Vistabella Golf

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Vistabella Golf is a golf course situated in the urbanised area of the village of Vistabella. The village is to the west of Torrevieja and is currently undergoing a lot of development. This development is continuing to transform the area for more tourists and more golf enthusiasts.

This area has a ‘master plan‘ for its future. This master plan includes many more developments, shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. Within the next few years, there is hope that much of the area will be fully developed, with many more people living there.

For the moment, the only real activity in the area is the golf course and a few bars and restaurants. To find more activities you should visit the nearby areas of Torrevieja or Orihuela.


Golf CourseThe Golf Course

The course was designed by the former European and World Cup champion Manuel Pinero. The course incorporates much of the challenges he faced when he was professional. This course is therefore challenging for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Much of the experience from competitions such as the Ryder cup, Europeans tours, the World cup and the Dunhill Golf cup have been brought together, to make the most challenging and fun course.

In Vistabella the club wants to draw in people from all backgrounds. This includes professionals, hobbyists and people with next to no golf experience. This course allows players with different experience to adapt each hole on the course to their own level.

The golf course itself is an 18-hole course with a par of 72. The course has also been designed to follow the ideal guidelines of modern courses and the modern style of play. Throughout the course you will find many hazards such as bunkers, roughs and water hazards.


Wine and Dinefood

In the village of Vistabella there are two separate restaurants: the Restaurant Vistabella and Restaurant la Fortaleza. The Vistabella Restaurant is a lovely family restaurant, serving traditional Spanish cuisine as well as European and Mediterranean. The staff and food are some of the best in this area of Alicante. The other restaurant in the village is the Fortaleza. In the restaurant you can expect a full house – so get your bookings in early. Since 1983, the restaurant has served its community and passing visitors great food from its fortress-style restaurant, hence the name. Not only do they have a great menu and food, they also have a great wine and drinks menu.

In the urban zone of Vistabella there’re also a few bars and restaurants. They don’t quite have the experience of the bars and restaurants that’re in the village. One of the restaurants in the urbanization is the Meson Nostrum. It offers a great selection of dishes from lunch to dinner. You can expect excellent service and excellent sea food and meat dishes. Other restaurants in the area include the Chef and The Inn at the Garden restaurants.


Torrevieja and Orihuela and the Surrounding AreaJet ski

With the village and urbanization of Vistabella not being a very developed area as of yet, it is key that it has key connections to other parts of the south east of Spain. Torrevieja and Orihuela are two cities that have good links with the area as well as smaller areas such as the Cabo Roig and to the north west of Vistabella itself.

The closest beaches to Vistabella are the beaches of the Cabo Roig and the surrounding areas. You can even cycle to all the places mentioned above within an hour. Around each of the areas mentioned are many activities you can enjoy, from shopping and sports to dining out and visiting museums, tourists and residents can keep their diaries filled in the best way possible.



Nearby Vistabella is a large lake: the Embalse de la Pedrera. This stretches for many kilometers from nearby the towns of Hurchillo and Bigastro to Torremendo in the south. The lake makes for spectacular viewing and during certain times of the year it even dries up a little.

This only allows people to walk out onto the lake without getting wet. With the lake being so large it makes this area an ideal place for long bicycle journeys, setting off from the likes of Vistabella. It is also a good place for walks and keen photographers.


Important Information

In Vistabella there are no police stations. The closest station would be in San Migual de Salinas. The closest hospitals would be in the city of Torrevieja. Since the urbanization of Vistabella is still under development, the area does not have any public or private schools. The closest schools are in San Miguel de Salinas, Bigastro and Jacarilla – all within a 15 minutes’ drive away. There are no universities nearby, with the closest being in the Torrevieja or Orihuela.



The weather in the area of Vistabella is a typical Mediterranean climate. Temperatures peak in the summer months and can potentially reach upwards of 35 degrees. The coolest months are the winter months of December, January and February. The wettest months are October and April.


Areas 2

Flag of Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a city along Spain’s south-eastern Mediterranean coastline, located south of the Province of Alicante. With a population of under 100,000 people, it offers a huge variety of attractions; including water parks, golden beaches and world-class restaurants. The city is near the famous green and pink salt lakes – a must see for any visitor.

El Chaparrel is located between both of the lakes and is the urban zone of the city of Torrevieja. This town has two lush parks called the Parque Pokeparada and the Parque de Torrevieja. There is also a water park in the town – perfect for treating the kids.

Torre La Mata is another urban zone in the city, which is itself on the coast with many beaches located along it. Los Montesinos is a village located to the west of Torrevieja, with a growing reputation for beautiful architecture and a thriving hospitality scene.


El Chaparrel

El Chaperrel is a smaller town located near Torrevieja. It is situated along the strip of land that separates the two famous lakes of the area, offering a range of spectacular cycling and walking routes across the area. You will also find a lot keen photographers (especially bird watchers). The town gets significantly busier when flamingos come to the lakes to nest.

The town offers a number of built-up, urban areas – many of which are considered part of Torrevieja itself. These contain a huge variety of bars and restaurants, including an English restaurant called Reflections: perfect for your full English breakfast or the very common beans on toast.


Torre le Mata

Torre le Mata is a very popular coastal village on the outskirts of Torrevieja. The village is famous for its amazing beaches along the Mediterranean, especially the Playa de la Mata, which stretches all the way into Torrevieja. It sets a perfect scene for finding the best sunrises and sunsets the world has to offer.

The village has many other shops, restaurants and bars around it. One of the main restaurants in the village is the Las Jarras restaurant, a casual eatery popular with locals. There’re also many restaurants along the sea front which give guests amazing views of the Mediterranean with their meal.


Salt Lakeslake

The biggest attractions in the city are undoubtedly the glorious salt lakes located nearby. These are to the west of the city and are brilliant shades of green and pink in colour. You are allowed to swim in these lakes as you will float instead of sink, thanks to the salt. The salt lakes are beautiful and serve an important purpose to the entire region.

Every year, salt is collected from the lakes and is piled high in salt mountains. These make for spectacular viewing if you’re lucky enough to witness these being made.


Marina Water Sports and Water Parkjet skii

The city also offers a marina, where you can moor or rent a boat. There is also a water park in Torrevieja called Aquopolis: perfect for family fun days on those hot summer months.

There is also another water park nearby in El Chaparral: the Aquapark Flamingo. The name suits the area since the nearby lakes attracts flamingos throughout the year, and is filled with many slides and pools for everyone to enjoy.


Beach and Parkspark

There are also a number of beaches and parks near the marina and around the city. The main beach in Torrevieja has a Promende with a strip of bars, restaurants and shops. Torre la Mata also boasts great beaches including the Playa de la Mata beach and the Playa Les Ortigues beach further north of the village.

