Essential Things To Do in Murcia, South East Spain

Essential Things To Do In Mesmerising Murcia

The beautiful region of Murcia, found in southeastern Spain, includes the seventh-largest city in the country. You will find popular places located in this region such as Los Alcazares, Mar Menor, and Costa Calida. Murcia offers so much to see and do, an amazing selection of restaurants and bars plus exciting festivals and events throughout the year. That’s not to mention the stunning weather! Read on to discover some unmissable things to do…

Los Alcazares


Essential Things To Do in Los Alcazares


Golf Delux

One of the top things that you can’t miss out on while in Los Alcazares is the ‘crazy golf’ course at Golf Delux. This isn’t any ordinary mini-golf, it’s a challenging mini-golf course that offers lots of fun and friendly competition for friends and families. It’s one of the most popular activities in Los Alcazares and even TripAdvisor has it ranked as the number one thing to do here! So make sure you check out this brilliant course that everyone can enjoy.

Rail Tours

Take a trip on the fun tourist train in Los Alcazares known as El Habanero that takes you around the town every 45 minutes. This is a great way to explore Los Alcazares and find the best spots. The train allows you to hop on and off at different locations, where you can spend time exploring each place. This is a popular attraction with tourists that’s pretty cheap and offers lots of fun. Even on the train with its music and guides to help you find what you’re looking for.

Playa Las Salinas

Ranked number three on TripAdvisor for things to do in Los Alcazares is the stunning beach known as Playa Las Salinas. This is a great beach to visit in Los Alcazares, as no holiday is complete without a trip to the beach where you can relax and work on getting your golden tan. Located in a popular area with a variety of restaurant and bars within walking distance from the beach, you really couldn’t ask for more.

Museo Aeronautico Municipal

If you enjoy history then you must visit Los Alcazares’ military and aircraft museum known as ‘Museo Aeronautico Municipal.’  In this small but interesting museum, you will experience both the Spanish military aviation history and the local aviation history in Los Alcazares. A great museum for anyone wanting to learn more about the military history of Los Alcazares.

Murcia Bike Hire

A fun way to explore Los Alcazares is to hire a bike from Murcia Bike Hire. They offer a friendly service and will even bring the bike to you if needed. There is a variety of cycling routes in Los Alcazares that you can try out on your own or with your friends. You could spend hours cycling through the streets and meeting the locals – the perfect way to find some hidden gems in this town.

Best Bars in Los Alcazares


The Celt Irish Bar

One of the most popular bars located here is the ‘Celt Irish Bar’ which offers a great atmosphere and friendly staff. You can never go wrong with an Irish bar in Spain and this is one you need to check out. Lively bar with great food and a great location to watch sporting events or to meet other tourists.

Chill LA

A second bar that we highly recommend is ‘Chill LA’ which is designed for people who want to celebrate together, or simply relax in a bright and stylish bar. Perfect for when you need a break from the beach and the sunshine, where you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome that’s like no other (as well as a chilled drink).

The Parlour Irish Bar

Another popular Irish bar located on the beachfront is The Parlour. This bar offers fantastic views across the Mar Menor that make it even better. Chill out with a refreshing drink and appreciate the unspoiled views. In the evenings there is some live music to enjoy.

The Brewery Pub

If you are looking for a bar with a great selection of excellent beer then The Brewery Pub is the place for you. The bar hosts, Heidi and Gordon, provide you with a lovely welcome that’ll make you feel right at home. The Brewery Pub is the perfect place to stop at day or night, with affordable prices and a relaxing atmosphere.

Harry’s Bar

Another great bar in Los Alcazares is Harry’s Bar.  You can’t go wrong with this bar and it has many great reviews on TripAdvisor.

Cafeteria Bar Trebol 3

Looking for a cool and modern sports bar? Then you have to visit Cafeteria Bar Trebol 3. This stylish bar is a great place to have a drink and to try some nice food. They also offer amazing coffee and a great breakfast menu that you should try.

