Rising Family Holiday Costs? A Solution is Here

Rising Family Holiday Costs

One problem with a growing family? Rapidly rising family holiday prices! Thankfully a fresh new approach to turning holiday bills on their head can now solve that family holiday headache. We’re hearing from more and more extended families who not just fund a shared holiday home together BUT use rental income to keep their costs low. This means they not only have access to a stunning home from home, but share a valuable asset for the future.

Why Buy in Spain?

We’ve been helping people find their dream Spanish home for over 15 years – that’s because we loved Spain and working in Spain so much we moved to Murcia from Northern Ireland! We also LOVE hearing client stories about how a Spanish home has solved so many travel, investment or holiday headaches. A favourite? Clients who’ve been able to stop wasting money on annual trips with growing family and instead enjoy some incredible benefits:

  • Freedom to choose WHEN: Booking a family trip with kids, the peak season cost can climb and fast. Your own home in Spain means travelling when you like without a shock to your bank account.
  • Your time, your choice: Instead of working to a hotel’s schedule and being faced with four walls, your family can relax in a bright, modern home when you wish and take off to explore when you wish. Your own time to enjoy how you choose.
  • Spain at your feet: Spain might make you think of pristine beaches and stunning town streets, but city-breaks to Barcelona and Madrid become a breeze to enjoy.
  • An investment for the future: Instead of a wasted annual budget for expensive peak-time holidays, hotel meals and an ever-climbing spending money bill, your own home-from-home means a tighter budget AND an asset you own.
  • An investment in your time and yourselves: When life changes, such as kids leaving for university, your free time to enjoy being overseas – and enjoy time as a couple – increases. Your new home and community in spectacular Spain will be waiting for you to visit as often as you like.

Family Holidays – Changed Forever!

The expense, uncertainty and planning of family holidays can be made easy by having a holiday homme you already own, in an area you love and with that truly relaxing ‘we’re home’…except in the sun!

You’ll enjoy:

  • More time together – The option of your dream Spanish home to yourself, overlapping with family members or even inviting friends can mean time to enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of home.
  • Share availability to suit – School holidays? Even Christmas and New Year? You can pick and choose the times to suit each family member.
  • Act now to plan for change – Brexit, exchange rates, rising prices in Spain and strong rental demand all combine to make a great time to buy. See our specialist view below for more information.
  • Less holiday stress – A home-from-home to explore and build-up favourite places over the years with the freedom to relax or celebrate whenever you please.
  • Rental to benefit everyone – The option of rental income to make your investment even more budget-friendly, there are even a huge range of property values on offer.

Why Buy Now?

The right time for prices – Increasing prices in Spain mean a host of advantages to buying soon. A strong start to 2018, following rises in 2017, means a great time to act with the price rise in place long enough to look like a trend but recent enough to keep prices affordable. For now.

The PropertyWire specialist news service describes the market in Spain as being “at the highest level since the market started recovering”, adding: “Land Registry data published by the National Institute of Statistics show that sales increased by 16% in 2017, the fourth and biggest consecutive year of growth. The figures also show that sales were up 8% in December, the highest monthly growth since December 2008.”

The Brexit opportunity – Buyers from GB, Northern Ireland and beyond, a vital part of the economy in Spain, have been told their lives will not be disrupted post-Brexit by no less than Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis. Our experience, based on many years of helping people to find and move to their dream Spanish home, shows that the valued overseas buyer community will continue to be an essential and protected group.

The right time for choice – The buoyant property market in Spain means a confident construction sector building a superb range of high-quality, stylish homes. Developers are willing to not just invest in the standard of property available but make sure the design features and finish of their homes are first class. Put simply: it’s a great time to browse the best of the local market and see just how far a wide range of budgets can stretch.

The right time for exchange rates – The one thing we know about the Sterling v Euro exchange rate for certain? It won’t sit still for anyone! Peaks and troughs in recent years have led – however – to relative stability in recent times. Meaning there’s an advantage to buying while this remains. Could moving closer to Brexit cause a change? Certainly. Timing-wise, stability now will always beat uncertainty later.

Expect More!

Thanks to the strong local property market and our local negotiating power, we pride ourselves on being able to provide FREE extras like aircon, furniture…or even a car! Depending on the value of the property you buy, we’ll make your first visits to your dream home even more special with a bonus luxury with our thanks. With 15 years of experience and perfectly placed to source properties in the stunning areas of Los Alcázares, Mar Menor, Costa Cálida and Alicante. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful family holiday home, a high return investment property, or a golf resort villa to retire to, we can find the perfect property to fit your needs and budget!

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