Around the city there are a number of walking and cycling routes, including the Parque Jardin de las Naciones and the Parque Rincon De Asturias. There is a lovely cycling route from Torrevieja to the village of Los Montesinow, taking you past the salt lakes for wonderful viewing.


Wine and Dinefood

The area of Torrevieja and its surrounding towns and villages hosts many bustling bars and world-class restaurants. The town of Torrevieja itself boasts a huge nightlife offering, including cocktail bars and live music along the coast and marina. The marina is the town’s social hub, with many bars and restaurants concentrated in one small area.

One of the best restaurants is the Nautic, which is located beside the smaller port. It has a wonderful menu and great staff. What’s more, you can enjoy your meal looking over the town’s marina/bay. Other great restaurants in the area include the El Puerto restaurant, the Bella Mar Beach restaurant and the Pizzaria Muelle.

In El Chaparrel, McGill’s Bar & Restaurant is one of the places to be. The food is outstanding. However, this restaurant is along one of the main roads into the town – so you won’t have that seaside view that we love.


Important Information

The area of Torrevieja is well-provided with essential infrastructure, including police stations and hospitals (in Torrevieja alone there are two hospitals and two police stations). There are a further eight police stations located around the area of Torrevieja and more hospitals in San Javier and Campomar.

The city also has its own university, with many campuses dotted around the city. In the city and the surrounding area there are many schools, both public and private.

Santa Pola, Gran Alacant & La Marina

Areas 3

Flag of Santa Pola

La Marina and Santa Pola are a small village and large town located along the sunny Costa Calida coastline in Spain’s glorious south-east. The village of La Marina is a small and quaint, overlooking the glimmering Mediterranean sea. Santa Pola is a larger town to the north of La Marina. The combined population of this area is just over 30,000.

This area is rich in sandy, golden beaches – especially between La Marina and Santa Pola. The area is also a great place for property seekers. It is also the perfect position connecting many of the major towns and cities within the similar area. There are great connections to TorreviejaAlicante and Elche (all are major cities within the province of Alicante).

Gran Alacant, commonly known as ‘the new town’, is a large town more in land nearby Santa Pola. It is a prime spot for property buyers and lies nearby Alicante and other towns.


Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a large-size town along the Costa Calida coastline, with its own zoo, aquarium and lush, green parks. The town itself is known for being a coastal fishing town with a vibrant history. Some of the most popular trades in the area include agriculture, fishing and craft-making. The salt works and harbour are the two major employers in the town.

Off-shore, but particularly close to Santa Pola is an amazing small island with many museums, all of which are owned by the Alicante province. The island has many places to stay as well as cafés, bars and restaurants. There is also an amusement park in the town – perfect for treating the kids.


La Marina

La Marina is a wonderful small village along the Costa Calida coast. It offers six, thriving urban areas; including the Marina-Salada, Marina-Lola, La Escuera, Buenavista, Costabella and La Marina.

The town itself has multiple parks, including the nature reserve of Parque Alfonso XIII. There is also a nearby marina in the town of Guardamar del Segura. There are many restaurants and bars around the town, and the beach beside the Pinet grasslands offers golden sands and clear water – perfect for a relaxing walk or a quick swim.


Gran Alacant

Gran Alacant is a large town towards the north of Santa Pola and to the south of the city of Alicante. It is filled with many urban areas and is very close and within driving distance of the Alicante airport.

Since the early 2000’s, Gran Alacant has grown exponentially. Many foreign permanent residents choose to live here due to its key connections to other cities and towns. Meanwhile, many Spanish vacationers choose Gran Alacant as a place to have a holiday home.

Within Gran Alacant there is its very own shopping centre called Centro Commercial. It is a large shopping complex with many different shops, including wonderful restaurants and cafés. Throughout the town there is even more restaurants and bars, with a selection of over 80 to choose from. Other attractions around the town include two blue flag beaches, offering pristine shores and clear waters.


Parks and BeachesPark

In the small village of La Marina there are many activities you can enjoy, including a number of sporting and leisure activities. There is also a nature reserve called the Parque Alfonso XIII, in which you can observe a huge ecosystem of plants and wildlife – great for long walks in the evening sun.

Both Santa Pola and and Gran Alacant have amazing beaches. In Gran Alacant there are two beautiful blue flag beaches. One is the Playa El Carabassi beach, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. During busier periods, the beach will have lifeguards on duty.

Along the Santa Pola seafront there are six different beaches. One of the most popular beaches along the seafront is the Levante Beach: a 425-meter stretch with sunbeds and parasols for hire. The beach also has volleyball facilities and is lined with bars and restaurants. Other popular beaches are the Gran Playa beach and the Playa Tamarit beach, which is the beach furthest away from the centre of the town.


Seaside townAquarium, Sports, Zoo and much more

In the large town of Santa Pola there is a huge range of attractions and activities, to suit all ages and budgets, including an Aquarium and an amusement park. The amusement park is great for a family day out, whilst the aquarium exhibits marine life from the Mediterranean ocean – a great place to learn about sea life. There is a skate-park in the town, as well as a range of lush, green parks. There is also a nearby zoo, which offers an unforgettable day out.

La Marina has its own sports complex, where you can let off some steam with various activities including basketball and football. There is also a camping ground within the town, which offers great family retreat activities such as a small water park and a relaxing spa.

Gran Alacant is a large area which hosts a variety of attractions and activities. Along the nearby beaches there are many water activities,  including sailing trips, snorkeling, paragliding and more. You can even visit the nearby nature centre. Here you can learn all about the surrounding environment and the wildlife in the area and the Mediterranean.


Wine and Dine


The towns of Gran Alacant, Santa Pola and La Marina offer some of the Spain’s highest-rated bars and restaurants. Each town even has their own mini markets, where locals can buy delicious, fresh food on a weekly basis. Each town guarantees its own taste sensations, with great service and spectacular views.

Gran Alacant hosts a number of world-class restaurants, including the famous La Paletta. The restaurant offers a great Mediterranean menu and all food is homemade. Many of the main bars within the town offer great food menus (alongside great lagers and wines by the bottle). The Ohana GastroBar is a lovely bar with great food, and is great for anyone who loves a great meat dish.

Along the sea front of Santa Pola there are some amazing bars and restaurants, including Vintage, alongside the port of the town. This restaurant offers excellent cuisine, wines and cocktails in one of the most relaxing environments anywhere this side of Spain, with a lovely jazz vibe. Other great restaurants and bars include the Meson Cervantes and the Casa Rico.

