Retirement in Spain: Why Pick a Home-From-Home in the Sun?

Retirement In Spain
In 15 years of helping people find their perfect Dream Spanish Home, and meeting a long of new friends and clients along the way, one of our favourite things has been hearing why Spain has been a dream move for them. We particularly love hearing from our retired customers because, after a lifetime of working and saving, they enjoy a new lease of life among their newfound community in the sun-kissed home they’ve always wanted! Here’s what they tell us are their favourite benefits of their new home-from-home…

Pace of Life

Retiring couples and individuals can find the pace of life to suit their perfect vision of a ‘place in the sun’: from activities with neighbours to afternoons on the terrace with a book to exploring towns, cities and coasts.

Europe on Your Doorstep

Those city-breaks you always fancied? A weekend in Barcalona? A road trip around France? With a ‘base’ in Spain, Europe is opened up to explore at a time and – again – a pace to suit you. This means being able to travel off-peak with ease or when the bargains can be found!

Budget Living

With affordable, quality food and drinks to hand – eating in or going out – the day-to-day budget of living in Spain suits many older couples particularly well. Compare this to the price of a hotel, feeling that you have to eat out every day, being an expensive tourist area and the other costs of traditional travel.

Welcome and Support

You’ll find that agents – like Dream Spanish Homes – offer much more expertise and support with finding, buying and settling into a new home that you’d expect ‘back home’. For example: with Dream Spanish Homes guided visits, help with the purchase and even free bonus items like (depending on the property) aircon or furniture or even a car, the professionals who help create your home-from-home will be there to make your move a breeze.

A Home Waiting

Many of our customers invested in their Dream Spanish Home ahead of their retirement and even took the option of using rental income to balance the cost. This means a year-round home, already within budget and planned for financially, is waiting.

Together With (or Without!) Family

Your perfect home in Spain isn’t just a ‘hub’ for family and friends, but a place you can have to yourself when no one is visiting. This means you’ve not only created an affordable place to spend time – away from the pressures of ‘home home’ – with those who precious too you BUT it can be a place of relaxation and quiet too.

No ‘To-Do List’

One problem with trying to relax ‘back home’? There’s always something needing to be done.
Setting aside your home in the sun means a home you can always treat as a holiday….with all the benefits of being ‘away’ combined with the comforts of home.

A Varied Community

Instead of today’s streets, where busy people struggle to take time with each other, you’ll be surrounded by a community of neighbours at a similar stage in their lives or enjoying a break from work in their own Dream Spanish Home too. Either way, everyone is there to leave the normal pace of life behind and relax in stunning surroundings together.

Even More Travel?!

It’s easy to forget that Barcelona is a major cruise port. For special occasions – remembering, of course, that you’ll be on hand for the best-priced offers – cruising away is easier than ever. Enjoy!

Tip: Expect More!

Don’t forget: thanks to the strong local property market and our local negotiating power, we pride ourselves on being able to provide FREE extras like aircon, furniture…or even a car!
Depending on the value of the property you buy, we’ll make your first visits to your dream home even more special with a bonus luxury with our thanks. With 15 years of experience and perfectly placed to source properties in the stunning areas of Los Alcázares, Mar Menor, Costa Cálida and Alicante. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful family holiday home, a high return investment property, or a golf resort villa to retire to, we can find the perfect property to fit your needs and budget!

Have you ever visited Spain on holiday or wish to move over today? Get in touch with Dream Spanish Homes or visit our office located in Los Alcázares, Murcia.

Dream Spanish Homes have a range of guides about the different areas in which we sell properties. Some of the most sought after areas include the Costa Calida, Los Alcázares, Alicante and Murcia. Visit our areas page to find out more. We are continuously expanding the areas in which we sell properties throughout the East Coast of Spain.

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