Vistabella Golf

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Vistabella Golf is a golf course situated in the urbanised area of the village of Vistabella. The village is to the west of Torrevieja and is currently undergoing a lot of development. This development is continuing to transform the area for more tourists and more golf enthusiasts.

The Golf Course

The course was designed by the former European and World Cup champion, Manuel Pinero. The course incorporates much of the challenges he faced when he was professional, including much of his experience from competitions such as the Ryder Cup, Europeans Tours, the World Cup and the Dunhill Golf Cup.

In Vistabella, the club wants to draw in people from all backgrounds. This includes professionals, hobbyists and people with next to no golf experience. This course allows players with different experience to adapt each hole on the course to their own level.

The golf course itself is an 18-hole course with a par of 72. The course has also been designed to follow the ideal guidelines of modern courses and the modern style of play. Throughout the course you will find many hazards such as bunkers, roughs and water hazards. 

Wine and Dine

In the village of Vistabella there are two separate restaurants: the Restaurant Vistabella and Restaurant la Fortaleza. The Vistabella Restaurant is a lovely family restaurant, serving traditional Spanish cuisine as well as European and Mediterranean.

The staff and food are some of the best in this area of Alicante. The other restaurant in the village is the Fortaleza. In the restaurant you can expect a full house – so get your bookings in early. Since 1983, the restaurant has served its community and passing visitors great food from its fortress-style restaurant, hence the name. Not only do they have a great menu and food, they also have a great wine and drinks menu.

In the urban zone of Vistabella are a few bars and restaurants. One of the restaurants in the urbanisation is the Meson Nostrum. It offers a great selection of dishes from lunch to dinner. You can expect excellent service and excellent seafood and meat dishes. Other restaurants in the area include the Chef and The Inn at the Garden restaurants.

Torrevieja, Orihuela and the Surrounding Area

With the village and urbanisation of Vistabella not being a very developed area as of yet, it is key that it has key connections to other parts of the south east of Spain. Torrevieja and Orihuela are two cities that have good links with the area as well as smaller areas such as Cabo Roig.

The closest beaches to Vistabella are the beaches of Cabo Roig and the surrounding areas. You can even cycle to all the places mentioned above within an hour. Around each of the areas mentioned are many activities you can enjoy, from shopping and sports to dining out and visiting museums.

Embalse de la Pedrera

Nearby Vistabella is a large lake: the Embalse de la Pedrera. This stretches for many kilometres from the nearby towns of Hurchillo and Bigastro to Torremendo in the south. The lake makes for spectacular viewing and during certain times of the year it even dries up a little.

This only allows people to walk out onto the lake without getting wet. With the lake being so large it makes this area an ideal place for long bicycle journeys, setting off from the likes of Vistabella. It is also a good place for walks and keen photographers.

Important Information

In Vistabella there are no police stations. The closest station would be in San Miguel de Salinas. The closest hospitals would be in the city of Torrevieja. The closest schools are in San Miguel de Salinas, Bigastro and Jacarilla – all within a 15-minute drive away. There are no universities nearby, with the closest being in Torrevieja or Orihuela.


The weather in the area of Vistabella is a typical Mediterranean climate. Temperatures peak in the summer months and can potentially reach upwards of 35 degrees. The coolest months are the winter months of December, January and February. The wettest months are October and April.

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Los Alcazares and Los Narejos

mar menor sea in los alcazares

Los Alcazares is a municipality and famous fishing village located in the sunny region of Murcia in southern Spain. In recent years it has become a popular area for people looking to buy second homes from all over the globe, with a rich multicultural population. If you are looking to buy property in Los Alcazares there is a real mixture of property types and prices to suit all budgets. The area especially comes alive during the summer months, with many people travelling to the region to enjoy its sunny weather and beautiful beaches. Its neighbouring towns include Torre-Pacheco, San Javier and Cartagena, a city known for its rich Roman history.

Beaches and Sightseeing

The beaches in this area are all located along the Mar Menor. Despite the word ‘mar’ which means ‘sea’, it is a saltwater lagoon. In fact, it is famous for being the largest in Europe, with natural wetlands of international importance. 

Its waters are warm, calm and shallow, perfect for children and a relaxing day at the beach. For all of these reasons, it has become an essential tourist destination. A walk along the seafront promenades at dawn or sunrise is a must.

Some of the most popular Los Alcazares beaches include Playa de Los Narejos; Playa La Concha, Playa Carrión, Playa de las Palmeras and Playa de la Hita

One of the best ways to see the beauty of Los Alcazares and its surrounding areas is by bicycle – a perfect option thanks to its flat terrains. Taking a cycle around this area can be very relaxing, and you can easily rent bikes from one of the many shops in the town. One of the best places to take a cycle is along the wooden walkway of the Observatorio de Aves, with great views over the Mar Menor.


In regards to shopping in the town centre, you can find many local shops as well as several supermarkets. In Los Alcazares, El Paseo de la Feria is particularly well-known: a pretty pedestrian zone with a variety of shops, bars and ice-cream parlours. There is also a plaza based in Rio Nalon, with hotels, supermarkets, banks and souvenir shops.

Los Narejos also has a small shopping centre named Las Velas. Located here is a supermarket and cinema which shows films in English on Tuesdays and Saturdays. In the nearby town of San Javier there is a larger shopping centre: Dos Mares. It includes a supermarket, cinema and a large selection of popular retail stores.