One of the best restaurants in La Marina is the El Fronton restaurant. They offer great Mediterranean cuisine with one of the best wine lists in this part of Spain. The restaurant is located in the urbanization of Buenavista, just beside the Alfonso Park. Down beside the beach in La Marina there is the famous Candela restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious meals with majestic views.


Important Information

Near La Marina and Santa Pola there are many hospitals and medical centers. Overall, there is a mixed range of hospitals, including public and private hospitals. The closest hospitals are in the cities of Torrevieja and Elche. Near La Marina there is a single police station, as well as one in Santa Pola.

In the area there are a number of private and public schools. The closest cities of Torrevieja and Elche also have numerous schools and universities.



The climate around the area is very similar to the rest of the region: the warmest month is August and the coolest is January. Temperatures can rise to the late thirty’s and sometimes reach 40 degrees if you are lucky. Generally, the month of July leading up to August is the driest and October is the wettest, experiencing the most wet days in a single month.

San Javier and San Pedro

Areas 4

Flag of San Javier

San Javier and San Pedro are towns in the sunny province of Murcia. The area is popular with tourists and offers many summer festivals and amazing attractions, including museums and mud baths. The area is known for its brilliant architecture.

There is a national park near the town of San Pedro called Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar. This reserve serves as a great walking and cycling route. Near the nature reserve, several bars and restaurants overlook the beautiful marina. There are many bars and restaurants located within this area.

Festivals are some of the most popular attractions within the area.



Throughout the year in San Javier there are many festivals of music, food and culture. One of the largest festivals is the San Javier Jazz Festival: a month-long concert takes place every year in July. Through-out the days and nights you can see some of the most famous and greatest jazz stars from all over Spain and beyond. Around the same time there is the Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance, which takes part in San Javier. Hosted at this event are world-renowned theatre, music and dance groups – a great way to bring community spirit to the city.

Within the Murcia province, San Javier and its surrounding areas there is the Romeria de San Blas Festival. It is one of the most well-known festivals in the province and takes place in February. Other festivals include the Santiago de la Ribera festival and the Festival of the Virgin del Carmen, which is celebrated with a maritime procession and many street parties around the province.


Wine and Dinefood

Throughout San Javier and San Pedro there is a huge selection of bars and restaurants, where you will find a mixture of Spanish, European, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. There are also many amazing bars along the seafront and the centre of San Javier and San Pedro.

Of course we can’t talk about food and drink without addressing the local specialty: caldero. It is made with rice, fish from the local seas and noras, a special type of sun-dried pepper grown in the Murcia province. The dish all comes together to make a risotto type dish – a must-try for food lovers.

In San Javier, many of the best restaurants are located within the centre and down near the south beach. One of the best restaurants is the Casa Pedro, a diner-style café and restaurant. Not only does it serve great food: the staff are flawless and the price is more than worth the quality of food. Another great restaurant in San Javier is the Bellavista restaurant, opposite the beach. You can expect excellent service and great food. Their red wine is worth coming back for.

In San Pedro, many of the best restaurants are along the seafront. We recommend the Juan Mari restaurant, which is praised in the Michelin Guide, year in, year out. The restaurant is very family oriented and offers cold and hot dishes, as well as beautiful fish and meat dishes.


Sport and more Sportgolf

In San Javier, there are multiple sports complexes. The biggest of these is the Ayuntamiento de San Javier, which hosts a large running track, multiple indoor and outdoor courts as well as a pitch for games such as soccer and rugby. On the athletics track there are facilities to practice sports such as the discus, hammer throw and the shot put.

Throughout the year the area is host to many different sporting events, from running and cycling competitions to obscure sports such as beach volleyball and archery. There are multiple golf courses nearby and opportunities to take part in water sports are plentiful.

Sports such as sailing, kayaking and diving are very popular in this area. There’re multiple places you can rent water sports equipment along the seafront and coast. You can also bring your own equipment to the waters of the Mediterranean and Mar Menor. You can even take boat tours of the area.


Museums and the Spanish Air ForceMuseum

Throughout San Javier and San Pedro, there are several must-see museums. Two of the most important museums are the Museum of San Javier and the Casa Barnuevo, which both feature changing exhibitions throughout the year.

In San Javier there is the Museum of San Javier, as well as the modern home of the Spanish Air Academy, which is surrounded historic monuments such as the Espacio Rotary.

The area of San Javier is a very important area in the San Javier Air Force. The San Javier Airport is a military-owned airport that is used for a small amount of commercial flights.

In the town of San Pedro there are two main museums: the Museo Municipal de San Pedro del Pinatar and the Museo Palacio del Baron de Benijofar o Casa de la Rusa.


Parks and Nature ReservesPark

San Javier and San Pedro are situated beside one of the biggest nature reserves in Murcia: the Las Salinas Regional Park, located on the edge of the Mar Menor. The park itself is the final piece of the La Manga strip, but unfortunately you can’t reach this area directly from La Manga. Throughout the park there are many different beaches, salt flats, dunes and grasslands.

The main part of the park is a great place to go on a walk or a cycle. The area is known for amazing wildlife such as the pink flamingos – very much like the salt lakes of Torrevieja. If you’re a keen photographer, this area is one of the most beautiful places in Murcia, with wonderful sunrises, sunsets and great areas to capture wildlife images.

There are some small parks located around San Javier and San Pedro. These make great places for a walk, a cycle or to bring the family for a day in the sun.


Important Information

Overall, there are a total of 4 police stations around the areas of San Javier, San Pedro and Pilar de la Horadada (2 of which are in San Javier). Each of the other towns have one station each. The only hospitals in the area are in San Javier. Each of the other towns have a medical centre.

There are private and public schools in each of the areas, with the closest university located in San Javier. Other universities nearby are located in Murcia and Torrevieja.


Areas 5

Murcia Flag

Murcia is a province within south-eastern Spain. Its capital city is also called Murcia. The province has borders with 5 other provinces, including Alicante and Almeria.

The population of the province has increased – very like the province of Alicante over the years. Murcia is one of the most ideal places for foreigners to both settle down and visit on holiday. Murcia is the biggest city in the province, with Cartagena being the second largest city with a population of over 200,000 people.

The province is home to Europe’s biggest salt water lagoon: the Mar Menor. Along with this, the province has a beautiful 200-kilometer coastline. This is one of the most picturesque parts of the province. Along the coastline you can expect to find many different water sports and boating activities, as well as world-class bars and restaurants.

The region also has a very rich history. From older times, the area has modernised into the perfect area for people to visit and settle down. Their are many relics throughout the city and province of its history, including a Roman theater in the city. The city is also very connected to the rest of the province and the surrounding provinces. It has many bus routes from the centre outwards to the surrounding towns and cities.


