and a relaxing and active lifestyle. Here we’ll explore some of the most popular areas in Spain, such as Los Alcazares; Mar Menor, Costa Calida, and Alicante. Keep reading to find out more about these areas and why you’ll want to hop on the next flight over!



The Beautiful Port of Alicante

The popular area of Alicante is a beautiful Mediterranean port located in the southeastern part of Costa Blanca in Spain. It is the eighth biggest metropolitan area in Spain that has been inhabited for over 7000 years.

Today it has become one of the biggest flourishing tourist cities in Spain due to closeness to airports, resorts and amazing properties in the area. There’s something about Alicante that has a charming and homely vibe. Offering so much to see and do that keeps people coming back time and time again. The stunning beaches, historic sites and amazing food that you will find in this city are just a small part of what makes this a great place to visit and live. If you would like to find out more Alicante and its attractions then keep on reading…


Unmissable Beaches

One of the amazing things that Alicante has to offer is its unspoiled coastal views and beautiful beaches that are filled with people all year long. Many of its beaches have been award the Blue Flag Award that recognises its cleanliness, safety, and high environmental standards.

San Juan Beach

One of the most famous beaches located in Alicante is the San Juan Beach which offers 3km lengths of amazing white crystal clear sand. The beach provides a great area to try your hand at some fun sporting activities such as beach volleyball, tennis, and soccer. This is also the perfect beach where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine while having a nice swim in the ocean. Surrounding the beach you will find a variety of leisure services and on the lovely seafront promenade, you will also find many great restaurants and bars.

Cano De La Huerta

Another great beach worth visiting here is Cano De La Huerta that is located between the beaches of San Juan and La Albufera, where you can enjoy the quieter side of Alicante. This rocky and sandy beach is away from the crowds offering a more relaxing atmosphere with beautiful coves.

El Postiguet Beach 

The Popular beach of  El Postiguet Beach located in the City Centre of Alicante is also not to be missed. Renowned for its sandy beach and it’s beautiful palm tree boardwalk that offers stunning views. Also close to the beach is the Santa Barbara Castle which is a popular attraction in Alicante.


History And Culture In Alicante

Besides the great selections of beaches, Alicante also has a lot to offer when it comes history and culture with tourist attractions such as the Santa Barbara Castle, Archaeological Museum, Contemporary Art Museum and Coastal Water towers.

Santa Barbara Castle

This impressive castle that looms over Alicante offers beautiful panoramic views of the city. It is one of the largest medieval style castles in Europe that has become one of the major attractions in this city, where thousands of visitors explore each year. The castle is located on Mount Benacantil and the journey to the top can be an adventure in itself.  At the castle you can explore the castle grounds and tour the inside of the castle; where you’ll find dungeons, a lavish palace and a lookout tower.

Archaeological Museum

This Archaeological museum offers you a journey through the fascinating history found here in Alicante, Spain. This Museum provides you will a variety of interesting exhibitions and displays dedicated to prehistory, Roman Culture, The Middle ages and more. If you enjoy history, then is the place you need to visit in Alicante.

Contemporary Art Museum

If you are looking for something different to do in Alicante, then check out the cool contemporary art museum that offers a private collection by Alicante sculptor ‘Eusebio Sempere’ with over 800 amazing pieces. Only one-third of this is displayed and is rotated throughout the year, so every visit will be different.

Coastal Water Towers

Looking to continue to explore the history in this amazing city then we suggest getting a map and exploring the areas coastal watchtowers. These watchtowers were originally made decades ago so that people could see far and wide.

There are over 30 watchtowers located throughout Alicante, offering impressive views that are worth checking out if you are feeling adventurous.


Local Festivals And Events

All year long there is a variety of different and exciting festivals and events happening in Alicante that can’t be missed out on. Festivals are a huge part of this city’s culture and heritage including street parties, dancing, and amazing food. From The Bonfire of the San Juan Festival to The Carnival Festival, we will let you know about them all and when they are happening so you can be a part of the celebrations.

Bonfire Of San Juan

This is one of the cities biggest events that grows with popularity each year; It begins on the 20th of June and lasts until the 29th of June. The festival has been recognised as an international tourist interest and lies in the tradition of burning unwanted items as summer approaches. The festival includes lighting bonfires and dancing around them, as well as firework displays and parades that everyone can enjoy. A fun festival that runs for a week-long in June that is a great opportunity to get to know locals and have a good time.

The Carnival

The Carnival’s main theme is all about having fun and people flocking to the streets of Alicante dressed in there most quirky, lavash and over the top outfits all in the name of fun. The Carnival turns Alicante into a huge celebration full of colour, street dancing and good humour that you won’t want to miss. It usually runs around Easter time each year, so if you’re here at that time of the year be ready to have the best time possible.