Los Alcazares is also known for having a Tuesday and Saturday market. You can find all sorts of fresh local produce, souvenirs, jewellery, clothes, as well as brushing up on your haggling skills for incredible bargains. Don’t forget to take a break from shopping to enjoy the typical Spanish breakfast: churros! 

The Tuesday market, known as Mercado Semanal, is weekly and located near the town centre at Calle de la Rambla. The Saturday weekly market is in Los Narejos, Calle Nueva Ribera-T. Both markets begin around 9:00am and end at 13:00pm.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Both Los Alcazares and Los Narejos have plenty of bars and restaurants. 

Gastronomy in the area is known for its fresh seafood thanks to its coastal location. It also has an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit from local orchids and fields.

The most typical dish of the area is known as ‘caldero’, a rice dish that finds its origin with sailors. It is cooked with fish of different varieties and a homemade broth in which the rice is cooked. 

Other typical local dishes include ‘zarangollo’, also known as a Murcian omelette and ‘michirones’, a stew dish made with beans, jamón and chorizo. You can also find a lot of tapas restaurants – they’re great places to enjoy various dishes of this typical Spanish cuisine.

You can try some of these typical local dishes at ‘La Encarnación’, built in 1904 on the seafront. This hotel and restaurant is also known for its thermal baths made with waters from the Mar Menor itself. The ‘San Antonio’ restaurant is known for its selection of seafood and popular Spanish dish “paellas” – it particularly stands out for its position on a pier.

A popular place to dine out is Avenida Río Nalón, where you find restaurants with a variety of cuisines. Here you will also find many bars, great for drinks and cocktails. Amongst the bars, you will find an Irish pub. The Celt Irish Bar has a selection of beers on draft, including Guinness! Along with a menu of all the best pub grub and 5 TV screens showing all the best sports events.

For late-night bars, try Varazú or the nightclub Maná, open till the early hours of the morning on summer nights.

Things to Do

Water sports are a popular activity in the area. Thanks to the calm waters of the Mar Menor, you can enjoy activities such as boating, jet skiing, canoeing and kite surfing.

Visit the Aeronautical Museum. This museum is dedicated to the symbolic Los Alcazares area base, one of the first seaplane bases in Spain. Here you can see weapons, military clothing, and aeroplane propellers amongst the relics on display.

Golfing is also a big sport in the area. Golfers can enjoy the greens all year round thanks to the sunny and warm weather.  Some of the best golf courses include Mar Menor Golf, Las Colinas, Lo Romero, Roda Golf and Las Terrazas de la Torre.


Los Alcazares and Los Narejos are well connected via two International Airports.

The closest is the brand new International Corvera Airport. Many airlines fly in and out, with an increasing number of flight routes offered. Its facilities and services are all modern, with a great selection of restaurants, coffee shops, free Wi-Fi and plenty of stores for that last-minute holiday shopping experience. 

Alicante International airport is relatively close-by, approximately a 50-minute drive. This airport is the fifth-largest in Spain and ranked amongst the 50 busiest in Europe. It has a wide range of flight paths and serves both the Region of Murcia and Community of Valencia.


Los Alcázares is known for having a Mediterranean climate. It’s proximity to the sea which helps regulate the temperature. Murcia, in general, enjoys an average annual temperature of 18 º C, with very mild winters averaging at 10.2 º C.

Rain remains scarce and irregular with very few days of overcast skies. Los Alcazares and surrounding areas enjoy more than 2,800 hours of sun per year – a dream come true for anyone looking for some sun!

Useful Information

The area of Los Alcazares has a sports complex, located near the town centre equipped with an indoor pool, natural and artificial grass pitches, gym and a spa in Punta Calera.

Nearby is a total of three hospitals, located in Pozo Aledo, Cartagena and Murcia.

There is a range of public and private schools, including various bilingual schools such as the prestigious King’s College situated in La Torre Golf Resort. 

The closest universities are situated in the neighbouring cities of  Cartagena and Murcia.

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La Finca and Algorfa

Areas 2

La Finca and Algorfa is a town and golf course west of Torrevieja and Guardamar del Segura. The town of Algorfa is located on the banks of the Segura River, with mountains to the southwest of the town. The town itself is very picturesque, with beautiful architecture and a small population of 3-5000 people. Nearby Algorfa is La Finca Golf and Spa Resort, which boasts an 18-hole course with a par of 72.


Algorfa is a wonderful little town with great connections to surrounding towns and cities, including Orihuela, Murcia and Torrevieja.

Around the town are several bars and restaurants, including local favourite, La Ermita.

One of the best bars in the town is the Meson Algorfa Bar, serving great food for a great price. 

La Finca

As mentioned previously, La Finca is an 18-hole golf course and spa. It was opened in 2002 and has since became a top golf course for keen golfers in the region and is one of three golf courses owned by the QUARA group. The course itself was designed by the great Pepe Gancedo, so do expect great fairways with challenging holes.

The course itself has its own clubhouse. This is a place in which users of the facility can store their golf gear, clothes and other personal belongings securely. There is also a shop for users of the course to buy all their essential golf gear.

La Finca is a hotel resort with wonderful spa facilities. Overall, the facility has over 100 rooms ready for that perfect break. Facilities offered include the spa and golf course, a swimming pool and luxury rooms equipped with essential technology. This is the ideal place for a couples break, a family retreat or for all golf-lovers.