Best Restaurants in Los Alcazares


The New Sibarit

Ranked number one on Tripadvisor for the best restaurant in Los Alcazares is The New Sibarit. At this bar/restaurant, it offers amazing cocktails and food with great music to add to its lively atmosphere. This bar is different to anywhere you’ve been before with its large collection of drinks available, outside terrace and the perfect location to bring together  friends and family.

Little Sicily

Looking for a taste of Italy in Spain? Why not try out the ‘Little Sicily’ restaurant that offers a variety of great Italian dishes for you to try. This small, family-run restaurant is a hit with many tourists and staff who will make sure you have a great experience. We highly recommend booking in advance as this restaurant is very popular.

New Luisine’s Restauracion

One of the best-hidden gems in Los Alcazares is the New Luisine’s restaurant. You can try a selection of Mediterranean, European and Spanish style dishes. The food here is freshly prepared and tastes delicious and we can guarantee you’ll be back more than once.

Bistro Heming-way

Another restaurant that you should visit is ‘Bistro Heming-way’ if you’re looking to try new and exciting dishes with great flavours. It’s the perfect place for larger parties as the bistro offers plenty of room for you and your guests. Bistro Heming-way also offers outdoor seating which is great for cooler summer evenings. The staff will cater to all your needs and if you have a celebration they will make sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Pasty Shack

If you’re looking somewhere to have a quick but tasty breakfast, then you can’t go wrong with Pasty Shack in Los Alcazares. They offer a great selection of breakfast meals and a similarly great lunch menu to try out at reasonable prices. On Sundays, they offer an amazing carvery.

Curry Leaf

Indian food is always tasty and we can guarantee that’s what you’ll get at Curry Leaf in Los Alcazares. This restaurant offers you an amazing selection of Indian and Asian meals with a quick service. They offer you a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes to suit all tastes – you really can’t go wrong with Curry Leaf.

Mar Menor 


Unmissable Things to do in Mar Menor (La Manga Del Mar Menor)


El Faro De Cabo

The top thing to do in Mar Menor, as TripAdvisor suggests, is to visit El Faro De Cabo which is a beautiful, historic lighthouse. Although you can’t see inside the lighthouse you can climb up to its location and see some stunning views. There is also a great cafe at the shop where you can sit and enjoy a coffee or a cold drink.

Kalima Charter

An unmissable attraction is the Kalima Charter which is a sailboat tour that can sit up to 12 people. This is an amazing opportunity to explore and discover Mar Menor and the Mediterranean sea. You’ll be taken out to the middle of the ocean, where you can enjoy beautiful coves and a swim in the crystal clear water. Onboard the sailing ship it offers you a variety of amenities such as two fridges, a freezer, outdoor BBQ and music. This is a great day out at sea where you’ll have plenty of fun on and off the sailboat.

Adventure Divers and Activity Center

Learn how to scuba dive with Adventure Diver and Activity Centre, where professionally trained staff will make sure you are ready to go and explore the magical underwater world. They also offer many other fun activities such as jet ski hire, powerboating, sail excursions, kayaking and many more. You’ll never be bored with their variety of water sports available for all ages.

Aqua Adicta Watersports

Another place that offers fun and adventurous outdoor activities is Aqua Adicta Watersport in Mar Menor in southern Spain. At this family-run business, you can learn to stand up paddleboard, sail and go on a kayak safari as well as enjoying the different boat trips available. One of the most popular attractions that they offer is doughnut rides that are plenty of fun for everyone.

Go-Kart Mar Menor

Enjoy some friendly competition with your family and friends at Go-Kart Mar Menor. A fun activity for all ages as you race around the cool track in a go-kart, with a variety of different go-karts to choose from. Also located here is a games room and a cafe with a big outdoor seating area to relax.

Cala Del Pino

You cannot miss the opportunity to have a swim in the beautiful coves known as Cala Del Pino: a beautiful hidden bay with crystal clear water that is a busy place during peak season. Also here you’ll find a nice picnic area for your family and friends to chill and to take in the great views.