Puppet Festival

Another popular festival that takes places in this city is The Puppet Festival that is mainly for children and families. This festival is held in the first week of December; it is recognised as one of the best international puppet festivals that people come to see each year. At the festival, you can check out a variety of fun puppeteers performances from all around the world. A fun and exciting event that the whole family can enjoy and celebrate this amazing art form.


Towns Worth Visiting In Alicante

Alicante has amazing towns and villages that you must see while you are here from old towns that are rich in history and culture to modern towns with exciting attractions and lots to do. Keep reading to find out the best towns we recommend visiting in Alicante….

El Barrio

At the top of our recommendations is the beautiful old town known as El Barrio that it full of history. It’s a beautiful place where you could spend the day wandering around looking at the amazing architect on display here. El Barrios is full of charm with its cobbled streets and its beautiful landscape that is a must visit. When the sun sets, many people choose to head here for its delicious tapas that are claimed as ‘the best’ and a great selection of cocktails on offer. This town has so much to offer especially when it comes to restaurants and bar that’s not too expensive.


The beautiful idyllic island of Tabarca which is located off the Alicante coast is definitely a place you have to visit. Just taking the boat over to the island is an amazing experience in itself as you get to see the stunning mediterranean sea and views surrounding Tabarca. Once you reach the island you will uncover the most beautiful little town, where you can visit a historic old church and a few nice shops. Or head to the beach to relax and catch some sunshine while exploring the coves.


Another popular place in the Alicante Region is the port city of Denia that is located along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. This cosmopolitan offers over 20kms of the best sandy beaches. Ones we recommend visiting are Le Devices and Les Marines. To the south of this area in Les Rotes where you will find some rocky coves which are perfect for those wishing to do some diving or fishing.


More Unmissable Things To See And Do In Alicante, Spain


Perfect Place For Shopping

Spain has always been known for its huge variety of great shops and market stalls that one can explore. If you love to shop and discover new things then Alicante won’t let you down. Throughout the city, you’ll find great little market stalls with locals selling unique handcrafted products.
One of the highlights of Alicante’s market scene is its annual Mercado Medieval where you will find a variety of handcrafted medieval items, costumes and plenty of entertainment. Or head to Mercado Central (Central Market) with its colourful stalls that will have everything you could need from fresh fruit, meat, fish, flowers and much more
If you looking for fashion and jewellery then visit the massive department store of El Corte Ingles; that offers clothes, designer labels, electrical and household goods and more.

Amazing Restaurants And Bars

Alicante has so much to offer people when it comes to its diverse variety of food and drink. Such as its lively tapas bars and top quality restaurants that showcase some of the best local dishes. Coming to Alicante is a great opportunity to try new and delicious Spanish style food.
One of the many places you could try is ‘Darsena’ located in the Marina area of Alicante offering over 150 different rice dishes, fresh fish and seafood. This restaurant also provides you with some of the best views over the port.-Dinner with a view, what’s not to love.
Make sure to visit the award-winning ‘La Taberna Del Gourmet’ for amazing tapas with a focus on organic food with classic flavours. A great variety on their menu that is highly recommended by many on Tripadvisor. One person this comment: “Super, super Tapas. Food quality was high, service first class and good value. Don’t miss going to this great place.”
Rank number one on TripAdvisor for fine dining in Alicante is ‘Porto Felice Ristorante Italiano’ that has also been given the name of ‘best Italian Restaurants in Alicante, Spain. This restaurant is well priced and has an excellent variety of great Italian dishes. Make sure to give this place a visit!

Los Alcázares


A Gorgeous Coastal Town 

Welcome to the beautiful small coastal spa town of Los Alcazares that was once formerly famous for being a popular fishing village. This coastal town is located on the western side of Mar Menor in the province of Murcia, southeastern Spain.

For decades Los Alcazares has been considered the perfect place to relax and enjoy its great beaches and water sports. It has also become a top destination for holidaymakers from couples and families alike – it’s perfect for all. If you would like to find out more about the weather, attractions and more in Los Alcazares then keep reading….

Wonderful Weather and Attractions

The weather is one of many reasons why it’s such a popular spot with its 320 sunny days per year. It’s hot summers and milds winter making it a fantastic place to visit or live in all year long. Here in Los Alcazares, you won’t be short of something to do as it offers many attractions from its beaches, restaurants, bars, spas and so much more.