A Spot of Golf

The golf course at La Finca has become one of Spain’s leading courses. The designer of the course, Pepe Gancedo, was a pro-golfer in his prime, winning 6 Spanish championships and 2 international tournaments.

Golf is one of the biggest advantages of the area. Other courses nearby include the Vistabella golf course, Maquesa Golf and five others, including the award-winning Las Colinas.

Relax at the Spa

La Finca offers a state-of-the-art spa at their hotel. At the spa you can discover a world of relaxation – perfect for spending time with friends.

Overall, there are four different spa package deals. They all range from 45 minutes to 150 minutes, with prices depending on the deal. There is also a range of body and beauty treatments to choose from.

The spa also boasts wonderful and relaxing heated pools, saunas and jacuzzis – another great way of relaxing with friends (especially with a small glass of champagne).

Restaurants and Bars

A hugely popular restaurant in Algorfa is The Vestry. It offers many dishes including Italian, Spanish and seafood dishes. There are also several  bars situated around the town where you can enjoy a nice drink after a long day at the course.

Within La Finca Resort are two restaurants, a terraced cafe and two bars – one of which is alongside the pool in the resort. The Jardines restaurant is a wonderful place to get a real taste of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The restaurant offers an eclectic menu, with dining areas looking outwards towards the green of the golf course. The buffet restaurant at La Finca is the perfect place to treat your tastebuds, with a range of top-quality and local foods on offer. It is available throughout the day.

The resort itself has an outdoor pool along with its very own pool bar. Whether you enjoy a cocktail or a refreshing beer, you will enjoy relaxing times beside the pool. If you’re into more of a nightclub-type vibe when drinking, find a unique style bar within the Club Lounge Suite.

Important Information

In the small town of Algorfa there is a medical centre and a police station. The closest hospital is in Torrevieja. The closest police station other than the one in the town is in Almoradi, another town located nearby.

Around the town are a number of schools with many others in towns located nearby. The La Finca golf course also offers a golf school. The closest University is in the city of Torrevieja.


This area in Spain is warmest during the summer months of June, July and August and is coolest during the months of December, January and February. Rainfall usually occurs in small amounts.


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Las Colinas Golf and Country Club

Areas 3

With golf increasing in popularity over the past decades, many golf courses have been popping up all over Spain. Many of these courses are regarded as some of the best in Europe and the world. Las Colinas Golf Course is no exception, ranking as one of Spain’s top courses. What makes Las Colinas Golf unique is that it is more than just a golf course – it is built on a small community that could be perfect for your dream Spanish property. The club sits in a perfect and privileged location within a gated and exclusive residential community. The community is secured 24/7 to put your mind at ease at night and when you are away. Everything is built with the surrounding environment in mind.

Las Colinas Golf Course

One of the main activities to enjoy within this gated community is obviously golf. The course is one of the best in Spain and ranks within the top 100 courses around Europe.

The course is designed in a unique way, making it a course for both professionals and hobbyists alike. With many different tees offered to every player, each of the 18 holes have great versatility.

One of the most beautiful parts of the course is its design. The course is designed to flow and naturally fit into the surrounding environment without causing any eyesores. It does this by adapting to the contours of the terrain. The man behind the design of the course is the world-renowned Cabell B Robinson, who has worked on many other courses around the world. Notable works by the North American include the La Reserva in Sotogrande (Spain) and the Royal Golf de Evian (France).

Troon Golf

To give its customers and residents the best experience possible, Las Colinas Golf and Country Club have enlisted Troon Golf to manage the course. Troon Golf are the world-leader in managing golf courses, present in over 30 countries and nearly 300 courses around the world.

You can always expect the best golfing experience when Troon are around: the best playing surfaces, the best clubhouse and the best overall experience. Many of the courses managed by Troon are within the top 100 courses worldwide, with a few examples being Trump Turnberry (Scotland), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and The Grove (England).

The Homes

Within the community of Las Colinas Golf and Country Club are over 20 smaller communities, each displaying their own style of architecture. The prices for each home range between €500,000 – €4,000,000. The communities of Naranjos and Hinojo also offer apartments. Apartments in the Las Colinas have a typical price range between €246,000 – €356,000.

Each set of homes and apartments within Las Colinas are designed to respect the environment, with quality and privacy in mind. This helps to make every build feel as open and bright as possible. Each home and apartment overlooks the golf course on one side and the surrounding woodland on the other side.

You are also able to design your own bespoke villa with the help of the skilled architects Las Colinas employ. The price for one of these properties can range from €538,000 – €3,950,000 depending on your requirements.

Some of the features you can request within your villa are air conditioning; electric blinds, forest/golf/sea views, basements, infinity pools and more.

School of Falconry

There is a range of other activities you can get involved with around the Las Colinas community. One of the activities praise is their International School of Falconry.

The school is run by a small team of experts. They look after the birds, feed the birds and train the birds. Some birds you can observe include owls, falcons, goshawks and hawks; including the very sociable Harris hawk. You can take a 60-minute tour of the nearby woodland while doing various activities with the many birds.  This is a great activity for everyone, including children.

With the tour, participants receive a sense of how to train a bird of prey using the different techniques.


You can also get involved with several sporting activities. The club has 4 tennis courts as well as a tennis school for all ages. You can learn and practice your best backspin here!

There is also a fantastic gym with a range of apparatus to help you keep fit. The Gym has a view of the tennis courts and children’s playground, thanks to the gym being glass-fronted. 

