Costa Calida and La Manga

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Costa Calida is one of the most picturesque coastlines of Southern Spain. The coastline stretches for over 250 kilometers and extends from the town of Aquilas near the Almeria border and goes to the town of El Mojon on the Alicante border. This coastline stretches throughout the whole coast of the Murcia Province in Southeast Spain.

Along the Costa Calida there are many towns, villages, sandy beaches, dunes and pine forests. It is also blessed with Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon. It is called the Mar Menor and it is seperated from the Mediterranean by the stretch of land called La Manga. Throughout the coast there are cities of Cartagena and Mazarron as well as smaller towns such as Portman, La Azohia and El Portus.

Overall the whole of the Costa Calida has millions of people stretching from the Almeria border to the Alicante border. The city of Cartagena being one of the prime hot spots along the coastline as well as the La Manga strip.


Cartagena, the main city of the Costa CalidaCosta Calida and La Manga 1

Cartagena is the largest area of Costa Calida, so much that it is the only city located along this coastline. It is known for being a port city located to the south-east of Spain and for being one of the last areas to be taken over during the later years of the Spanish Civil War. To this day the city still boast one of the main Spanish Naval bases due to its great position along the Mediterranean sea and the sheltering of the city by its bays. This allowed for its narrow entrance to be guarded by batteries and forts.

The city was founded by the ancient Iberian settlements and has since developed a long rich history, though different eras. If you’re ever in the city, relics of its past can be seen. Parts of the old castles and towers remain from its past along with an old Roman theater, which is now used as a museum and as a destination on many different city tours. Other relics of the past can be found in many of the museums around the city.

There are also many different activities for all scattered around the city. Experience many different water sports with the family, or take a guided tour. Visit the great beach or go on a night out. Find out more on our page dedicated to the city.


Towns of the Costa Calida seaside town

Along the Costa Calida coastline there’re many small towns and villages. Many of them have their own beauty. The town of Mazarron is one of the largest towns along the coast with a constant population of over 20,000 year round. This can grow drastically during the summer months. Aquilas is the southern most town along this coastline. It is near the border of the Almeria province and again is a very beautiful town. Los Alcazares is another large town along this coastline. It is located nearby the large town of San Javier.

Each of the towns offer many activities you can get involved in including many different museums and sporting opportunities, including water sports. You’re never far from an airport. There is one located in San Javier and another in Almeria. Both take just over an hour to reach.

Many of the smaller towns and villages each have their own beauty and beaches. Each town and village boasts multiple bars and restaurants with many opportunity’s to take part in multiple water-sports. The town of La Manga is one of the most popular towns along the coastline. Here you are able to swim in both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean sea easily. As the area of La Manga stretches for 24 kilometers, there are many activities you can get involved in, such as many different sports , sandy beaches and many restaurants.


La Manga

La manga is a unique selling point for this region of Murcia. The strip is a 21 kilometers strip of land splitting the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor bay. This lands itself as one of the most beautiful spots in Spain and it is one of the only places in the world you can get out of one sea and straight away find yourself swimming in another.

The entire length of the strip is riddled with world class beaches on both, the Mar Menor side and the Mediterranean Sea side. Each beach is unique with some having their own sand dunes.
La Manga also has its very own resort for holiday makers and house owners a like. The resort offers many different style of apartments for holiday makers along with many different activities for everyone, ranging from sports, relaxation at the well-being centre and more recently a La Plaza Club for the younger ones. Homeowners can also purchase their own properties along the strip, ranging from apartments, studios and even large villas.


Sports in Costa Calida

Sports have always been a large part of daily life in Spain and the Costa Calida is no different. There’re many different sports you can get involved in due to the amount of sporting facilities throughout the Costa Calida region. Throughout the Costa Calida coastline there are many golf courses, including some of the best in Spain. That means if you’re a keen golfer there’ no shortage of courses to try your skills on.

The La Manga resort also offers fantastic facilities for many sports including football,basketball, golf, tennis, cricket, rugby, athletics and much more including specialist sports such as Gaelic football, diving and netball. So if you’re up for trying new things La Manga resort will have you sorted.

Throughout the coastline, there are many different opportunities to take part in water-sports. Almost every town along the Costa Calida offer some sort of water-sports. Kayaking, jet skiing, diving, body-boarding, surfing and boating are some of the most popular water sports. If you have you’re own water sports equipment, you can even bring it, to one of the smaller towns and have some family fun with your own equipment.


Museums in Costa CalidaMuseum

If you like to be a tourist for a day, there are many museums around the Costa Calida and La Manga region. In the town of Aquilas there are many museums including an Archaeological Museum, an Art Museum, many local history museums and a football museum. Many of the local history museums are popular with locals and are a great place to learn about the region.

In Mazarron there is a great Roman museum. Here visitors can learn about the history of the town and region, when it was took over by the Romans. Another great museum of the town is the heritage museum in the main part of the town. Exhibitions tend to change here, so visits at different times of the year are great.

There is a Spanish Army museum located in the city of Cartagena alongside many more, including art museums and other military type museums. San Javier also has many worth while museums including the museum of San Javier. A museum dedicated to the town and its surrounding area.


Restaurants and Bars in Costa CalidaFood in restaurant

Throughout the whole Costa Calida, there are hundreds of restaurants and bars. One of the best restaurants is called, ‘Restaurante Magoga‘. It is located in Cartagena and offers a range of Mediterranean, European and Spanish dishes. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the servers are fantastic. Other great restaurants in Cartagena include Vegetariano La Sella and El Barrio de San Roque.

Along the Mazarron coastline, there are many restaurants that are great for families and nights out. Restaurant Viggos situated beside the marina is one of the best in the town. From great European and Mediterranean dishes to wonderful classic deserts, you will not be disappointed at this restaurant. Other great restaurants include La Barraca in Mazarron, Amapola nearby and many others throughout the coastline.

One of the best hidden gems along the Costa Calida is more in land. It is the Rock Coffee Plaza bar. The food, drinks and hosting is unbeatable. It may take a while to get to as its in the town of Torre-Pacheco, near Los Alcazares. But it is definitely worth visiting.


Beaches, Coastline and Nature

The Costa Calida and La Manga is a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, with many sandy beaches lined up and down the coast. If you love a good sandy beach, you’re in luck. As you’re never far from one in this region. Most beaches are white sand and many are never that busy with other people. So you can find a perfect spot to relax easily.

The coastline is blessed with great little villages and stop of points with their very own beaches.

Nearby the Costa Calida is the mountain park called Sierra Espuna. The park is filled with beautiful forests and walks for everyone. Experience the beauty from in the air, one of the many cycling and walking routes or from afar. There’re many opportunities to take part in rock climbing and paragliding in this area of Spain.


Important Information

Obviously you will also need to know about the likes of hospitals and schools within the Costa Calida. So its great to know that there are several medical center’s throughout the whole of the area including 2 in the towns of Aguilas and Mazarron. There are multiple hospitals within the city of Cartagena. If you are ever in a spot of bother then its also good to know that the region also has many police stations within it. There are multiple private and public schools in the area and the city of Cartagena also has its own University. Other nearby universities include the university of Torrevieja and one in Elche.

It is also good to know that the area of La Manga has many medical centers and police stations. This area can be one if the busiest areas of the Costa Calida especially in the summer months.


*many of the photos shown above are placement images until we get that ideal shot*

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