Beautiful Beaches In Los Alcazares

When you arrive in a beautiful hot country you always want to know about its beaches and this coastal town is full of lovely beaches. Los Alcazares offers some of the finest golden beaches linking them all together via a paved promenade. The promenade is a very popular spot with walkers and cyclists and we would even recommend hiring a bike to explore further.
Also located on the promenade is a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants that might interest you. The beaches offer a full range of services such as lifeguards on duty, safe bathing areas and many fun activities which you could get involved with. Some of the popular water activities located here are canoeing, windsurfing, and sailing.

Explore The Town of Torre Pacheco

A close town near Los Alcazares is the large inland town of Torre Pacheco that is worth visiting for its great selection of shops, restaurants, and bars.
Mainly known as a rural destination that is surrounded by farmland and historical sites. Some of the best attractions in this town are it’s charming nine hole golf course and the street markets that sell a variety of unique products every Saturday morning.
You will also find a handful of beaches here that offer stunning sea views. You could also wander through its streets and explore the many pieces of contemporary art located around the town.

Festivals and Events You Can’t-Miss Out On

In Los Alcazares and many cities in Spain, they love to celebrate a variety of exciting festivals and events throughout the year. That showcases its amazing culture that everyone can be a part of. At the start of the year in January, there is the festival of ‘De Los Reyes Magos’ also known as the festival of the three kings. This is a Spanish Christmas tradition celebrated all over Spain where an annual parade takes place and presents are given to all.
In February Los Alcazares and throughout Murcia will host its annual historically and spectacular carnival. The whole town will come out to celebrate in a variety of events and it will end with them choosing their carnival queen.
Around Easter, the town will recreate the raids of the Barbary Pirates during the 16th and 17th century.  At this festival, you can explore the medieval markets, see the pirates on the beach and many other colourful characters and fun performances.
In August there is a popular month-long international festival of theatre, music, and dance that takes places. Also in this month, there is a week-long festival of ’La Huerta’ in Los Alcazares, it’s a huge celebration full of fun, dance, and food that’s not to be missed.
On the 15th of August, there is another local holiday that celebrates the town’s patron saint of ‘Our Lady of the Assumption’. The highlights of this holiday include a fun boat ride, amazing fireworks displays and lots of music.
On the 12th of October, the people of Los Alcazares will celebrate one of the most typical dishes of the region of Murcia known as ‘Caldero.” People will flock to the shores of the beaches to make this popular local delicacy of fish and rice. So if you are here at this time of the year, it’s worthwhile taking part and getting to know the locals.

More Attractions in Los Alcazares

You are never short of great activities and amenities in the beautiful Los Alcazares such as their amazing golf courses. For keen golfers, you can spend time on their stunning greenways and practice your skills at three clubs ‘La Manga Club, La Serena, and Roda Golf.
If this is not your style then why not head to the Los Alcazares Market that are usually held every Tuesday and Saturday morning. You will find a variety of things here from fruit and vegetables, handmade items, souvenirs and more. You’ll spend hours having fun, just wandering around looking at everything on display.
Why not hop aboard the fun tourist train located in Los Alcazares that runs around the town every 45 minutes throughout the summer months. This is a great way to see all the best bits of Los Alcazares, where you can hop on and off at different spots.

A Sunrise Not Be Forgotten

One thing you can’t miss out on while in this town is to take a lovely walk along the promenade during sunrise. At this quiet time, you can take in some of the finest views on offer and enjoy the magical experiences of seeing the sky blend together with beautiful colours.

Best Food And Drink in Los Alcazares 

Food is always a huge part of any city you visit and Los Alcazares is no different with its amazing local cuisine and variety of different styled dishes that you can enjoy. To try the best of local foods we highly suggest going to New Lusine Restauracion that is ranked number five on TripAdvisor. This restaurant offers impressive food with staff that really pride themselves on providing a great service.
Take a trip to the popular bar of The New Sibarit to enjoy their selection of great drinks on offer. It is the perfect spot to watch sporting events in a friendly atmosphere. Or you can sit outside with a drink while watching the sun go down.
Another popular restaurant that is ranked number two on TripAdvisor for restaurants to visit in Los Alcazares is Bacchus. Superb food, fantastic service, and the homemade desserts are amazing in this hidden gem.
A second bar for you to check out is Cocktail Bar Zarcaos that offers a range of delicious cocktails that are perfect on a hot day to cool off. You can enjoy happy hour cocktails in a fun bar with lovely staff.