Throughout the nearby woodland there is a very scenic 3km walk which connects to the clubhouse and a natural park. You can go for a nice walk, run or cycle along this trail.


The main clubhouse also offers 2 restaurants for residents and visitors alike. There is the UNiK café which offers a range of international cuisine and the Enso Sushibar, which specialises in Japanese cuisine. Both restaurants have terraces looking over the course, making it the perfect place for those cosy summer nights with friends and family.

Las Colinas also have a beach club. It’s only a short 10-minute drive away on the La Glea beach, located in the town of Dehesa de Campoamor. Here you can enjoy the infinity pool looking over the Mediterranean, as well as the UNiK café that is located at the back of the clubhouse.

Other Information

Near Las Colinas are multiple schools, both public and private. Many are a ten-minute drive away. There are also a few medical centres and police stations situated nearby.

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Guardamar del Segura

Areas 4

Guardamar del Segura is located at the mouth of the Segura River on the Mediterranean coast of southeastern Spain. Surrounding the area are the neighbouring towns and villages of Campomar, El Raso and El Moncayo, which combine to a significant population of over 40,000 people.

Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura is a prime summer destination, not just for tourists, but also for people with holiday homes. The area’s population rises every year from the permanent 15,000 residents to, in some cases, triple and even quadruple amounts.

One of the main talking points of this area is its amazing beach. This is why so many people like to buy a second home in this area, with the second biggest population in this area being from the United Kingdom. Other than the sandy beach, there are many other great scenes around this area including forests, fields and orchards. It is a prime location for participation in water sports and is easy to reach from nearby cities.


Very much likes it neighbour Guardamar del Segura, the town of Campomar is a prime tourist spot and summer destination. It is also a great place for buying a second home and is a great area to retire and have a rewarding life. Around this area you will find ancient ruins, museums, sports facilities and more.

The town is a short distance from the likes of Guardamar and the city of Torrevieja. So, you’re never far from a range of activities including museums, parks, the famous salt lakes and more.


One of the main attractions in the area is water sports. In the town of Guardamar there is a sports facility with several pitches and courts – it even has an Olympic-size swimming pool. Golf is also another strong sport in the area with many courses located within an hour’s drive away, including the La Marquesa Golf course, La Finca, Vistabella and also the award-winning Las Colinas course.

There is a marina in the town of Guardamar del Segura, making it the perfect spot for keen sea captains. Along the beaches you can also take part in some of the many water activities in the area, including kayaking, jet skiing and windsurfing. Looking over the Mediterranean is the Castillo de Guardamar – a great tourist spot with a park and choice of restaurants.


In both Guardamar and Campomar there are no museums apart from Museo Arqueologico de Guardamar, an archaeology museum. However, there are more ruins to discover in nearby Campomar.

The nearby city of Torrevieja has many museums – as does nearby Quesada. One of the most unique museums is a floating museum housed in an S-61 submarine. It was once a Spanish army Daphne class submarine which was donated to the Torrevieja council. 

Other great museums in Torrevieja include the Museum of the Sea and Salt and the Museum of Easter. Near Quesada there is the Museo de la Huerta and the Museo Arqueológico De San Fulgencio.

Parks and Beaches

In the area of Guardamar del Segura are several parks and beaches, including their own popular walking routes and sand dunes. There are also breathtaking pine forests around the area, offering great walking and cycling routes. You can discover amazing animals and plants around every part of this area.

Meanwhile, in Torrevieja there is a wonderful water park called Aquopolis Torrevieja. There are many activities at the park for both adults and children alike – a great day out for tourists and locals alike. 

Wine and Dine

In the town of Guardamar del Segura are several bars and restaurants – so, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out or enjoying a few hard-earned drinks! One of the best bars in the town is an Irish bar called the Shamrock. The bar has a lively atmosphere with great staff and customers.

Along the seafront are multiple bars and restaurants. One of the best restaurants along the seafront is Restaurante Isla Tabarca, praised for its eclectic menu and approachable staff. A great Mediterranean restaurant along the seafront is the La Canada Playa Restaurante. Here you can enjoy some classic Mediterranean and Spanish tapas.

The town of Guardamar also has an Irish bar called The Shamrock, alongside other eateries including traditional Spanish and Italian restaurants.


In the areas of Guardamar, residents enjoy a Meditteranean climate. Overall, this area experiences almost 300 days of sunshine per year, with an average temperature of 20 degrees celsius. The warmest months of the year are the summer months of June, July and August and the coolest are the winter months of December, January and February.

Important Information

Around the area of Guardamar there are many hospitals, medical centres and a pet hospital. There are also several police stations across the area.

There are no universities in the town of Guardamar – but there are some nearby in the cities of Torrevieja and Alicante.


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Elche, Crevillente and Novelda

Areas 5

Elche is a large town in the west of the Alicante province, famous for its vast palm groves and the iconic Basilica of Santa Maria. Surrounding the historic town are the quaint locations of Crevillente and Novelda, rich in cultural and historical heritage. All of these areas are rich in opportunities for properties, holidays and unforgettable experiences.


Elche is the 20th largest city in Spain, famous for its palm trees and its importance to the footwear, rubber and pomegranate industries. One of the main sights of the city is the Palmeral of Elche, a garden within the city that houses thousands of palm trees. It is now a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city’s castle, Altamera Castle, used to be a town hall and a jail before being redeveloped as an archaeology and history museum. Other great attractions include the mud baths and the Calahorra tower. The city even has its very own football team: Elche FC.