Best Bars in Mar Menor


Bar Galactica

The popular bar of Galactica is located on the busy main road close to the beach. Service at this bar is fast and friendly where you can enjoy local snacks, cold beers and more. They are famous for their Tostada (Breakfast toast), said to be the biggest in La Manga del Mar Menor.

Royal Shisha

Another bar you should check out in Mar Menor is Royal Shisha, with its eastern inspired decor inside and friendly staff that offer something a little different to your typical bar. The bar has a great variety of drinks and cocktails that one can enjoy after a busy day in the sun.


If you’re looking to have a good time then head to ‘Bongo Bar’ which is a popular spot with tourists in the area of Mar Menor. Lively bar with great music and a great atmosphere that’s not to be missed.

Best Restaurants in Mar Menor


Restaurante Mexicano

You can’t miss out on the amazing Mexican food served at Restaurante Mexicano in La Manga Del Mar Menor. This restaurant has a nice atmosphere with great Mexican dishes such as their very tasty fajitas and quesadillas that you have to try.

El Camarote de la Martinique

If you’re searching for some fine dining and elegance in Mar Menor, then El Camarote de la Martinique is the place you should visit. This place serves lovely food, from fresh fish to tasty meat dishes with amazing views looking over the Mar Menor. This is the perfect setting for a romantic night with your other half.

Bonobo La Manga

Located right next to the beach you will find the lovely place of Bonono La Manga, where you could grab a bite to eat after a day spent on the beach. Lots of positive reviews about this place on TripAdvisor and they offer excellent seafood and service with reasonable pricing.

Area Sunset

If you are wanting to try some great local Spanish dishes then we suggest checking out Area Sunset. This is another restaurant that is located in a beautiful area, offering sea views. You can enjoy Spanish  breakfast, lunch and dinner here along with a great selection of other dishes that might interest you.

Yaho La Manga

Another place that you have to try is Yaho La Mango, with their amazing Asian and Thai dishes. We recommend trying the sushi rolls and the amazing Thai curries available here – you won’t regret it!

Costa Calida and Murcia


Unmissable Things To Do in Costa Calida and The Region of Murcia


Terra Natura

You can’t miss out on visiting the region’s biggest water park: Terra Natura. This waterpark offers so much fun and activities that the whole family will love. Terra Natura offers a variety of giant slides, pools, lazy rivers and more for you to have a fun-filled day. It’s also a great way to cool down from hot Spanish weather and is only 10 minutes away from the centre of Murcia.

El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park

If you are looking for a change from the beach then we suggest losing your sandals and heading to ‘El Valle y Carrascoy Regional Park’ to enjoy some great walking in Murcia. This is one of the first parks in Costa Calida to integrate wildlife and is now home to a variety of native mammals and birds. There is a variety of marked pathways for people of different fitness levels. We suggest going on a guided trek to learn more about the unique landscape found here.

Museo de la Ciencia y el Agua, Murcia

During your stay, be sure to check out Museo de la Ciencia y el Agua. This museum has so much to offer, from its mini- planetarium to telescope training workshops and more. This is a favourite with local families and tourists in the area, where you can learn and have fun at the same time.


Visit The Sea Resort of Mazarron

Mazarron is full of sandy beaches, sea life, harbours and history that you have to explore further. If you’re staying in this area or coming to visit for the day, just wandering around and seeing the beautiful architecture is worth your while. Take a visit to the marina and you’ll find a variety of boat trips where you can see dolphins up close. This pretty little seaside resort is the perfect place to spend some time at with its lively atmosphere, waterfront and variety of great restaurants to check out.

Parque Rafael de la Cedran

One of the best-loved adventure parks in Tentegorra, Costa Calida is Parque Rafael de la Cedra, where you’ll find lots of tourist coming and going. There are so many great things to try out here, from long zip- lines to aerial assault courses and treetop walkways. Definitely for the adventurous types – and those who aren’t afraid of heights!