Mar Menor


An Unforgettable Coastal Lagoon

The next place to explore in Spain is Mar Menor which is a stunning coastal lagoon located in the southeastern part of Murcia. This is Europe’s biggest saltwater lagoon and a stripe of sand stretching 22m long known as ‘La Manga,’ separates it from the Mediterranean sea. Mar Menor offers a unique combination of modernity and history and is a place unlike anywhere else in Spain.
It is highly recommended as a place to enjoy water sports with its amazing beaches and coastal lakes. There is also a great selection of accommodations, leisure facilities, amenities on the shores of Mar Menor and La Manga. Along with its undeniable beauty and brilliant climate all year long, attracting people far and wide to visit.

The Famous Mar Menor Muds

You have the try out the amazing mud baths that have been located here for centuries at the end of the Lagoon. These mud baths have become a popular hit with tourists and are even said to be very therapeutic for bone and joint pains. So if you’re looking to try something new then we suggest heading to the mud baths and having some chill time.

Nature and WildLife

Due to the great location of Mar Menor, it’s the perfect place to experience nature and a variety of wildlife. At the Regional Park of ‘Las Salinas y Arenales,’ it includes salt flats, dunes, and pretty beaches. Also at this park, you will be able to see the amazing birdlife and most excitingly the beautiful flamingos that are usually a hit with tourists. It draws many wildlife enthusiasts from all over Spain and the world. This park is a great place to visit if you enjoy being outdoors such as birdwatching, exploring and walking.

Explore the Marina Area

Close by to Mar Menor is La Manga where you will find the great ‘Marina Thomas Mestre’ also known as a traditional fisherman’s port. You can wander around the Marina and see all the astonishing boats from little ones to big ones. At the Marina, you can rent a boat out and have the perfect day out at sea. Where you won’t be bothered by anyone. Near the Marina are two shopping zone where you could enjoy a little retail therapy in the local boutiques or stop off for some nice local food.

Culture and History

Every destination has its own unique history and culture that you need to explore, Mar Menor offers you a chance to visit different museums filled with interesting stories. A highly recommended museum to visit is ‘Alcazares Aeronautical Museum’ which was originally Spain’s first seaplane base. Inside this new museum, there is an amazing collection related to the military including clothing, weapons, aeroplane propellers and a collection of historical photographs. In San Javier which is located in Mar Menor, you’ll find the ‘Local History Museum’ that showcases the interesting social and cultural aspects of Spain.

Festivals to Check Out In Mar Menor

With its great weather and beauty, Mar Menor makes the perfect location for a variety of festivals and events. In San Javier located in Mar Menor, it hosts an amazing festival of Jazz known as “San Javier International Jazz Festival” in July. Around San Javier, there will be lots of jazz music events and concerts, that you must check out – great atmosphere!
Throughout January to May, there are also other festivals that take places, such as the Flamenco festival which is a style of Spanish music and dance. Another popular festival is the Folklore Festival which also celebrates music and culture. There are so many great events that take place throughout Mar Menor such as parades, marches, carnivals and lot more.

The Best Food and Drink In and Around Mar Menor

Enjoy a taste of the sea in Mar Menor with one of the most popular dishes known as Caldero. This is an amazing marine style dish of rice, delicious fresh fish and a secret ingredient. For a starter meal then the Salted Fish is highly recommended as its light but still full of taste. Moving on to desserts, if you like a combination of salty and sweet then Pastel De Cierva is just what you need to order. You can enjoy these great choices of delicious delights in many restaurants, cafes and pastry shops around Mar Menor – We promise you won’t regret this!

Costa Cálida


You’ll Never Want To Leave

The next destination that you must visit in Costa Calida that offers one of the best picturesque coastlines in Murcia, Spain. Spanning over 250 kilometres of the most beautiful Mediterranean sea, you’ll never want to leave. To the North of Costa Calida, you will find the popular hot spot of Costa Blanca and the unique landscape of Costa Almeria in the south. The name ‘Costa Calida’ is translated as “ the warm coast”, which is very true due to its warmer water temperatures and hot days; making it the perfect place for a beach holiday. Costa Calida has become a very trendy spot for people to visit with the great towns located here such as Cartagena and Mazarron that offer a lot for you to do. If you would like to find out more of what Costa Calida has to offer then keeping reading….

So Many Great Beaches

You won’t be short of finding a beach in Costa Calida with seven unique beaches making it the perfect beach holiday destination. Highly recommend the gorgeous beach of Bolnuevo with its 1.5km long strip of sand that’s conveniently surrounded by a selection of bars. Also, a great place to chill out and enjoy the sea air. A second beach you should check out is ‘Calabardina beach’, it’s popular with families and busy throughout the summer months.
The beaches and water conditions located in Costa Calida offer you the best opportunity to try a variety of watersports such as surfing, sailing, waterskiing and diving.