The city

The city of Murcia has a population of over 450,000 people (a quarter of all the people within the province). Through-out the whole of the city there are many beautiful buildings and monuments. The city is the right place for anyone who likes early morning walks or runs or even the late night jogs or cycles.

The city itself does not have beaches and the closest would be in San JavierCartagena or Mar Menor. These are around 50-60 kilometers away. Around the city there’re plenty of great buildings including the amazing cathedral, the old jail and several museums.


Cathedral, Museums and Great ArchitectureCathedral

The city of Murcia is one of the most beautiful cities in the south-east of Spain. The architecture of the city is amazing. One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is the main cathedral. The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, commonly known as the Cathedral of Murcia, was built in the late 1300’s, with its construction finishing in 1467. The bell tower was added between the early 1500’s and the late 1700’s, and has since became one of the biggest talking points and features of the cathedral.

In the city, the old jail is another must-see attraction. This building was built to house prisoners in a more modern location as the older jails were becoming too crammed and unfit. The jail is beside the main roundabout, the Plaza Circular.

Around the city and the province are a multitude of museums, including a museum of the city, a science museum, an archaeological museum and many more. The science museum is called the Museo de la Ciencia y el Ague, which is Spanish for The Museum of Science and Water. The other cities in the province such as Cartagena and Lorca also host fantastic museums.


Zoo, Theatre and Much More FunCasino

Residents and visitors will not find themselves with nothing to do in this area. There is a zoo, a theater, a casino for all the keen gamblers out there and many parks and nature reserves.

On the outskirts of the city, there is the Terra Natura Murcia, a water park and zoo which houses different species of animals from all over the world. You can find a mixture of African savannah animals, Iberian peninsula animals, a range of birds, reptiles and much more. Some of the best sights in the zoo include the African lion, the spotted hyena, the brown bear, Iberian wolf, the grated hyena, leopard, the lynx and many monkeys such as the ring-tailed lemur and the lemur veri.

In the same park as the zoo, there is the Terra Natura water park and the Pony Club. The water park is a great place to take families before or after the zoo, or even as an activity on its own. There are many different slides including ring-float slides and a two-person slide. Around the park there are multiple pools and a gentle-current slow river. You can rent sunbeds in the park and you’re always safe with many life guards on duty throughout the day.

Great places for adults include the theater and the casino in the city. Throughout the year there are many different shows put on in the theater: from comedies to musicals, you will always find a great show suited to your taste. There is sometimes even great shows for kids – so, why not make the theater a family event?

In Murcia there are two casinos: The Real Casino de Murcia and the Gran Casino Murcia. The biggest casino is the Real Casino. Both are located near the Cathedral of Murcia. You can participate in many casino games, including slot machines, blackjack, roulette, mahjong and much more.


Parks and Nature Reservespark

In the nearby town of Molina de Segura, there is a park called the ‘Parque de la Compania’. It is the central park of the town and holds the town’s weekly markets within it. It also is the host to many different performances throughout the year and especially during the summer months as it is the home to an open-air auditorium. There is also a wonderful café located in the park and is a great place to go on early morning or late night walks and runs.

Outside the city are two nature reserves: the Pargue Regional Sierra de la Pila and Sierra Espuna. The Parque Regional Sierra de la Pila is a wonderful nature reserve with many different walking and cycling trails. On your travels throughout the reserve you will come across many different plant and animal species, including the elusive perdicera eagle,  a bird native to southern parts of Europe, Africa the Middle East.

The Sierra Espuna is a very large part of the Murcia Province, with the nature reserve being much smaller. Within the Sierra Espuna you will find many forests, plants and wildlife. It is very much like the Parque Regional Sierra de la Pila and is very hilly.

There is also a beautiful park in the nearby town of Molina de Segura: the Parque de La Compania.

Sports and Leisuregolf

The people of Spain love their sport; so settling down in Spain if you love sport is easy. With much success in the past, sport in the country is continuously on the rise, with many new clubs opening up. The province of Murcia is no different. There have been countless golf courses popping up, and all are excellent quality courses. Murcia even have their own football team and tennis club. Basketball is also very popular in this region.

With much of the province being along the Costa Calida, there are also plenty of opportunities to take part in water sports. In places such as Cartagena, Mazarron and Aguilas, it is easy to rent out equipment to take yourself out onto the water, or even bring your own equipment. Popular water sports include sailing, diving, kayaking and surfing.

The Murcia-based football club Real Murcia is a very popular football team in the province.



In Murcia there are plenty of opportunities to go shopping, with several retail outlets and shopping centers. The Nueva Condomina is one of the main shopping centers in the city, boasting its own cinema and multiple car parks. Throughout the mall there is a post office, multiple vending machines, bathrooms and a customer service spot. The mall also has many recognisable brands within it, including Adidas; Apple, Burger King, Claires, Disney, Foot Locker, Game, H&M, Haagen-Dazs, Jack & Jones, JD, Levi’s, Mango, McDonald’s, Pandora, Primark, Pull & Bear, Reebok,  Stradivarius, Tiger, Vans and Zara to name a few.

The other shopping centers have many designer brands, many of which are of the same from the list above. Other malls include the La Noria OutletThader Mall, Centro de Artesania de Murcia and Centro Comercial Atalayas.


Wine and Dinefood

The city of Murcia is quite large, therefore it comes as no surprise that the city has many bars and restaurants. Many of the great bars and restaurants are within the city centre. You can find anything from traditional Spanish restaurants to European and Mediterranean restaurants.

One of the best restaurants is the Salzillo restaurant, which offers a great variety of white and red wines. Here you can expect amazing seafood and meat dishes. Other great restaurants include El Jardin de los Dragones – a vegan restaurant.

Around the city there are many amazing bars. The Closer Cocktail Bar is a great spot for locals and tourists. There is also an Irish pub and the popular Parliament Bar, which offers a cosy, casual cocktail experience.


Important Information

The region has many hospitals; including public, private and university hospitals (there is a total of 3 hospitals in the city of Murcia and some more in the cities of Torrevieja). The cities also have multiple medical centers.  There are also various police stations dotted around the cities of the province, and more in rural areas – so you are never far from medical assistance.

There is the University of Murcia, as well as many other universities located across the province. There are Universities in Cartagena and Torrevieja. The University of Murcia have many campuses and faculties, including a social work faculty. The area also has many public and private schools.


The area of Murcia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate: the summer months are the hottest months and the winter months of December, January and February are the coolest. The average temperature throughout the year is in the late teens/twenties and can drop as low as single figures during the winter months.