Near the city of Elche is the famous town of Crevillente. It is long-celebrated for its carpet production, pomegranates and different types of trees. The carpet industry has existed in this part of Alicante since the 18th century. The Museo de la Semana Santa de Crevillent is one of the most important attractions within this town.


Novelda is a wonderful town near the city of Elche. Its closest neighbour is the town of Aspe between the city of Elche and the town. The town is commonly known as the ‘Grape Valley’ for its world-famous grape production. The town is also famous for its spice and marble production.

One of the most popular attractions in the town is the Santuario Santa Magdalena, a historic and architecturally significant church. There is also a castle in the town called Castillo de la Mola. The castle is very similar to the church and has beautiful architecture. 

For keen walkers and cyclists, the town offers a number of parks, including the gorgeous Plaza de Espana. It also has a famous monument called the Monumento Jorge Juan – a must see!

Museums In The Area

The city of Elche hosts several award-winning museums, including the Museo Paleontologico de Elche. This is a science museum and a great place for all the family. For something a little bit different, try the Museo de la Festa and the Museo Escolar de Pusol.

Meanwhile, the neighbouring town of Crevillente similarly offers a variety of intriguing museums.There are five museums dotted across the town, with the Museo de la Semana Santa Crevillent continuing to be a huge draw for tourists and locals alike. The Museo Mariano Benlliure is another fantastic museum alongside the Casa Musec-Parc Nou, based within the grounds of one of the town’s parks.

Even Novelda has its own range of museums, including Casa de la Cultura and the town’s local history museum, Casa Museo Modernista.

Parks and Exotic Gardens

One of the main attractions in Elche is the wonderful Palmaral of Elche, an exotic garden filled with a huge array of trees and plant life. Great for a small and insightful walk, visitors really get a feel for the town with the route’s lined path of glorious palm trees. For more connections, check out El Fondo: a natural park in the area that is popular with joggers, cyclists and players of watersports and soccer.

Crevillente and Novelda are both home to a variety of public parks. In Crevillente, the biggest park is Parque Nuevo – also known as Park Nou. It is the largest in the town and has great routes within it for walks and runs, as well as breathtaking scenery. In Novelda, one of the best parks is the Oeste park. It has wonderful scenery and multiple routes around it, making it great for walkers and cyclists.

Family Days Out

Near Elche is the Rio Safari Park – a huge attraction in the area and a site certainly worth a visit. The park is home to hundreds of animals from all over the world, including star attractions such as African lions, jaguars and tigers. Since the park opened in 1983, it has vastly improved to become one of Spain’s leading safaris. The safari is part of a European network of zoos and safari parks which protects endangered animals from around the world. Elche is also home to a skatepark and Multiventura, a popular activity park. 

Wine and Dine

Elche is a city that truly prides itself on its bars and restaurants. One of the area’s most celebrated restaurants is La Finca, located along the key road into the city. The restaurant offers an eclectic menu. Notably, visitors can create their own menu, from starters to desserts. Other great restaurants in the city include La Masia de Chencho, Restaurante Frisone and Els Capellans. 

Crevillente is another town with several great restaurants. Bar Taperia Restaurante El Rincon and Restaurante Las Palmeras are two of the most popular. We recommend El Rincon as a venue for all the family, with a great menu for kids and a range of international cuisines for adults. Meanwhile, Casa I’Art Restaurante has established itself with a broad menu and welcoming atmosphere. 


Around these towns, the climate boasts a traditional Mediterranean climate. The hottest months are in summer and have potential to reach the late 30s in temperature (celsius). The coolest months are the months of December, January and February. Generally, the area experiences very little rainfall, with the wettest months being around December and January.

Important Information

In the areas of Elche, Novelda and Crevillente, there are a total of 7 medical centres and hospitals, as well as several police stations across the area. There are public and private schools around the area, as well as a university in Elche.

To get to this area of Alicante, we recommend flying into the Alicante or Murcia airport. Renting a car is easy, whilst many bus routes can take you to the cities of Alicante and Torrevieja.



Dream Spanish Homes specialises in connecting buyers with their dream property in Spain. To learn more about real estate in Elche, Crevillente, Novelda and other Spanish property, contact our expert team today.


Areas 6

Cartagena is a port city southwest of the Alicante province in Spain. It is located on the southernmost coast of the province of Murcia. The city has a long running history with many cultures coming and going over the many years since it was established. The city also has a rich navel history due to its location being in the south of Murcia and to the east of the Mediterranean.

Cartagena Museums

As a city with in heritage, Cartagena is the ideal place for a history lover. Overall, the city has a total of 13 museums and many other historic buildings, including several churches and monuments. One of the most historic and famous parts of the city is the Roman Theatre Museum. There are 13 other museums, including a military museum, a naval museum and more.

You can also go on a walking tour of the city. This tour lasts three hours and it brings you to places of the city that you would find hard to find if you are not part of this tour. There are many beautiful buildings to see around the city, including the Palacio Consistorial.

Shopping in Cartagena

Espacio Mediterraneo Centro Comercil y de Ocio is the main shopping centre in Cartagena. The shopping centre has hundreds of stores, a cinema and workshops for kids to play while you shop. Parking at the centre is completely free and has disabled and family car parking spaces available. Around the centre you will find many recognisable brands including Zara, Primark, H&M, Game and JD to name but a few.

In the surrounding areas you can many other shops, smaller shopping centres and businesses. Many of the smaller businesses are unique to the city and to Spain itself.