Regional Park Of Sierra Espuna

It is worth taking a trip to the stunning Regional Park of Sierra Espuna where you can enjoy different walking and cycling routes. The forest park is beautifully covered with pine trees and has over 20 mountain peaks that offer some amazing views. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic and you might even spot different animals such as goats, wild boars and eagles.

Explore The Towns of Costa Calida


The historic port city of Cartagena in Costa Calida is worth visiting as it’s rich in heritage and simply touring the place and checking out its beautiful architecture is unmissable. One of the most popular festivals that take place here is called La Mar De Musicas (Sea of Music). This festival mainly focuses on folk music from all around the world and over 4 weeks the town turns into an amazing celebrating of music and fun.

Museums And Architect In Cartagena

Take a trip to the museums located here, where you can explore the fascinating history that you will uncover. Cartagena offers a variety of museums from art and history such as the ‘Naval Museum’ highlighting the towns naval history through a variety of exhibitions and displays.
Visit the centuries-old Roman Theatre where you can marvel at the perfect example of a beautiful piece of Roman Architecture. There are two parts to this roman theatre that you can explore. One that showcases a variety of archaeological items that were once found in the theatre. The second part is where you can take a guided tower of the theatre and appreciate its beauty.
Another building worth checking out is Palacio Consistorial which was built in the 19th century and was inspired by French architecture. There are guided tours available to explore the palace filled with astonishing items and a grand staircase that you have to see!

Discover Scuba Diving And More

If you are looking to try something new and exciting you should visit the Adventure Diving and Activity Centre to book one of their many water activities available. One of the popular activities is Scuba Diving where you’ll be taken out with an instructor to explore the oceans. You can even try out their fishing and sailing excursions that are also very fun or learn to jet ski.


Another popular place to visit in Costa Calida is Mazarron that is located on a wide bay of the Mediterranean sea. It was once very popular with fishermen and know for its mining wealth of its mountain ranges. Now it’s suggested as a great holiday destination with its sunny skies, beaches and great leisure activities.
If you are interested in exploring history and culture, then Mazarron is the place for you as it has many amazing old historic buildings and monuments located around the town. Interesting sites worth checking out are the 16th century San Andres Church and the Velez Castle that dates back to the 3rd century.

Perfect Place For Golfing

If golfing is your thing then you won’t be short of excellent golf courses to check out in Mazarron. One of the popular golf clubs known as Alhama Signature Golf offers an 18 hole course, with a driving range and practice area. Another course you may wish to check out is ‘Hacienda Del Alamo’ that is currently the longest course throughout Spain. This is a great course that offers stunning views of the mountains where you can practice and improve your skills.

A Must See In Mazarron

The ‘Erosions Bolnuevo’ is definitely a must-see when you come to Mazarron with its beautiful sandstone cliffs that have been eroded into fantastic sculptures by the sea. It’s a really unique attraction that you should see, with its cool rock formations and stunning views. It is listed as the number one thing to do in Mazarron on TripAdvisor and isn’t short of brilliant reviews.

Enjoy A Boat Tour

One of the many things you can do here such as enjoying a selection of different boat trips that will take you out to the ocean and explore the different coastal landmarks. It’s the perfect experience if you wish to spend the day at sea, exploring and swimming in the ocean. You could also rent out snorkelling equipment and experience the amazing underwater life.

Festivals You Must Check Out In Costa Calida

Like most places in Spain, they love to celebrate their culture and bring people together. Well, Costa Calida is no different and throughout the year they celebrate a variety of great festivals that everyone can enjoy. One of the exciting festivals known as ‘Fiesta De Septiembre’, where you will find a funfair, a variety of concerts and various bullfighting taking place. The city comes to life with lots of fun for the young and old. Around Easter, the festival of ‘Entierro de la Sardine’ takes place with a huge parade full of music, and people dressing up all over the city.

A Great Selection Of Bars And Restaurants

Spain is known for its amazing and tasty cultural dishes and Costa Calida offers just that with hundreds of restaurants and bars to choose from. One hidden gem in Costa Calida has to be the Rock Coffee Plaza Bar. This bar/cafe is located in a funky environment with delicious drinks, music and a great atmosphere.
The number one ranked restaurant on Tripadvisor in Cartagena is ‘Restaurante Los Habaneros’. This place offers amazing Mediterranean and European styled dishes that are must-try. It’s great food and reasonable pricing making it a popular hotspot for tourist.
A similar restaurant to this is ‘Restaurante Magogo’  that has more great European food in a fantastic atmosphere. There is a wide selection of Tapas bars located all over that you can’t miss out on also.

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