Pilar de la Horadada

Areas 6

Flag of Pilar de la Horadada

Pilar de la Horadada is a large town in the province of Alicante. Nearby is two smaller towns of Dehesa de Campoamor and Mil Palmeras to the north of the large town.

To the north of the area is the city of Torrevieja and to the south of the area is the province of Murcia and San Javier. Pilar de la Horadada is the last stop before the Alicante/Murcia border.

As you can imagine this area of Alicante is a very popular spot for home owners and in the summer months the popularity of the area rises, especially during the fantastic summer weather.

The towns of Mil Palmeras and Dehesa de Campoamor are towns very close together. In fact there is a small distance of 2.3 kilometers between them. The towns are within walking and cycling distance of each-other.

Around each of the towns, there’re many bars and restaurants. There’re also many other activities that anyone can take part within.


Pilar de la Horadada

Pilar de la Horadada is a beautiful town with great beaches and parks. Throughout the town you’ll find different species of trees including strawberry trees, pines and oaks. Throughout the beaches and parks, there’re many different species and wildlife including a lot of different birds and other animals.

Nearby the area there’re many other activities including many sporting activities such as golf, museums, monuments around the town and water sports. Around the town there’re many opportunities to take part in water sports.


Mil Palmeras

Mil Palmeras is a small coastal town near Pilar de la Horadada. The town is a small quiet area but comes more to life during the summer months. It is a well connected town, with Alicante just over a 40 minutes drive away and Murcia being a 15 minute drive away. The last known population of the town was just over 1000 people in 2009, so nowadays it would be no surprise if the population has more than doubled or tripled since then.

The town which is commonly associated as a resort, has wonderful sandy beaches that are very popular within the area. The town has great places to go on walking and cycling routes. Around the town there’re many bars and restaurants and also a well known nightclub.


Dehesa de Campoamor

Also near Pilar de la Horadada is Dehea de Campoamor. Again this is another small town located along the Alicante coast. Very much like its neighbor Mil Palmeras it is located in an area with great travel links to other nearby cities and towns. Alicante is around a 35/40 minute drive away with Murcia also being very close with a 15/20 minute drive away.

Again this area is famous for its beaches and location close to  many of the golf courses in the area including the Campoamor course, Villamartin course and the famous Las Rambles and Las Colinas courses.

It is also close to the Cabo Roig and La Zenia areas. La Zenia has its very own shopping mall with a great range of shops.


Beach and park activities Beach

Near the town of Pilar de la Horadada is two other towns called El Mojon and Torre de la Horadada. Effectively they’re urbanization of Pilar de la Horadada. Between the two towns is a wonderful beach called the Playa Horadada. It is a lovely clean sandy beach with a lot of charm. Nearby there’re a few different shops, restaurants and bars. All are key to the area thriving.

Both Mil Palmeras and Dehesa de Campoamor have wonderful beaches. The Playa Mil Palmeras beach is key to the town, as it is a great clean and sandy beach. It also has various amounts of shops, restaurants and bars nearby. The town of Dehesa de Campoamor has one of the most popular and largest beaches in the Costa Blanca south.

There’re various amounts of parks in each of the towns. They’re great for walks or even small cycles. If you have a dog, they can be a great place for a dog walk and for kids as they have playgrounds and various other child friendly activities.


Sports and more SportsJet Ski

Sports is a large activity in this area of the Costa Blanca especially golf and water sports. Nearby the Costa Blanca South there’re many different golf courses. These include the Las Rambles course, Lo Romero, golf at Villamartin, the famous and award winning Las Colinas course and the Campoamor golf course. This makes the area perfect for any golf lover wanting to put their golf skills to the test.

The area is also a great area for people who love or want to try their hand at many different water-sports. In Dehesa de Campoamor there is a yacht club for anyone who loves yachts or even has a yacht. Near Dehesa de Campoamor is a sports complex. Users of the sports complex can rent out jet skis, acquire their sailing license and go on guided tours of the area from the sea. If you own your own jet ski but have no place to store it, they can store it for you easily, with their storage service within the nearby marina. Other activities include kayaking and sailing.

Throughout the Costa Blanca South there’re opportunities to bring your own equipment and vehicles to the Costa Blanca. If you have your own sailing boat or jet ski, you can take off to the waters without needing to rent one.


Wine and Dine food

In Pilar de la Horadada, there’re plenty of restaurants an bars. Many are first class restaurants serving great traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. One of the best restaurants in the town is the Casa Araez. They have got a wonderful tasting menu, wine list and dessert menu. They take great pride in their tapas dishes, pasta dishes and their meat/fish dishes available. There is a great varierty at this restaurant. Other restaurants in the town and area that have excellent dishes nad menus include the restaurant Asia, Asador Los Naranjos and the Barrcuda fish restaurant and bar in nearby El Majon.

In Mil Palmeras there’re many restaurants. They’re mostly along the main road to the beach and all are great. One of the best restaurants here is the Isla Mediterranean which is a restaurant on the outskirts of the beach. Here you can enjoy a nice lunch or inner with a relaxing drink looking across the Mediterranean sea. Along the beachfront there’re a few bars that are great to get a relaxing drink to take onto the beach. One of these great bars is the Chiringuito Pirats.

The town of Dehesa de Campoamor has a number of great bars and restaurants. Most notably is the unique restaurant called the fish bowl. It gets it fish bowl name from being in the centre of a roundabout and its unique circular shape from outside. It is a very weird and unique way to enjoy a meal with cars and others passing you from every angle of the restaurant. You can also enjoy the scenery from outside. The menu is a great with many traditional Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. It also has an excellent selection of wines.


Nearby Towns and Cities bus

The area of South Costa Blanca is well connected to other provinces, towns and cities. San Javier in the Murcia is very close with the cities of Alicante and Torrevieja veing close by. This means you have three different airports in a close vicinity, with many other activities close by.

In the urbanization of Cabo Roig called La Zenia, there is a shopping mall called La Zenia boulevard. Stores within the shopping mall include  shops such as Adidas, Decathlon, Game, Guess, H&M, Jack & Jones, Levi’s, Primark, Pull & Bear, Swarovski, The Body Shop, Tiger, Vans and Zara. All of which are very popular brands around the world. There is even some Spanish branded shops within the mall.

Torrevieja, Alicante and San Javier all offer great shopping and activity opportunities.


Important Information

In Mil Palmeras there is a medical centre located nearby. There is also a hospital in Dehesa de Campoamor, so you are never far from medical attention. There are no schools in Mil Palmeras but there are plenty of both public and private schools in the surrounding area including Dehesa de Campoamor.

The closest police stations are in San Javier as well as the closet University.