Restaurants in Cartagena

Cartagena is a large city, so there are of course are many fantastic restaurants and bars dotted around the location. Great fine dining restaurants around the city include Malvasia, Casa Beltri and El Barrio de San Roque.

Traditional Spanish restaurants are extremely popular in this part of Spain. Cartagena has one of the very best traditional Spanish restaurants in the region: Restaurante Los Habaneros. Other great traditional restaurants include Marisqueria Freiduria La Marina and La Marquesita.

Important Information

Within the city there are 9 hospitals. Overall, 3 of the hospitals are general hospitals. Around the area of the city there are 5 police stations, for your safety. There are also many schools, for both junior and senior pupils as well as many further education universities and colleges.

The Climate in Cartagena

Cartagena basks in the amazing Mediterranean weather. Throughout the year the weather does not change that much due to its location.

The hottest time of year is between the months of June and August. This is what is known as the summer months in this part of Spain. The wettest months are between the months of January and March. Generally these wet months have no more than ten wet days a month.

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Costa Calida and La Manga

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Costa Calida is one of the most picturesque coastlines of Southern Spain. The coastline stretches for over 250 kilometers and extends from the town of Aquilas near the Almeria border and goes to the town of El Mojon on the Alicante border. This coastline stretches throughout the whole coast of the Murcia Province in Southeast Spain. Throughout the coast are the cities of Cartagena and Mazarron, as well as smaller towns such as Portman, La Azohia and El Portus.

Cartagena – The Main City of Costa Calida

Cartagena is the largest area of Costa Calida. To this day, the city still boasts one of the main Spanish naval bases due to its position along the Mediterranean sea. 

The city was founded by the ancient Iberian settlements and has since developed a long and rich history throughout various periods of history. If you’re ever in the city, relics of its past can be seen: parts of the old castles and towers remain, whilst a Roman theatre is now used as a museum and popular tourist destination. Other relics of the past can be found in many of the museums around the city.

Towns of the Costa Calida

Along the Costa Calida coastline are many small towns and villages, each of them with their own unique beauty. The town of Mazarron is one of the largest towns along the coast with a constant population of over 20,000. This can grow dramatically during the summer months. Meanwhile, Aquilas is the southernmost town along this coastline. It is near the border of the Almeria province and again is a very beautiful town. Finally, Los Alcazares is located nearby the large town of San Javier.

Each town and village offer multiple bars and restaurants, with many opportunities to take part in watersports. The town of La Manga is one of the most popular towns along the coastline. Here you are able to swim in both the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean sea.

La Manga

La Manga is a unique selling point for this region of Murcia. The strip is a 21-kilometre strip of land splitting the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor bay.

The entire length of the strip is lined with world-class beaches on both the Mar Menor side and the Mediterranean Sea side. La Manga also has its very own resort for holiday makers and house owners alike. Homeowners can also purchase their own properties along the strip, ranging from apartments and studios to large villas.

Sports in Costa Calida

Sports has always been a large part of daily life in Spain, and the Costa Calida is no different. Throughout the Costa Calida coastline are many golf courses, to name one example.

The La Manga resort also offers fantastic facilities for many sports including football; basketball, golf, tennis, cricket, rugby, athletics and much more – including specialist sports such as Gaelic football, diving and netball. If you’re up for trying new things, La Manga resort is worth a visit.

Almost every town along the Costa Calida offers some sort of water-sports. Kayaking; jet skiing, diving, body-boarding, surfing and boating are some of the most popular choices.

Museums in Costa Calida

If you’d like to be a tourist for a day, there are many museums around the Costa Calida and La Manga region. In the town of Aquilas there are many museums including an Archaeological Museum, an Art Museum, many local history museums and a football museum. 

In Mazarron there is a great Roman museum. Another great museum of the town is the Heritage Museum in the main part of the town. Exhibitions tend to change here, so visits at different times of the year provide great variety.

There is a Spanish Army museum located in the city of Cartagena alongside many more, including art museums and other military-type museums. San Javier also has many worthwhile attractions, including the Museum of San Javier.

Restaurants and Bars in Costa Calida

Throughout the Costa Calida are hundreds of restaurants and bars. One of the best restaurants is Restaurante Magoga, located in Cartagena and offering a huge range of Mediterranean, European and Spanish dishes. Not only is the food amazing, the atmosphere is fantastic. Other great restaurants in Cartagena include Vegetariano La Sella and El Barrio de San Roque.

Along the Mazarron coastline are many restaurants that are great for families and nights out. Restaurant Viggos, for example, is situated beside the marina is one of the best choices in the town. From great European and Mediterranean dishes to wonderful classic desserts, you will not be disappointed.

One of the best hidden gems along the Costa Calida is more in-land: Rock Coffee Plaza Bar. The food, drinks and hosting are unbeatable.

Beaches, Coastline and Nature

The Costa Calida and La Manga offer beautiful Mediterranean coastlines, with many sandy beaches lined up and down the coast. 

The coastline is blessed with great little villages and stop-off points with their very own beaches.

Nearby the Costa Calida is a mountain park called Sierra Espuna. The park is filled with beautiful forests and walks for everyone. There are many opportunities to take part in rock climbing and paragliding in this area of Spain.

Important Information

There are multiple hospitals within the city of Cartagena, as well as multiple private and public schools and a University. Other nearby universities include the University of Torrevieja and one in Elche.

