At Dream Spanish Homes, we dare to be different. We are the only agent that gives you more. Our team are friendly, professional and happy to go the extra mile to ensure your dream of owning a property in Spain becomes a reality. 
Unlike other agents, we care more about the customer than simply making a sale. We are the only agent to provide exclusive offers, such as a free inspection trip, exclusive free golf club memberships, fully furnished properties, air conditioning, even a free car.*
With over 15 years of property experience in Spain, Ireland & the UK, and a team of homeowners in the local area, we use our knowledge to your advantage, to find you the best property for your needs and dreams. 
These are just a few of the reasons, so many people turn to Dream Spanish Home to find them a second home, investment property or place to rent for a Spanish holiday. Not to mention that we provide a one-stop support service – including legal, tax, property management and a fantastic real estate service under one roof. 

We also tell you exactly what everything will cost around your Spanish property – so you don’t need to worry about hidden extra fees and costs. 
One of the reasons customers love us is our friendly, professional service and negotiating skills when purchasing a property. We have a good relationship with other agents in the area, but if – as we’ve seen in some cases – buyers and sellers don’t feel they are getting the best service from their agent, send us the details, and we will endeavour to assist you.
Most straightforward house purchase/sales should take around 8 weeks. We know that at times, there can be factors that speed up or delay the process; but ordinarily, from the moment you want to buy/sell to completion, it should take 8 weeks. 
We always recommend not committing to moving furniture or taking delivery of furniture/household items in Spain (which we can arrange for you), arranging work at the property, booking flights or taking time off work until a solicitor confirms the actual completion date. We will work with you through every stage of the process so you can plan with plenty of time in advance. 
We always provide you with a full breakdown in writing so that you can see what exactly you need to budget for. Additional costs such as registration and stamp duty will be the same regardless of the solicitor you use, but as a guide, they are around 12-15% of the purchase price of the property.
Surely, all this ‘give you extra’ thing that we promise is going to cost you more? Think again. As a buyer, our fees are covered by the sellers and developers, so when you see the bottom line figure, including tax, legal fees, etc. – that’s all you will pay.
If you are looking to sell your property, click the submit property icon on the homepage and we can discuss your property and relevant fees in more detail.
Whether you are buying or selling, we are committed to giving our customers more for a fair price, with no hidden fees. Only great service, every step of the way. 

You are deemed to be what is known as “in contract” when both the seller and purchaser have signed the contract and the buyer’s solicitor has received a copy of it. The deposit will be payable when you sign the contract.

As a buyer or seller, you are not legally obliged to get a survey in Spain, and properties along the Orihuela Costa in Murcia tend not to need them. Any Lender will always carry out a valuation of the property, but their report is not to advise you on the condition of the property.
Once the title deeds of the property have been checked, queries have been resolved and documents received to the satisfaction of the purchaser’s solicitor, they will discuss a completion date with you. This date will be communicated to the seller and their solicitor to see if they are happy with that. We can assist to ensure you can fly over and book a date that doesn’t clash with work or other commitments. 
The title deeds of your property will be with your solicitor approximately two months after purchase. You receive an interim copy at the Notary, or from the relevant Power of Attorney after completion at the Notary.
We have a 7 days a week after-sales service that is second to none and with a local office in Los Alcázares, Murcia, our doors are always open for any queries you may have or help you may need.

* Exclusive offers depend on the needs of the buyer and availability of the offer at the time of the purchase. Offers can not be redeemed for the cash equivalent. For more information, please see our website terms of service.