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Mazarron and Bolnuevo

Areas 7

Mazarron Flag

Mazarron is a town in the Southeast of Spain in the Province of Murcia. The town is quite large and has a port nearby called ‘Puerto de Mazarron’. Overall the town has a population of between 30-40,000 people. This area is a very popular with tourists and people moving from abroad to settle down here.

The journey between the town and the port can make a wonderful walking and cycling route. Near the port is the smaller town of Bolnuevo which shares a coastline with the port. Between this town and the port there is large beach which is a great walking and cycling route.


MuseumThe Castle, Church and Museums

One of the main attractions in the town of Mazarron is the Castle, which is located here. It is called the Castillo de los Velez and was built towards the end of the 15th century. The castle is located around 30 meters above the surrounding ground given the castle great visibility of the surrounding area, which was key for a castle back when it was built. The castle has quite a large and long history, so a visit to the castle is always ideal when in the area. Beside the castle is the Torre del Molinete. This is a watchtower that dates back to even before the castle itself. It stands over the port of Mazarron.

The main church of the town is a wonderfully crafted building. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. It is called the Iglesia de San Andres de Mazarron and mass is celebrated in it everyday. It is the centre of the town.

In the port of Mazarron there is the Phoenician Ship Interpretation centre. This is a museum of two ships, known as the Mazarron one and two. These two ships are here to be pre-served. In the port, near the marina there is also a Roman museum. This is called the Factoria Roman de Slazones. The town and port has a strong connection with the Romans due to its history.


The Portport

From the centre of Mazarron, the port is a ten minutes drive away. There’re many different bars and restaurants, beaches and public baths. There is also a large marina within the port of Mazarron, with room and mooring spaces for upto 200 boats and yachts. These boats and yachts could be upto twenty meters in length. Within the port there is the Yacht club, which offers many services to the anyone who moors their boat in Mazarron port.

Near the port of Mazarron is the island of La Isla. It is a nature reserve of the coast of Eastern Spain. Throughout the nature reserve there’re many habitats for many different species of wildlife. The Mazarron beach opposite the island is called the same name ‘Playa de la Isla’.


Sport and FitnessWater sports

Throughout the town of Mazarron, there’re many gyms and fitness centers. One of the better fitness centers is the Ana Ruiz Dance and Fitness Club. This is the ideal place to learn how to dance and improve your fitness in Mazarron. There is another gym in the port called Titans gym. This is a gym within the centre of the port and is ideal for all the gym fanatics out there.

In the town of Mazarron there is a sports complex within it. The sports complex has its own running track, many pitches and courts. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate in many different team games and individual games. Athletics, football and basketball are some of the main sports in the town.

The port of Mazarron is a key area within the town that many people can take part in water sports. Bolnuevo is also a key areas. Being on the coast of Spain along the Costa Calida, there is always going to be opportunities to take part sports such as surfing, sailing, diving and much more. Canoeing is one of the most popular water sports in the town.


Outdoor Cinema Popcorn

One of the best activities in the town of Mazarron is in the port. It is the Cine Bahia, which is an outdoor cinema. The outdoor cinema shows many different cinemas throughout the year. Some that are popular worldwide and some popular Spanish movies.

It is one of the best places to have some downtime in this part of Spain. The cinema can hold upto hundreds of people at any one time during shows. More recently the cinema has been showing shows that are in normal cinemas

If you’re a person who loves to sit under the stars, well why not maximize this by watching a great film under the stars with your loved ones.


Wine and Dinefood

Mazarron is a large town with a large port in the the east of Spain. Its neighbor Bolnuevo is a smaller town and both have numerous amounts of restaurants and bars. Some bars and restaurants are some of the best restaurants and bars along the Costa Calida.

In the main town of Mazarron, there’re numerous amounts of bars and restaurants. One of the main restaurants within the town is the El Mata restaurant. It has been serving customers for over 40 years with their traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is quite cheap compared to other local restaurants. One of the main bars in the town is the Bajo Cero Copas. It is very popular with young residents.

In the port of Mazarron there’re also many bars and restaurants. One of the best bars in the area is the Cerveceria Angel bar. It has excellent staff and great drink ideas as well as great food. They serve great traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Their tapas dishes are some of the best in this part of Spain.

Along the seafront in Bolnuevo there’re many bars and restaurants, looking out onto the open Mediterranean. The beach club along the beach has its own restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in the small town. It offers great staff with great drinks and menu items.


Important Information

In Mazarron there are a number of medical centers. The closet hospitals are in the city of Cartagena. Getting to this city is not a long journey. In the town of Mazarron there is a single police station. This station also covers the port. Nearby there are a few more stations and some more in the city of Cartagena.

Around the area of Mazarron there are a number of public and private schools. The closest university is in Cartagena.



The general climate of this area of the Spanish coast is a traditional Mediterranean climate. The warmest month of the year is August and the coolest month would be January.

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Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco

Areas 8

The small town of Los Alcazares, is a town that used to be famous for being a small fishing village. Since its fishing days it has now grown into a sizable town offering great shores next to the famous Mar Menor, spas and lengthy coastline. It is the one of the most popular areas for people buying second homes for the Spanish, Western Europeans, Scandinavians and more recently Asians. The town itself couldn’t be more different from the likes of Benidorm and the Costa del Sol to the south of Spain.

For being a small town near to San Javier and other important towns and cities of this region of Spain, the population isn’t that large. There’re between 10,000-15,000 permanent residents in the area, reaching to over 100,000 people in the summer months. Many of the population comes from the more inland Spanish cities of Madrid, Albacete and countries such as the UK and Ireland.

Close to Los Alcazares is the town of Torre-Pacheco, which is a large town with its own town centre. It has a population of under 30,000 people and is another ideal location to buy properties. Within the town there’re many restaurants and bars as well as a golf club and a sports complex. The towns also have a lot of nearby beaches being on the coast of the Mar Menor sea.


Beaches, Parks and great Beauty Spots cliff

One of the best ways to see the beauty of the area of Los Alcazares and the surrounding area is by pedal bikes. Taking a cycle around this area can be very relaxing with wonderful views over the Mar Menor and the backdrop to the towns. Bikes can be easily rented from one of the many stores in the town. In Los Alcazares one of the best places to take a cycle is the Observatorio de Aves. It has great views over the Mar Menor and the surrounding coastline.

In the town of Torre-Pacheco, one of the best places for a walk is the Recuerdo gardens. It is a small garden with beautiful plants and trees. It is always well kept and has a monument for nearby cemetery.