It is also good to know that the area of La Manga has many medical centres and police stations. This area can be one of the busiest areas of the Costa Calida, especially in the summer months.

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Cabo Roig, La Zenia and Villamartin

Cabo Roig La Zenia and Villamartin image

Cabo Roig is a prominent hub for tourists and expats looking to make that permanent move to sunny Spain. Located south of the beautiful cities of Alicante and Torrevieja, the area’s surroundings of La Regia; Monte Zenia, Castillo de Don Juan, Los Dolses, La Florida, Los Almendros, Villamartin and Villacosta are residential and highly urbanised areas. Across this entire area are numerous opportunities for buying Spanish property – not to mention prime holiday locations.

Cabo Roig

A fabulous coastal destination, Cabo Roig is one of the region’s most popular locations for expats seeking second homes and European holidaymakers. The population of the area tends to swell exponentially in the summer months, especially with European and Scandinavian tourists. Generally, however, the area hosts a permanent population of various national groups who have resettled there. 

Translating to ‘nibbled cape’ in Spanish, Cabo Roig was built up across the 1970s and beyond, now offering residents and tourists a huge variety of activities including watersports, bars and restaurants. The town of Cabo Roig even has its own recently-refurbished marina with several mooring spaces for rent: a perfect spot for those amateur sailors. For history-lovers, an old defence tower overlooks the town.

La Zenia

Much like other areas in this region of Spain, La Zenia is a built-up urban area with a huge choice of properties including bungalows, apartments and bespoke detached houses.

La Zenia Beach is extremely popular and locally-renowned for its pristine water and clean sands. Just off the beach lies La Mirada, one of the area’s most-loved restaurants. Meanwhile, the nearby Orihuela Costa Resort offers a huge outdoor pool, loungers, tennis courts, basketball courts and pelota.

Any visit to La Zenia is incomplete without a trip to La Zenia Boulevard – a huge shopping development containing 150 shops including Primark, Stradivarius and Jack & Jones. The shopping centre also features a casino, a bowling alley and a yearly calendar filled with family-friendly events. 


Villamartin is an urbanisation of the Cabo Roig area of Alicante. It is nearby other built-up towns including Los Dolses, Villacosta and Valencia. Right in the middle of the area is the Villamartin Golf Course, which needs no introduction to golf fans. 

Since 1972, Villamartin has sprung up quite quickly, amassing thousands of holiday homes and second homes. Close to Cabo Roig, a centre plaza within Villamartin is packed with bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

Food and Drinks

The area is known for its huge offering of bars and restaurants – especially Irish bars. The Stray Sod is widely recognised as one of the best in the area, offering perfect pints of Guinness, home-cooked meals and accommodating staff. Surrounding this bar are the more Irish contributions, including the Auld Dublineer, Pint Depot and The New Priory

Aside from the obvious fast food choice of McDonalds, the area hosts a number of other restaurants including Italian, English and traditional Spanish. When visiting Villamartin, be sure to check out Witherspoons – a cheeky interpretation of the popular British restaurant chain, Wetherspoons.

Coast, Beach and Marina

One of the most rewarding parts of this area is the coastline. It is filled with beautiful views over the Mediterranean sea. Alongside Cabo Roig itself is one of the most picturesque parts of the Mediterranean coastline with a wonderful refurbished marina for all to enjoy. A walk along this coastline is a must-do.

The beaches along this coastline are perfect for everyone in the family. There is the La Zenia beach, the main beach of Cabo Roig and another large beach nearby in Dehesa de Canpoamor.

Around the coastline are many opportunities to take part in water-sports, from kayaking on the sea to jet skiing.

Golfing Heaven

Cabo Roig and the surrounding area is a golfer’s heaven. Altogether there are four nearby courses: the Las Ramblas course; Lomas de Campoamor, Las Colinas and the Campo de Golf Villamartin. The Las Colinas course was voted Spain’s number one course in 2017.

All local courses are full 18-hole courses and have different degrees of difficulty.

Important Information

In Cabo Roig’s surrounding area, residents and visitors can avail of one nearby hospital and two medical centres, as well as multiple police stations

Getting to the cities of Torrevieja, Alicante and Benidorm is quick and easy from this area. There are many bus routes to each of the cities – getting to the city of Torrevieja would take you around 15-20 minutes, whilst the city of Benidorm would take you just over an hour.

If you are moving over with your family, a range of schools are in the area. There are public schools located near Villamartin, Los Dolses and near Punta Prima. There is also a secondary school in Villamartin.

Nearby are two airports, both situated in the two provinces closeby. There is one airport in Murcia and another in Alicante. The airport in Murcia is down beside the coast, 26km away from the city of Murcia. The other airport is situated just outside of the city of Alicante. Both airports offer many flights directly to other parts of Spain and Europe.


The weather around this area is generally good all year-round, so if you are looking to get away from the bad weather back home, this place would be perfect. A typical Mediterranean climate features in this area. Overall, the average temperature for each month doesn’t go below 10 degrees celsius. Temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees in the summer months.

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Benijofar, Quesada & Rojales

flag of Benijofar

Benijofar and Benimar are located to the north-west of Terroveija and to the south-west of the capital, Alicante. Benijofar is a small village with over 4,000 residents. Meanwhile, the significantly larger town of Rojales neighbours Benijofar along the glistening banks of the River Segura. A more urbanised area than its surrounding towns and villages, Rojales comes packed with a range of facilities and attractions, from sports pitches to ancient building and museums, including the Huerta Museum and the Paleontological Archaeological Museum.