The Best Bars in Costa Calida and The Region of Murcia

Throughout the whole of Costa Calida and the region of Murcia is an amazing selection of bars and restaurants that you must check out. Here are just a few of the best ones that we have picked out.

The Vista Bar

Located in the town of Mazarron in Costa Calida, you will come across the lovely Vista Bar that is a great place for a night out or to enjoy some nice food. This bar has a variety of different events on, from quiz nights to karaoke nights.

Imagine Mazarron

If you’re looking for a bar with a lively atmosphere then visit Imagine Mazarron in Costa Calida. This is a popular tourist hotspot and a place where you will have a great time meeting new people. 

Kailua Surfer Bar

Check out the unmissable Kailua Surfer Bar in Mazarron, located in Costa Calida. This surfer style bar is a great place to taste some of the nicest cocktails in the area. This bar also offers a variety of national and international beers that may interest you and as well as great music and harbour views.


If you enjoy drinking gin then Mazinguer in Cartagena, Costa Calida is the place for you with their large selection of gins and bartenders that known a lot about them. The bar also has a lovely welcoming atmosphere, great design, high-quality products and bartenders that love what they do.

Mister Witt Cafe

Another great bar for you to visit is Mister Witt Cafe, offering live music and great drinks that you must try. Most nights they will have a jazz performer which helps to create a lively atmosphere. With its gothic style decor and quirky table, setting helps add to the uniqueness of the place that is worth checking out for that alone.

Best Restaurants in Costa Calida


Restaurante Magoga

Number one on our list and number one on TripAdvisor when it comes to the best restaurants in Cartagena, Costa Calida is Restaurant Magoga. You will not be disappointed at this restaurant with its amazing Spanish, European and Mediterranean dishes available. So much to choose from, but we can guarantee whatever you choose it will taste delicious.


The next restaurant that we highly recommend is Malvasia in Cartagena, Costa Calida, which offers quality dishes. They also provide a friendly service that makes you feel relaxed and welcomed.

La Sella

If you are a vegetarian or wish to try something different then head to La Sella in Cartagena, where you’ll find amazing vegetarian dishes. Delicious food that is well presented with amazing flavours that are healthy: what’s not to love about this place?

Casa Beltri

Next on out list is Casa Beltri, also located in Cartagena, which offers a selection of Japanese, Mediterranean and European style food. This restaurant is set in a beautiful old building and is sure to be a hit with its variety on the menu alone.

El Faro Cafeteria

Located in Mazarron, Costa Calida, you will find El Faro Cafeteria. Here you can have a nice meal as you enjoy the spectacular views of the entire port of Mazarron. It’s a place full of charm and delicious food from its milkshakes and cocktails which will refresh you on a hot summer day.

Casa Blas Restaurant

Another popular spot in Mazarron is Casa Blas Restaurant where you’ll enjoy amazing steaks – some say even the best in all of Costa Calida. A very busy spot – so if you plan on going, make sure to book in advance!



Unmissable Things To Do in Alicante


Explanada de Españ

You must take a visit to Alicante’s famous promenade known as the Explanada De Espana. It’s a lovely way to go from the old town of Alicante to the city’s beautiful seafront. Family walks are apart of many Spanish cities and this marble-laid promenade helps you do it in style. As you walk beneath the palm trees and get a sense of Alicante’s personality from the local market stalls. It’s a nice place to simply take in your surroundings and more.


Casco Antiguo

While in Alicante you must explore the old part known as Casco Antiguo. This beautiful neighbourhood is located on the hillside beneath the famous castle. You can wander through the streets and appreciate how pretty the homes are. As locals take great pride in decorating their balconies with flowers and beautiful colours. You can also check out the many different cafes, bars and restaurants located in this area for you to relax after wandering around all day.


Basilica of Santa Maria

A trip to Alicante is not complete without checking out one of the oldest churches located in the city known as Basilica of Santa Maria. This stunning historic church is near the foot of the mountain and not far from the popular beach of Postiguet. This church was built around the 13th century and has some of the best architecture. 