Near both towns and to the city of San Javier is the Cabezo Gordo.  It is a wonderful attraction in the hills of the area, that is a protected piece of land despite being privately owned. There’re many different sites and routes to visit at the attraction. The area is key to many species of fauna, floral and wildlife.


Sports and more Sportsgolf

One of the biggest topic of sports in the Los Alcazares area is water sports. In the area there’re places in which you can rent out boats and even jet ski’s. If you have experience you can even rent a boat without needing a captain or skipper. There’re also many water sports activity companies that offer other water sports including sailing, wind surfing, diving, paddle boarding, canoeing and much more.

Nearby in the town of Torre-Pacheco there is a sports complex. The complex has its own swimming pool, sports pitches and a gymnasium with gymnastics equipment. There’re multiple football and basketball pitches as well as in door courts.

Golf is also a very big sport in this region of Spain, with many large and smaller courses popping up year in, year out. In Torre-Pacheco there is a golf club. It has been a great asset to the town since it opened in 2009. It even has a driving range and a putting green, so anyone can practice then start and end game. Overall there is a total of 9 holes making it a great place to learn. There’re some more courses along the route between Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares.


Wine and Dinefood

Los Alcazares is a town with many bars and restaurants. One of the best restaurants in the town is the San Antonio restaurant. It specialises in Mediterranean, European and sea food cuisine and offers a spectacular view over the Mar Menor sea from the restaurant. The restaurant has a great set of staff and great wine list for all the wine connoisseurs out there.

Another great restaurant along the beach front is the Club Nautico Mar Menor. It gets it name from its view over the Mar Menor and is the club dedicated to the marina of the town and the nearby seas. In the town centre the Little Italy restaurant is a lovely place to visit, serving from a rather limited menu but the food is defiantly worth the price and the limited menu.

Throughout the town there’re many bars. Many are within the town centre. One of the best bars to get a cocktail in is the New Sibarit. It has wonderful friendly staff and great cocktails. There are many Irish around this community and this can be seen from the bars. In the town there’re two Irish bars. The Celt Irish bar in the centre and the Irish Beach Bar which is located of the main beach of the town.

In between the towns of Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares there’re many different bars including a number of Irish bars. Many of the bars within the Torre Pacheco are bar-restaurants. In Torrre Pacheco there’re many restaurants. Athabasca is one of the best restaurants in the town alongside , 4 Cominos, El Huerto Del Azafran and Bar la Hita. All have great staff atmospheres and their menus are also great assets to each of the restaurants.


Important Information

In the area surround Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco there are a number of medical centers. The closest Hospitals are in San Javier and Cartagena. There are also a number of police stations around the area with a number in San Javier and Cartagena. You you should always feel safe. There are also a range of public and private schools in the area of Los Alcazares and Torre Pacheco. Some schools specialise in different subjects. The closest universities are in the nearby cities of San Javier and Cartagena.



The weather of the area is the typical Spanish Mediterranean weather. The hottest month is August and the coolest being January.  The wettest month is October and the driest is July. If you love the sun and like to be in it all year round, then this could potentially be the perfect home area to live in.

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La Finca and Algorfa

Areas 9

Algorfa flag

La Finca and Algorfa is a town and golf course West of Torrevieja and Guardamar del Segura. The town of Algorfa is located on the banks of the Segura river with mountains to the Southwest of the town. Th town is very picturesque with beautiful architecture and has a very small population of between 3-5 thousand.

Nearby Algorfa, there is a golf course with a 5 star hotel and resort. The golf course is called the La Finca Golf and Spa Resort and boasts an 18 hole course with a par of 72. The course itself is located in a beautiful landscape perfect for both nature and people to live and work together.



Algorfa is a wonderful small town, with not to much to do within it. It is a town with great connections to surrounding town and cities. Orihuela, Murcia and Torrevieja are all cities with great connections to Algorfa as well as smaller towns such as Guardamar and Quesada.

Around the town there’re some bars and restaurants.  All of these places are great places to spend time with friends and family for some downtime. One of the best restaurants in the area is the La Ermita Restaurant. It is a restaurant with a great menu, bar and staff. You may find it to be a little pricey compared to other restaurants in the area, but it is worth it for the quality of food served.

One of the best bars in the town is the Meson Algorfa bar. Alongside great drinks it serves great food for a great price. The Bar la Plaza is another bar in the town, which offers great drinks. It is more a ‘local’ bar within the town.


La FincaHotel room

As said previously La Finca is an 18 hole golf course and spa. It was opened in 2002 and has since became a top golf course for keen golfers in the region and is one of three golf courses owned by the same QUARA group. The course itself was designed by the great Pepe Gancedo, so do expect great fairways with challenging holes.

The course itself has its own clubhouse. This is a place in which users of the facility can store their golf gear, clothes and other personal belongings securely. This is the place you can rent golf carts from too. There is also a shop for users of the course to buy all their essential golf gear from.

La Finca is also a hotel resort, with wonderful spa facilities. Overall the facility has over 100 rooms, ready for that perfect break. Facilities offered include the spa and golf course, a swimming pool  and rooms are equipped with essential technology. This is the ideal place for a couples break, a family retreat or for all golf lovers.


Spot of GolfGolf

The golf course at La Finca since its opening has became one of Spain’s leading courses. The designer of the course Pepe Gancedo was a pro golfer in his prime winning 6 Spanish championships and 2 international tournaments, making him a perfect candidate for designing a course.

Golf is one of the biggest advantages of the area. As the golf course is the biggest talking about of this area. This area is then perfect for anyone who loves to play golf as the course is basically on your doorstep. There are also many other courses nearby for variety.

Nearby there’re multiple golf course. One is the Vistabella golf course, another is Maquesa golf and closer to the city of Torrevieja there’re fiver more courses including the award winning Las Colinas.


Relax at the SpaSpa

La Finca also have a state of the art spa at their hotel. The spa is opened most hours of the day from around 10pm apart from on a Monday, which it opens at 12pm. At the spa you can discover the world of relaxation, perfect for spending time with friends and downtime away from work or children.

The spa offers different package deals. Overall there’re four different spa packaged deals. They all range from 45 minutes to 150 minutes and the price varies depending on the deal, starting from 55 euros. There is also a range of body and beauty treatments to choose from and enjoy.

The spa also boasts wonderful and relaxing heated pools, saunas and jacuzzi’s. These all have wonderful views of the outside gardens of the hotel and is another great way of relaxing with friends. Especially with a small glass of champagne.


Restaurants and BarsCocktails

The main activities within the town of Algorfa are the many restaurants the town has. Some of the most popular bars and restaurants have been talked about above, that includes the likes of La Ermita restaurant. Another popular restaurant in Algorfa is the vestry. It offers many different dishes including Italian, Spanish and sea food dishes. There are also many bars situated around the town, where you can enjoy a nice drink after a hard day at the course. Some of the main bars have been talked about above also.