The village of Rojales has a population of over 20,000 people, making the village more akin to a small town in this part of Alicante. It has been around for millenia alongside the Segura River, surviving and thriving through Roman, Araba and Iberian periods. A beautiful, rustic and culturally rich village, residents and visitors are spoilt for choice for some truly memorable walking roots. Aside from hosting several independent museums, the world-famous salt lakes are located nearby in Torreveija Natural Park.


In terms of architecture and demographics, Benijofar is very similar to the more urban areas see in Rojales. Within the village you will find a traditional Catholic church alongside the historic village square, where you will find many villagers passing through on a daily basis. A thriving hub of activity, the village square offers many an opportunity for that perfect Instagram shot.

In the village square and in the surrounding streets, residents and visitors enjoy a decent range of locals and bars, catering to both local and European tastes. The outer limits of the town connect to several breathtaking walking routes. Notably, both the Torrevieja Natural Park and the coast are both around 10 km away – we estimate this journey to take approximately 30 minutes by bicycle.


Quesada is the main urban zone within the large village of Rojales, and inside these areas are the small districts of El Raso and Lo Pepin. Well connected with public transport, Quesada is easily accessed from surrounding areas, including Benijofar and the wider area of Rojales. The closest beaches are approximately 8km away in Campoamar and Guardamar del Segura.

Popular for its Meditteranean climates and local amenities, Quesada and its surrounding areas are highly popular with foreign visitors, especially from the UK and Ireland. The reasons for the area’s popularity are clear to see: bars and restaurants lines the streets, whilst the town offers all those essentials including a bank, supermarket and even a health spa. 

Activities in Rojales and Benijofar

Rojales is famous for its cave houses to the south of the village. This is one of the main attractions in the area. One of the region’s best-kept secrets, homes are carved into the side of sprawling hills. Unique to Spain and most of Europe, these sites are well-worth a visit. 

The areas of Rojales and Benijar are surrounded by breathtaking walking and cycling routes, one of which is the famous Three Crosses Viewpoint. Meanwhile, other routes connect to the brilliant salt lakes of Laguna Salada de la Mata and Laguna Salada de Torrevieja. Famous for their otherworldly pink colours, these natural wonders are a definite must-visit for residents and holidaymakers alike. 

Restaurants and Bars

Food lovers are spoilt for choice, enjoying a good range of traditional Spanish tapas bars and restaurants catering to both local and international choices. The same goes for bars, lounges located across both areas.

Benijofar really stands out for its offering of restaurants, celebrated for their eclectic menus, attentive staff and reasonable prices. We recommend La Cata Restaurante or Fratelli Ristorante Italiano, an Italian restaurant that crafts beautiful dishes using local ingredients and regional produce. 

When visiting Rojales, be sure to visit Bistro Vivaldi. A buzzing atmosphere meets comfortable and intimate surroundings, with tables located both inside the restaurant and outside on its breezy terrace. Also specialising in local produce, Bistro Vivaldi has even gone as far as releasing its own line of food products. For a more family-friendly alternative, check out Bar El Resspiro.

Galleries and Museums

In and around the area there are traditional Gaparito wells, historically used to collect rainwater. One is still in operation, whilst the other has been redeveloped into a gallery and exhibition space.

Rojales is renowned for its two museums: the Paleontological Archaeological Museum and the Huerta Museum. In both of these institutions visitors can enjoy regularly-changing exhibitions, all focussing on the local history of Rojales and its surrounding areas.


Beyond its offering of museums, bars and eateries; Rojales offers three festivals across the year (commonly known as ‘fiestas’). The largest of these festivals is the festival of San Pedro Apostol, taking place across the entire day on the 29th of June every year. Starting with a range of sporting challenges, the festivities last well into the night.

October 5th also sees the celebration of another holy festival: The Feast of the Virgin of the Rosary, in honour of the Patron Saint of Rojales.

In the warmer period of May 15th, the throne of San Isidro is carried into the surrounding mountains. In traditional Spanish style, festivities carry on late into the night.

Nearby Activities

A small journey away are the beaches of Guardamar del Segura and Campomar. Appreciated for their clear waters and pristine sands, these beaches are highly popular with tourists and locals alike, especially in the summer months. For golf lovers, the award-winning La Marquesa Golf Course is also no more than 10 minutes away.

For visitors looking to explore outside of the Rojales area, the quaint and beautiful villages of Formentera del Segura and Los Palacios are located on the far side of the Segura River. With a range of shops, restaurants and a sports village, these areas are certainly worth a day-trip.

Even the small urban zone of Quesdas offers a huge range of activities. Residents and visitors can enjoy a bowling alley and mini golf, as well as a lush bowling green and gymnasium.

Getting Around the Area

From both Rojales and Benijofar there are connections to both the main cities of this region, Alicante and Torrevieja. To get to both cities you can either use your own car or one of the regular buses. The journey to these places would generally take around 25-30 minutes, depending on traffic and other circumstances.

Coming and Going

Depending on where you’re coming from there are a lot of ways to arrive to this part of Spain. One of the main ways is to arrive into the Alicante Airport or Murcia Airport. Flights from all over Europe arrive into the new Alicante terminal and Murcia airport. There are many flights from the UK arriving from Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and many airports in England including Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and London. If you ever need to head back home for a catch up with friends and family, finding a flight will not be difficult.


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