Museo Volvo Ocean Race

If you love history and exploring museums you must check out the Volvo Ocean Race Museum. In this state of the art interactive museum, you can explore the history of the regatta and the fascinating marine world. If you are into sailing this is a worthwhile visit, where you can get to know more surrounding one of the worlds longest sporting events.

Segway Alicante

An exciting and fun way to explore Alicante is to go on one of their urban segway tours. Offering a great sightseeing experience for all to enjoy. You’ll pass by popular spots from the beach, to the promenade to the oldest park and more. Segways are lots of fun and you’ll get to see some amazing places in Alicante.

Best Bars in Alicante


Cannibal Lounge Pub

Located on the main promenade of Alicante you will find the Cannibal Lounge Pub which offers a fantastic vibrant environment, great music and a great cocktail list. The owner is very friendly and you’ll feel right at home at this pub. It’s also perfectly located to many restaurants and shops.

Austin’s Bar

Next on our list that you need to check out in Alicante is Austin’s Bar. If you’re wanting to watch some live sports then you can’t go wrong with this place. They have a lovely outside sitting area where you can chill out If you’re not fussed on watching sports and listen to some live music instead. This bar also has a great selection of gins, we recommend trying their amazing pink gin cocktail.

Cultural Cafe UNO

This chic and quirky bar/cafe known as Cultural Cafe Uno in Alicante is somewhere you should head if you’re looking to have a good time. The decor inside is very quirky from its purple ceilings, and ukuleles hanging all over the walls. They offer a mix of jazz, soul, disco and rock music and a variety of different events to keep you coming back for more. On Friday nights they feature different musicians from all around the world.

Madness Golf

If you are looking to dance the night away then you must head to Madness Golf for a fun night of music and drinks with your friends and family. It’s one of the best clubs in Alicante with a great atmosphere and a great place to meet locals and other tourists. It’s not overly expensive and offers a cool dance floor and an outdoor terrace – a perfect spot for a good time.

Pub Carabassa

Last but not least another great find in Alicante is Pub Carabassa which is often said that it offers the best cocktails in the area. This pub has a spectacular terrace area that overlooks the castle of Santa Barbara. Can’t go wrong with its classic hits and modern songs that will keep you having a good time all night long. If you’re looking to try something different then you should have a taste of their Cinnamon Gin tonic drink.

Best Restaurants in Alicante



You must take a visit to the beautiful restaurant of Monastrell located in Paseo Maritimo, Alicante. The location of this restaurant is perfect beside the harbour offering stunning views as you enjoy a great meal. The big tasting menu offers so much from its fresh fish and rice dishes and more. In this Michelin star restaurant, you can expect quality food and service that is worth checking out if you are in this area.

Laneu Helados Frescos

After a hot day spent in the sun, the best thing to try is some delicious ice cream at Laneu Helados Frescos located in Calle San Francisco, Alicante. They have an amazing selection of yummy ice-creams, milkshakes and crepes that are not to be missed and will fill all your sweet tooth cravings as well as cooling you down.

La Taberna Del Gourmet

If you’re looking for world-class tapas then you won’t go wrong at La Taberna Del Gourmet in Alicante. It was once named Spain’s best tapas bar and that title still stands today. So check out their trendy bar and enjoy the amazing food that’ll make you want to come back for more.

Restrobar Gema Pebalva

Our next recommended place on our list of the best restaurants in Alicante is Restrobar Gema Pebalva which offers authentic Alicante style cooking that is a must try. This restaurant isn’t short of positive reviews where you can try some locally inspired food.

Terra Restaurant

A great place to enjoy Sunday brunch is at Terra Restaurant located in Hotel Melia, Alicante where non-residents can feast on an amazing buffet available. Quick and easy service, great selection of food and you can watch the morning sunshine on the Mediterranean sea. Perfect place if you’re wanting a quick breakfast or lunch before you head out to a day full of activities.



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