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Torrevieja is a city along Spain’s south-eastern Mediterranean coastline, located south of the Province of Alicante. With a population of under 100,000 people, it offers a huge variety of attractions; including water parks, golden beaches and world-class restaurants. The city is near the famous green and pink salt lakes – a must see for any visitor.

El Chaparrel is located between both of the lakes and is the urban zone of the city of Torrevieja. This town has two lush parks called the Parque Pokeparada and the Parque de Torrevieja. There is also a water park in the town – perfect for treating the kids.

Torre La Mata is another urban zone in the city, which is itself on the coast with many beaches located along it. Los Montesinos is a village located to the west of Torrevieja, with a growing reputation for beautiful architecture and a thriving hospitality scene.

El Chaparrel

El Chaperrel is a smaller town located near Torrevieja. It is situated along the strip of land that separates the two famous lakes of the area, offering a range of spectacular cycling and walking routes across the area. You will also find a lot keen photographers (especially bird watchers). The town gets significantly busier when flamingos come to the lakes to nest.

The town offers a number of built-up, urban areas – many of which are considered part of Torrevieja itself. These contain a huge variety of bars and restaurants, including an English restaurant called Reflections: perfect for your full English breakfast or the classic beans on toast.

Torre le Mata

Torre le Mata is a very popular coastal village on the outskirts of Torrevieja. The village is famous for its amazing beaches along the Mediterranean, especially the Playa de la Mata, which stretches all the way into Torrevieja. It sets a perfect scene for finding the best sunrises and sunsets the world has to offer.

The village has many other shops, restaurants and bars around it. One of the main restaurants in the village is the Las Jarras restaurant, a casual eatery popular with locals. There are also many restaurants along the seafront which give guests amazing views of the Mediterranean with their meal.

Salt Lakes

The biggest attractions in the city are undoubtedly the glorious salt lakes located nearby. These are to the west of the city and are brilliant shades of green and pink in colour. You are allowed to swim in these lakes as you will float instead of sink, thanks to the salt. The salt lakes are beautiful and serve an important purpose to the entire region.

Every year, salt is collected from the lakes and is piled high in salt mountains. These make for spectacular viewing if you’re lucky enough to witness these being made.

Marina Water Sports and Water Park

The city also offers a marina, where you can moor or rent a boat. There is also a water park in Torrevieja called Aquopolis: perfect for family fun days on those hot summer months.

There is also another water park nearby in El Chaparral: the Aquapark Flamingo. The name suits the area since the nearby lakes attract flamingos throughout the year, and is filled with many slides and pools for everyone to enjoy.

Beach and Parks

There are also a number of beaches and parks near the marina and around the city. The main beach in Torrevieja has a promenade with a strip of bars, restaurants and shops. Torre la Mata also boasts great beaches including the Playa de la Mata beach and the Playa Les Ortigues beach further north of the village.

Around the city there are a number of walking and cycling routes, including the Parque Jardin de las Naciones and the Parque Rincon De Asturias. There is a lovely cycling route from Torrevieja to the village of Los Montesinow, taking you past the salt lakes for wonderful viewing.

Wine and Dine

The area of Torrevieja and its surrounding towns and villages hosts many bustling bars and world-class restaurants. The town of Torrevieja itself boasts a huge nightlife offering, including cocktail bars and live music along the coast and marina. The marina is the town’s social hub, with many bars and restaurants concentrated in one small area.

One of the best restaurants is the Nautic, which is located beside the smaller port. It has a wonderful menu and great staff. What’s more, you can enjoy your meal looking over the town’s marina/bay. Other great restaurants in the area include the El Puerto restaurant, the Bella Mar Beach restaurant and the Pizzeria Muelle.

Important Information

The area of Torrevieja is well-provided with essential infrastructure, including police stations and hospitals (in Torrevieja alone there are two hospitals and two police stations). There are a further eight police stations located around the area of Torrevieja and more hospitals in San Javier and Campomar.

The city also has its own university, with many campuses dotted around the city. In the city and the surrounding area there are many schools, both public and private.



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