Within the La Finca resort there are two restaurants, a terraced cafe and two bars. One of which is alongside the pool in the resort. The Jardines restaurant is a wonderful place to get a real taste of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine within the La Finca resort. The restaurant offers great menu items, with great alcoholic choices while looking outwards towards the green of the golf course through large windows. The buffet restaurant at La Finca is the perfect place to test your taste-buds, with a range of great  top quality and local foods on offer. It is available throughout the day.

The resort itself has an outdoor pool along with its very own pool bar. It is perfect for that relaxing drink beside the pool. Whether you enjoy a cocktail or a refreshing beer, you will enjoy relaxing times beside the pool. If you’re into more of a nightclub type vibe when drinking, find a unique style bar within the Club Lounge Suit.


Important Infomation

In the small town of Algorfa there is a medical centre and a police station. The closest hospital is in Torrevieja which is a lengthy drive in an emergency. The closest police sation other than the one in the town is is Almoradi another town located nearby.

Around the town there are a number of schools with many others in towns located nearby. The La Finca golf course also offers a golf school. The closest University is in the city of Torrevieja.



This area in Spain is warmest during the summer months of June, July and August and is coolest during the months of December, January and February. Although the town doesn’t experience the traditional Mediterranean climate as it experiences rainfall for around a quarter of the year, but it is usually in small amounts.


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Las Colinas Golf and Country Club

Areas 10

Areas 11

With golf increasing in popularity in Spain over the past decades, many more golf courses have been popping up all over Spain. Many courses are regarded as some of the best in Europe and the world. Las Colinas Golf course is no exception, ranking as being one of Spain’s top courses. What makes Las Colinas Golf unique is that it is more than just a golf course, it is built on a small community that could be perfect for you, especially if you love golf.

The club sits in a perfect and privileged location within a gated and exclusive residential community. The community is secured 24/7 to put your mind at ease at night and when you are away. Surrounded by hills within a valley, it makes it the perfect place for gold course. Everything is built with the surrounding environment in mind.

All buildings including homes as well as the course blend into the environment very well, giving you a sense that you are part of the environment around you. Giving the buildings the low-density area in which many people would love to live within. Overall the entire club covers an area of 330 hectares and is very green, with a 20,000 square meter nature preserve, indigenous vegetation and many citrus fruit trees dotted around the entire resort.

There are many activities you can get up to around the resort and community from their very own restaurants and many other sport facilities. There is only one entrance into the community and it is through a spectacular canyon-styled entrance.


golf ballGolfer


The Golf Course

One of the main activities to get up to within the gated community is obviously golf. The course is one of the best in Spain and ranks within the best 100 courses around Europe. This alone brings the value of the houses around up in price and to the competitive nature of the course.

The course is designed in a unique way making it a course for both professionals and hobbyists alike. It is known as a championship course. With many different tees offered to every player, each of the 18 holes have great versatility.

One of the most beautiful part of the course is its design. The course is designed to flow and naturally fit into the surrounding environment without causing any eyesores. It does this by adapting to the contours of the terrain. The man behind the design of the course is the world renowned Cabell B Robinson, who has worked on many other courses around the world. Notable works by the North American include the ‘La Reserva in Sotogrande’ (Spain) and the ‘Royal Golf de Evian’ (France).



Troon GolfTroon Golf Logo

To give its customers and the residents the best experience possible, Las Colinas Golf and Country Club have enlisted Troon Golf to manage the course. Troon Golf are the world leader in managing golf courses, present in over 30 countries and nearly 300 courses around the world. (Mainly in America and Europe).

You can always expect the best golfing experience when Troon are around. This is because Troon will only offer you the best. The best playing surfaces, the best clubhouse and facilities and the best overall experience. Many of the course managed by Troon are within the top 100 courses worldwide with a few examples being, Trump Turnberry (Scotland), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and the Grove (England).



The homes Golf Course

Within the community of Las Colinas Golf and Country club there are over 20 other smaller communities. Each one of the communities offer a different designed home. Finding one perfect for you should be easy. The prices for each home, range between the €500,000 – €4,000,000. The communities of Naranjos and Hinojo also offer apartments. They could be more appropriate to your taste. Apartments in the Las Colinas have a price range of between €246,000 – €356,000.

Each set of homes and apartments within Las Colinas are designed to respect the environment and with quality and privacy in mind. This helps to make every build feels as open and bright as possible. Each home and apartment overlook the golf course on one side and the surrounding woodland on the other side.

You are also able to design your own dream, bespoke villa with the help of the skilled architects Las Colinas employ. The price for one of these properties can range from €538,000 – €3,950,000, depending on your requirements.

Some of the features you can request within your villa are, Air conditioning, Electric blinds, forest/golf/sea views, basement, infinity pool and many others.



School of FalconryFalconry School

There is also a range of other activities you can get involved with around the Las Colinas community. One of the activities they really like to praise is their International School of Falconry.

The school is ran by a small team of experts. They look after the birds, feed the birds and train the birds. Some birds you can enjoy your experience with include, owls, falcons, goshawks and hawks, including the very sociable Harris hawk. You can take a 60-minute tour of the nearby woodland, while doing various activities with the many birds.  This is a great activity for everyone include children.

With the tour, participants receive a sense of how to train a bird of prey, using the different techniques.




You can also get involved with several sporting activities. The club has 4 tennis courts as well as a tennis school for all ages. You can learn and practice your best backspin here.

There is also a fantastic gym with a range of apparatus to help you get/or keep fit. The Gym has a view of the tennis courts and children’s playground, thanks to the gym being glass fronted. This serves a great place to observe your young kids in the playground area.

Throughout the nearby woodland there is a very scenic 3km walk which connects to the clubhouse and a natural park. You can go for a nice walk, run or cycle along this trail.




The main clubhouse also offers 2 restaurants for residents and visitors alike. There is the UNiK café which offers a range of international cuisine and the Enso sushibar, which specialises in Japanese cuisine. Both restaurants have terraces looking over the course making it the perfect place for the cosy summer nights and to have lunch with friends and family.

Las Colinas also have a beach club, you can well be part of. It’s only a short 10-minute drive away on the La Glea beach, located in the town of Dehesa de Campoamor. Here you can enjoy the infinity pool looking over the Mediterranean as well as the UNiK café that is also back in the clubhouse.

Other Information:

Near Las Colinas, there are multiple schools, both public and private. Many are a short ten-minute drive away. There is also a few medical centers and police stations situated nearby.

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